NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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From the Counter: Thriving in the Post-Election Retail Year

The first several weeks of the Trump Administration have been nothing short of a whirlwind of change. Many firearms retailers had prepared preemptively for a Hillary win, and in the wake of a Republican win, some retail outlet turns have quieted. We wanted find out how firearms businesses were adjusting to a Trump win and […]

Facebook’s “See First” Function Can Boost Your Customer Interaction

Are Facebook’s algorithms getting you down? Reports say it will only get worse as time goes on—and it’s fairly safe to assume that’s double for those of us in the gun and outdoor space. But there is one nifty tool you can use to ensure your posts are always seen by your fans, Facebook’s “See […]

Retailer Seminar Shows How Understanding Customer Segments is Key to Better Sales

Your customers are each as different from one another as can be. Yet, as humans, groups of us tend to buy in similar manners. Understanding those groups—or customer “segments”—is crucial to setting and meeting store performance goals. As most of you know, NSSF spends significant time researching the ins and outs of our firearms industry. […]

Marketing Innovator Gerry Katz Joins Executive Management Seminar Speaker Lineup at 2017 SHOT Show

We have just received news that Gerry Katz, one of the most well-regarded marketing minds in America today, has agreed to speak at SHOT Show’s newest educational forum, our 2017 Executive Management Seminar. Currently serving as vice chairman of Waltham, Massachusetts-based Applied Marketing Science, Katz is a recognized authority in the areas of innovation, new […]

Branding Expert Ken Schmidt is Keynote Speaker at 2017 SHOT Show Executive Management Seminar

I am pleased to announce that Ken Schmidt, former Director of Communications for the iconic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson, will be hosting the keynote presentation at SHOT Show’s newest educational forum, our 2017 Executive Management Seminar. Schmidt first began working with Harley-Davidson in 1985, a time when the maker was struggling to remain relevant. With Schmidt’s […]

Champion Shooter Julie Golob Takes on Social Media in 2017 SHOT Show Retailer Seminar

If you’ve been involved in the firearms industry or shooting sports for as little as a day, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Julie Golob. One of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world, with more than 120 championship titles in international, national and regional marksmanship competitions across seven different shooting disciplines, she is also a veteran […]

NSSF Welcomes OSHA Expert Erica Moncayo to Fall Lead Management and OSHA Compliance Workshop Speaker Lineup

Erica Moncayo will be presenting a seminar dedicated to all things OSHA as they relate to firearms ranges at the 2016 fall Lead Management and OSHA Compliance Workshop. The workshop will take place October 16-18, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

AcuSport’s Range Program Manager Doug VanderWoude Joins Lead Management and OSHA Compliance Workshop Speaker Lineup

VanderWoude's presentation will help attendees discover ways to attract more paying customers to their ranges, improving ability to cover compliance costs.

Marketing Guru Dan Coates to Share Insights at 2017 SHOT Show University

If your staff is as varied in age as family reunion, you don’t want to miss the SHOT Show University session “Managing in the Multi-Generational Workplace,” moderated by Dan Coates, President and co-founder of New York City-based Ypulse.

NSSF’s Customized Market Reports—Taking the Pulse of the People and Businesses Around Your Enterprise

NSSF’s Customized Market Report (CMR) is the easiest way to obtain a precise picture of your business and its potential for success.

Instagram Part III—Running Instagram Contests to Attract Customers

In the first part of this Instagram series, I shared five apps you should download (all free, too!) to help grow your business on Instagram. In Part II, we discussed hashtag best practices. Now I’m going to discuss running a contest on Instagram to attract followers and engage with your audience. Running a contest on […]

SHOT Show—Why Vegas?

A bit of behind-the-scenes information to clarify why SHOT Show will be in Las Vegas at the Sands for the foreseeable future.

Instagram Part II—Gain Followers and Attract New Business Utilizing Hashtags

In the first part of this Instagram series, I shared five apps you should download (all free, too!) to help grow your business. Here in Part II, I’ll discuss hashtag best practices that are proven to help you gain followers and, thus, build value in your brand. #Hashtag Basics #Hashtags should be something you’re familiar […]

Instagram Part I—How to Pair This Vivid Platform with 5 Social Media Apps To Boost Your Business

One of the newer social media platforms available to retailers is one that turns out to be a perfect fit for retailers and ranges is Instagram. From the images you’ve taken when teaching someone how to shoot for the first time to a pic of another happy customer or showcasing the latest firearms, all are […]

NSSF and First Shots — Helping You Connect with New Shooters

First Shots events are great for introducing new shooters to the shooting sports. From a host perspective, these events are also great for attracting new customers.

Handling Social Media’s Negative Side

Uh-oh, a quick review of your social media accounts tells you the dreaded “Pitchfork Nation” has visited your pages. They left a mess in their wake, with comments unflattering to your business. You know what you want to do, especially when you know the criticisms are unfounded and the comments are otherwise rude, but what should you do as a business owner or professional?

Should You Start a Podcast of Your Very Own?

From firearm reviews to how-tos, podcasts can be a way to demonstrate to your customers the depth and breadth of your firearms and training knowledge, which can go a long way towards building your brand as a go-to resource customers seek out.

Podcasts Worthy of Your Time — Part I

Podcasts can be useful to retailers in several ways. From a listening standpoint, you can learn something new about what consumers are thinking, buying and doing in the field in a relatively short amount of time.

The Customer-Centric Show

“No one ever goes to a retail store to see what’s old.” The same applies for trade shows. So this year the SHOT Show tried out a new idea -- the Next Pavilion.