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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Ryan: ‘I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion’

Barack Obama would like us all to forget his derisive 2008 insult about clinging to guns and religion, but Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took the statement as a challenge. In an interview with Deer & Deer Hunting magazine where Ryan outlines his credentials as an avid deer hunter, he proudly notes that, “From a guy who goes to St. John Vianney over there, whose tree stand is over about six miles that direction and that direction, this Catholic deer hunter is guilty as charged and proud of that.”

Ryan recalls his first gun, and also notes that he is passing on the hunting tradition to his own children. He recently bought a Winchester Model 70 in .243 for his daughter, so she can join him in the deer stand. And he gave a plug to NSSF’s efforts to increase hunter recruitment and retention when he noted that “Wisconsin lowered the hunting age, and she’s excited. The kids love hunting and being with me in the stand. We have a great time.” That’s a reference to the recent accomplishment of our Families Afield program, which, by working with our partner organizations, seeks to increase youth hunting participation by advocating for lowering arbitrary minimum hunting ages in states that have them.

According to our research, hunting teaches traditional values, connectivity with nature and healthy lifestyles. Even Bill Clinton donned waders to spend a chilly morning in a Maryland duck blind, tipping his hat to the hunting culture. Will the next vice president be a real hunter or someone who proudly boasts he helped write and pass the Clinton ban on modern sporting rifles? We will find out once the #gunvote is tallied up on Election Day.

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12 Responses to “Ryan: ‘I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion’”

  1. robertoctv

    Too bad you can’t trust Romney or Ryan.

  2. Ace

    Love guys like that.
    All you have to do is look at history, and not so far back, to realize that today’s democratic party is against freedom…guns, speech, or otherwise. They hide the truth and take a “we know what’s best or you” attitude. They think that they can mandate cuts in Medicare payments. That means more doctors will stop taking Medicare.

  3. James Richardson

    I hope you haven’t been watching your idol on live TV lately. But the Governor has been talking about taking away most of the things you are talking about. Plus he doesen’t care about one half the country. It was scary to see the older people walking out of Ryan’s speech yesterday @ the AARPgathering in Florida when Ryan started talking about turning social security and medicare into a voucher system. Can you amagine what the private insurance companies will do when you go to them with all your pre-existing conditions, you don’t have enough money unless you are in the top 20% of the income bracket. The gun issue is the biggest money maker the NRA has had in recent years, and yes I’m a member and believe in the 2nd amendent, BUT you must have some common sence to go along with that privlage. I go to a couple of gun shows a month and have a ball, I also see transactions going on outside that requires no paperwork, not that all these are bad but it only takes one idiot to screw it up for everybody. So, when Senator Mitch McConell (KY) said a couple of years ago, (on live TV),his main responsibility was to make sure the President didn’t get elected, not to help get OUR country back to even with the board, and when the Senate Republicans on Sept. 19th voted against a bill to help our VETERANS when they come home with thier job hunting it is very difficult for me to not respond to your thoughts. If you need more FACTS not fiction I can provide more than you want to see. I am retired and fact check almost everything that comes out on both sides. All I’m asking is for you to be sure of your facts and vote your conscience. Have a great day.

  4. Bill Bourbon

    I would like to see one substantiated instance of our President, Barack Obama, threatening the right we all have, me included, to own firearms!

  5. Robert Casas

    1) Appointed the two most rabidly anti-gun US Supreme Court Justices
    2) Supported DC’s total gun ban, and then had the hubris to state that the Supreme Court “agreed with him” when it declared it unconstitutional
    3) Sarah Brady told the Washington Post that Obama told her that he was going to work “under the radar” to take our guns away
    4) In 1999, while he served in the Illinois State Senate, he supported a bill to outlaw all gun shops within a 5 mile radius of any school or park – this would have effectively outlawed all guns an ammunition everywhere in the US except for un-populated areas.
    5) He supported a large tax on ammunition
    6) He served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, one of the most anti-gun organizations on the planet.
    7) His administration’s “Fast and Furious” scheme that allowed Mexico’s drug cartels to be armed using US guns was conceived to convince US citizens that we need to ban them.
    8) His campaign’s web-site stated that he supported a total ban on semi-automatic rifles, then took it down when they got caught.

    I could go on an on (“they cling to their guns and religion…”, etc) but there isn’t enough space for all of it.

  6. Frank Duggan

    have you read the Democratic platform positions on “assault weapons” and gun shows?


    FYI…from FactCheck.org: Obama has called for national legislation against carrying concealed firearms, and he would revive and make permanent the expired ban on semi-automatic “assault weapons,”

  8. Anton044

    Where did you find this because I did find this on factcheck.org.

  9. Reality

    Mitt Romney’s religion is not Christianity. Nor is it any form of Christianity. One of the tenets of Romney’s religion is blind obedience to the leaders of the LDS. Do you really want a president beholden to Salt Lake City?

  10. UnReality

    You are confusing LDS and Scientology. LDS is most certainly a Christian Religion. It has its own unique practices, but it is based on Jesus Christ.

  11. Reality

    Obama, Sept. 9: I don’t want any misunderstanding when you all go home, and you’re talking to your buddies, and they say, “Aw, he wants to take my gun away.” You’ve heard it here; I’m on television, so everybody knows it. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away. … There are some common-sense gun safety laws that I believe in. But I am not going to take your guns away. So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one. … It just ain’t true.


  12. Jeff

    Just like a good car salesman trying to make a deal. Tell people what they want to hear. You can repeat a lie thousands of times, but it is still not the truth.