NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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The Second Gun—The One to Keep Them Coming Back

How often do you see first-time gun purchasers, the ones for whom self-protection and concealed carry is the priority, back in your store again? If the answer to that question is “Not often,” you might be having a problem with follow-through.

Training in the Art of Listening

There are many things worth training your staff to handle, but I’ve seen that no better training can be had than that of teaching your sales team the art of listening.

Women in Your Store—Are You Marketing to Them, or Just Selling?

There is no doubt that the firearms industry is doing a better job of producing goods that work better for and better fit women.

California Campaign Targets Illegal Gun Purchases

As part of an ongoing national effort to help deter illegal "straw" purchases of firearms, the NSSF is reminding the public in the Oakland and Richmond, Calif. area that there are stiff penalties.

Camden & Wilmington Campaign Targets Illegal Gun Purchases

Billboard advertisements for the Don't Lie for the Other Guy program are being purchased by NSSF in key locations throughout the greater Philadelphia region.

Setting Prices — A Pandora’s Box

Setting Prices — A Pandora's Box Addressing concerns regarding the ideas of establishing "minimum resale prices" or "minimum advertised prices" between manufacturers and retailers.

NSSF Members Receive Free Admission to NSSF Retailer Seminars

RetSeminar NSSF provides free ATF and FFL compliance seminars across the country to its retailer members.

In-Store Firearm Carry—Much More than a Belt and Holster

After you have made the decision to allow your staff to carry while at work. Before everyone straps on a holster, the next steps you need to take are to develop an in-store carry policy.

“Boss, Can I Carry While I’m Working?”

There are both pros and cons to having your employees carry in your store while they’re on the clock, so let’s look at the list of them.

NSSF Adds Extended Classes to 2015 Retailer Seminar Lineup

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that it has developed a series of extended Retailer Seminars for FFL holders.

NSSF Welcomes Former ATF Director of Industry Operations Mary Jo Hughes as Newest Member of FFL Compliance Consulting Team

NSSF is pleased to announce that former ATF Director, Industry Operations Mary Jo Hughes has agreed to join the organization as a member of its retail FFL Compliance Consulting Team.

Crime is Down, so We can Relax, Right?

What can you do to maintain a culture of store security through both the good times and the bad? Here are Bill Napier's top five tips.

Employee Theft—Discovering it, Stopping it, Preventing it

Theft of your store’s goods can happen many ways. Employee theft is not always easy to detect, so here are some techniques to help you monitor your store.

NSSF Joins Orchid Advisors to Co-Sponsor Firearms Industry Compliance Conference

NSSF today announced it would join Orchid Advisors in joint sponsorship of the annual 2015 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference.

Store Security—More Than Set it and Forget it

When it comes to store security systems, there’s more to making them work for you than setting it and forgetting it. Here are several items to put on your regular to-do list.

Woods Group Range Consulting to Sponsor NSSF Lead Management and OSHA Workshop

The NSSF is pleased to announce that the Woods Group Range Consulting has signed on to sponsor the 2015 NSSF Lead Management and OSHA Workshop.

Our Store Has a Disaster Preparedness Plan—or Do We?

You need a disaster plan, whether your disaster is singular to your store or global to your community and region. Here are some field-tested ideas for consideration when building your disaster plan.

“Sweat the Details” During Your Busiest Season

As a firearms retailer, the holiday season represents a very special window of opportunity in which sellers can maximize sales and profits. Your biggest responsibility as an FFL during this accelerated business cycle is to remain compliant.

Gift Cards—’Tis the Season

With the winter holidays approaching at a rapid pace, gift buying is about to be in full swing. Gift cards solve a lot of issues for a lot of people, but especially for people who are not “gun people.”

Hiring Holiday Help

Do you have enough staff to deal with heavier than normal foot traffic? Do you have enough staff willing to work extra hours as you capitalize on this busy and (hopefully) profitable season?