NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Without Fanfare, NSSF’s FixNICS Campaign Has Made a Difference

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) plays a crucial role in firearms transactions.

Where Have the Pro-Gun Democrats Gone?

Earlier this week, Senator Chris Murphy said in an interview that Democrats should only elect politicians who embrace a strident anti-gun agenda.

NSSF President: State of the Industry in 2016 is ‘Alert’

A sell-out crowd attended last night’s annual State of the Industry Dinner. NSSF President Steve Sanetti took to the podium to speak about the challenges that lie ahead for the industry in 2016.

NSSF Statement Regarding “Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer”

We all share the goal of reducing the intentional misuse of guns and enhancing the safety of our communities. As the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will carefully review all aspects of the executive actions that President Obama announced.

The New York Times Anti-Gun Crusade Kicks it Up a Notch

It should come as news to no one that the New York Times editorial board and newsroom has been on an institutional mission to impose more gun control new restrictions and infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Now More Voices Agree on the Need to Fix NICS

Following the recent tragedies in Charleston, Chattanooga and Lafayette, there has been considerable discussion in the media about how NICS works.

As We’ve Been Saying, Let’s Continue to FixNICS

Effective background checks on prospective firearm purchasers depend on the submission of complete, accurate information in the NICS database, and adequate training of those responsible for entering data.

How the Firearms Industry Leads the Way on Gun Safety And What the Anti-Gun Activists Won’t Acknowledge

Recently, an acquaintance encountered a church member in the Washington, D.C. area handing out material advocating the need to end “straw purchases” of firearms – the term that describes when someone who is not prohibited buys a firearm on behalf of someone who is.  He struck up a conversation with the person, who went on […]

Medical Journal Article Debunks Major Anti-Gun Talking Point

In their never-ending effort to restrict law-abiding Americans’ access to firearms, the anti-gun establishment will do just about anything. In recent weeks they have shown a willingness to use a tragedy to score political points and misrepresent their true aims to gain supporters. One of the anti-gun lobby’s leading arguments is that fewer guns equals less violence. This seems […]

President Obama, Don’t Curb Second Amendment, FixNICS

Upset that the sweeping gun-control agenda he pushed earlier this year with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did not pass Congress, President Barack Obama seems ready to take on the Second Amendment by himself. According to a report in the Washington Times, President Obama recently held a closed door meeting with several big city mayors […]

A Gap in President Obama’s Memo

President Obama is making headlines today with a six-page memo outlining what other groups are doing to help address the serious mental illness challenges our country faces. One program missing on his list is the firearms and ammunition industry’s “FixNICS” campaign to keep firearms out of the hands of prohibited persons like the shooter in […]

PBS NewsHour Interview: NSSF Makes Case to Fix Current Background Check System

Last night on the PBS NewsHour, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane said NSSF will be launching a major FixNICS campaign that will provide a badly needed solution for adding the records of persons prohibited from owning a firearm under current law to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS). “The […]