NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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NSSF Action Alert on Traditional Ammunition

Oppose Petition to Ban Traditional Ammunition

All Gun Owners, Hunters and Shooters,

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, urges you to contact the Environmental Protection Agency to oppose a petition filed August 3 by the extremist Center for Biological Diversity to ban traditional ammunition. Your right to choose the ammunition you hunt and shoot with is at stake.

NSSF urges you to read the background information at the bottom of this post and then express your opposition by calling or e-mailing:

Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-4700
Fax: (202) 501-1450
E-mail: jackson.lisa@epa.gov


Steve Owens
Assistant Administrator, Prevention, Pesticides & Toxic Substances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-2902
Fax: (202) 546-0801
E-mail: Owens.steve@epa.gov


The National Shooting Sports Foundation encourages all gun owners, hunters and shooters to oppose the petition filed with the Environmental Protection Agency seeking to ban the use of traditional ammunition containing lead-core components. This ban would apply to ALL ammunition including ammunition used by target shooters.

Filed by several agenda-driven groups including the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), the petition erroneously claims that the use of traditional ammunition poses a danger to (1) wildlife, in particular raptors such as bald eagles, that may feed on entrails or unrecovered game left in the field and (2) that there is a human health risk from consuming game harvested using traditional ammunition. Also falsely alleged in the petition is that the use of traditional ammunition by hunters is inconsistent with the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976. Congress expressly exempted ammunition from being regulated as a “toxic substance.”

NSSF urges you to stress the following in your opposition:

–There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations that would require restricting or banning the use of traditional ammunition beyond current limitations, such as the scientifically based restriction on waterfowl hunting.

–Recent statistics from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service showing that from 1981 to 2006 the number of breeding pairs of bald eagles in the United States increased 724 percent. And much like the bald eagle, raptor populations throughout the United States are soaring.

–A ban on traditional ammunition would have a serious negative impact on wildlife conservation. The federal excise tax that manufacturers pay on the sale of the ammunition (11 percent) is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding. The bald eagle’s recovery, considered to be a great conservation success story, was made possible and funded by hunters using traditional ammunition – the very ammunition organizations like the CBD are now demonizing.

–A 2008 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on blood lead levels of North Dakota hunters confirmed that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition does not pose a human health risk.

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168 Responses to “NSSF Action Alert on Traditional Ammunition”

  1. Terry Crisp

    To whom it may concern,
    I strongly oppose any ban on traditional ammunition used for hunting purposes because there is no scientific support to claims that it is harmful to wildlife in general and thatany such ban would be detrimental to wildlife management in general.
    thank you,
    Terry Crisp

  2. Terry Crisp

    To whom it may concern,
    I strongly oppose any ban on traditional ammunition used for hunting purposes because there is no scientific support to claims that it is harmful to wildlife in general and thatany such ban would be detrimental to wildlife management in general.
    thank you,
    Terry Crisp

  3. Paul Rackley

    I oppose the proposed ban on traditional ammunition. There is no evidence to proove that lead in ammunition harms wildlife. In fact, evidence shows the opposite with bald eages. Please reject this proposal that will hurt wildlife because shooters and hunters will be able to afford less ammunitionm, which is one of the main ways wildlife conservation is paid for.

  4. Paul Rackley

    I oppose the proposed ban on traditional ammunition. There is no evidence to proove that lead in ammunition harms wildlife. In fact, evidence shows the opposite with bald eages. Please reject this proposal that will hurt wildlife because shooters and hunters will be able to afford less ammunitionm, which is one of the main ways wildlife conservation is paid for.

  5. Marion Skaggs

    The proposed “ban” on all traditional ammunition is just another ruse by the anti-gun idiots in this great nation. I oppose the petition now and will oppose the petition in the future. All this petition will do is take away our ammunition that we use to protect ourselves at atime when “NOBODY” knows what will come tomorrow. How can gun owners protect you if we don’t have ammo to protect ourselves???? Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  6. Marion Skaggs

    The proposed “ban” on all traditional ammunition is just another ruse by the anti-gun idiots in this great nation. I oppose the petition now and will oppose the petition in the future. All this petition will do is take away our ammunition that we use to protect ourselves at atime when “NOBODY” knows what will come tomorrow. How can gun owners protect you if we don’t have ammo to protect ourselves???? Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  7. Tony Suddjian

    I oppose this ban on ammunition because it is illconceived and erroneous. This has nothing to do with wildlife, it is a back door approach to restricting firearms and ammunition. I hope the EPA rejects this ban because it is not based on science or accurate fact, but on an agenda.
    Thank you, Tony

  8. Tony Suddjian

    I oppose this ban on ammunition because it is illconceived and erroneous. This has nothing to do with wildlife, it is a back door approach to restricting firearms and ammunition. I hope the EPA rejects this ban because it is not based on science or accurate fact, but on an agenda.
    Thank you, Tony

  9. Jon Lopez

    This proposed ban is just another bs way to indirectly ban guns, I oppose it strongly!

  10. Jon Lopez

    This proposed ban is just another bs way to indirectly ban guns, I oppose it strongly!

  11. Video: NSSF Discusses Threat to Traditional Ammunition | NSSF Blog

    […] Keane discusses the petition to ban traditional ammunition. NSSF urges all hunters and shooters to contact the Environmental Protection Agency to oppose the petition filed August 3 by the extremist Center for Biological Diversity. Your right […]

  12. AJ

    We need to be spreading the word about this petition to ban leaded ammunition to all hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen and shooting sports enthusiast. This is a fight we must fight with vigor! E-mail links to your friends, post on hunting forums, send e-mail to co-workers, etc… Spread the word!

  13. AJ

    We need to be spreading the word about this petition to ban leaded ammunition to all hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen and shooting sports enthusiast. This is a fight we must fight with vigor! E-mail links to your friends, post on hunting forums, send e-mail to co-workers, etc… Spread the word!

  14. Kurt Williams

    This is nothing more than a redirected attack by anti-gun and anti-hunting forces. We need to put a stop to this nonsense now.

  15. Markw9692


  16. Kurt Williams

    This is nothing more than a redirected attack by anti-gun and anti-hunting forces. We need to put a stop to this nonsense now.

  17. Lansing_766

    this is part of the never ending war with people who do not agree with what we do

  18. Larry Brunk

    I wonder how long people would continue to attack the second amendment, after all the wording is “shall not be infringed” if we were to put jobs on the line because they took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States?

    Larry Brunk

  19. Ed Stroik

    When those moronic radicals stop wars and the materials used to wage them, it may be proper to discuss the design of these small and insignifcant pellets in use by sportspeople.

  20. NRAJOE

    If they can’t take our guns, they’ll take our ammo…or make it so expensive we’ll hardly be able to shoot.

  21. Charris2

    We need to make our VOTE count . If they push this , we push them out of office !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ctac583

    Why doesn’t the government go after all the alcohol drinking associated with the government, higher ranking military, and all the deaths associated with alcohol. Leave the hunters alone, we pay enough in taxes already. Hunters also help maintain a healthy ratio of animals to keep from overgrazing, and other useful aspects. Plus why don’t they look at how much food has been donated from their hunts?
    Female Hunter in texas

  23. Markw9692

    You go girl…I mean that…..Many of the hunters in Rhode Island…and fishermen…donate a percentage of their hunt/catch to the local food banks.I’ve volunteered at a church/foodbank.Most of the people aren’t familiar with “game”,as food.But…when you see someone who is familiar,and in need,and their eyes light up when offered venison,canadian goose,pre-filleted fish,you give them a little extra.I really don’t believe that this is related to hunting,maybe I’m wrong.I do believe that the govt. has been unsuccessful at disarming the American public(it’s in their plans you know).If we allow them in the door at all,in terms of regulating ammo,there will be no end to it.Contact your elected representatives and express your discontent.Let them know that we are paying attention as to how they vote on these bills,and that it “will” reflect on how we vote in November.Hang tough folks.I won’t let ’em tread on you if you don’t let ’em tread on me.Mark…In Rhode Island…still haven’t got a fisher cat yet,and some of the farmers are asking for help on that issue.Chickens and pets are disappearing.

  24. Dekneef

    The President is really trying to get our guns. This is not right. Why doesn,t he quit. I will not give up my guns without a fight

  25. Markw9692

    I won’t give mine up either…but Hillary Clinton is the one that is trying to close some kind of deal with the United Nations,over having our 2nd ,amendment revoked.We are one of the last nations that still has the right to bear arms.It’s embarrassing to the “Elite”(NWO),of the world they haven’t stripped us of the right to bear arms,like they have Great Britain,and other nations,not as prominent.But they have chosen a different angle to attack us.Regulating,and eventually (once that starts) restricting our ammo.Anyone else notice how long it takes to get ammo these days.They’re already messing with us…legally or not.Mark

  26. Kmwelding


  27. Lostsailor2003

    The EPA has already rejected several anti gun and hurting groups request to band all lead bullets. This was done by the NRA-ILA by getting grass root hunters and gun owners to apply pressure on the EPA.

  28. Bjokosor

    If this is the case, then ban all cars , trucks , etc, since these pollute thousands of times more than a few bullets, projectiles. The EPA obviously have too much time on their hands to bother hunters and shooters!

  29. Cuervojose

    just cut and pasted this from the NRA
    Responding to a grassroots outcry from gun owners, the Environmental Protection Agency today announced that it has denied a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity and other radical groups that had sought to ban the use of lead in ammunition.
    Agreeing with the position of the NRA and the firearms industry, the agency explained in a news release that it “does not have the legal authority to regulate this type of product under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).” Further crushing the hopes of anti-gun and anti-hunting activists, the release added: “nor is the agency seeking such authority.”

  30. TimothyP. Russell

    i think rhey need to leave us alone and stop spouting off with their hot air, because its bad for the environment

  31. Mfajin2002

    lead ammo has been around for centuries why cahnge it now

  32. Little Bill

    it will never happen, to many hunters in congress and the house… im not worried

  33. Jerome

    First they try to stop us from bearing arms, so now they try to stop us from geting ammo what go is a firearm with out ammo! we must stop these unAmerican way of life vote them all out of office ASAP.Take back the land of rights and opportunity,God Bless America,Lord please here ower prays!

  34. JimMorrell

    Forget about us private citizen shooters! Can you imagine the added expense of the U.S. military if we banned the use of lead in bullets? The whole thing is absolutely rediculous, and obviously aimed at the elimination of firearms in our country. Somehow, we have to get rid of all those corrupt legislators and put in a party of the real people.

  35. Noload454

    It is obvious that the people responsible for these kinds of road blocks are not outdoor people or have all the proper facts before they jump into something. Hope they know that just like they will not go away neither will we, the common folk!!!!!

  36. Michael G

    Hunters and recreational shooters make up the majority of the funds needed to sustain a balance and protect all of our wildlife. Notice I mentioned (all of our), because as citizens our all of our duty is to regulate and ensure species survival wherever necessary. We elect and appoint officials to carry out our wishes. Please just remember where the most help is coming from. Whenever a minority is misinformed yet still makes decisions for the majority, without even trying to educate themselves and ignore facts, the majority will take notice. Where will funding come from if you continue to bite the hand that feeds you? Non hunters and shooters will have to make up the difference or a tremendous conservation gap will occur. See you at the polls…!

  37. Edward Clevidence Sr.

    I strongly dissagree with the CBD on the ammunition ban.

  38. Skjp9

    I strongly oppose this dum idea of the EPA, i guess black powder and lead ball used for black powder guns will also be included in this stupid law also. and what about the bow and arrow with metal broadheads on them and the lead target tips . we have to vote these dummys out in November.

  39. Ecrdd

    Are they really worried about the “Wildlife”? Or are they worried about protecting their own Hide’s.Think about this if you will, When or if they take away our ability to use our weapons to protect ourselves, Only then can they use theirs to take over our way of life. Lead has never affected the envoronment or human beings. This is an issue of controlling the most powerfull intity on earth, “The American People”

  40. RJ


  41. Manella_jm

    I have yet to figure out how agencies, such as the Center for Biological Diversity, still have any legs to stand on. As hunters, we are among the top contributors to habitat renewal and conservation (dare I say) in the world. Why would we want any of the majestic species that are pursued each year to be erased from this planet??? We are stewards of the animal kingdom. Each year countless hours are not just spent in pursuit of our favorite quarry, but rather admiring the minute details of there existence. Yes, it may be to better our chances though out the upcoming season, but still, we are the ones who enjoy these magnificent creatures more than any!!

    Lead had been used as an ammunition for centuries with no adverse effects. Maybe they just need to find something other to occupy their time with. Maybe hunting, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors. I feel it would be beneficial if they leave those of us whom truly enjoy our rights given to us by our for fathers alone to continue to pursue the American dream

  42. Glennswayze

    hello arkansas has already banned lead shoot and the price has risen for it.

  43. DeerSlayer

    I take it ‘go’ is ment to mean “good”?

  44. Iamafigment

    What we need to be looking for is “what are they really up to?” This was obviously a distraction tactic, designed to stir up sportsmen. So where are they trying to draw are attetion away from?

  45. Kimimorse

    i agree that they have to much time on their hands to have thought of this. if they do have that much time, why are they even there? seems to me that we dont need them. and there is yet no proof of the harms of the ammo except when it kills the food we hunt. ive not gotten sick from eating what ive killed from using ammo. i too agree that they should concentrate more on alcohol due to people getting killed by drunk drivers and the harmful effects alcohol has on a persons body. i believe the more they push this issue, the harder we need to fight back!

  46. Bblaz1

    It makes me sick that some poeple are so big on themselves that they push their own agendas. I am and will always be a hunter. People who never set foot in the woods, don’t understand the value of hunting, and don’t have any science should not be qualified to post petitions of this type. It should not be considered and thrown out!

  47. DeerSlayer

    This is the same Federal Agency that for years ignored toxic waste being introduced into our lakes & rivers…and eventually winding up in our drinking water…causing cancer, birth defects and still births across our nation. Not to mention the major environmental impact on our wildlife & migratory wildfowl. I have a feeling that they are just following the presidents’ agenda to restrict gun ownership and his agenda to repel the Second Amendment. Our forefathers must be rolling over in the graves and saying WTF is he doing. I my opinion, this administration is the worst in history and if it continues to trying to restrict our right’s we will find our self waking up to a socialist state.

  48. RobertS54

    NRA needs our help now more than any time ever ! Join or send them a check. I am a LIFE member and I am going to help. Please won’t you ?

  49. Unavailable2me

    Funny how these “idiots” want the EPA to ban lead, it’s been in nature since the earth was born just like copper and gold to name a few metals. Next these “busybodies” will want to ban rocks and sticks because someone may get hurt. “Watch out, that man’s wielding a sharp jaw-bone of an ass”!! These people are a miserable bunch looking to make everybody else miserable with them. Straighten them out, get the poor lost souls in counseling. In other words, “They’re not right in the head.” If they had their way, we’d all be unemployed and sitting around grooming each other, eating bugs like apes.

  50. Canesfan1500

    Why are they bothering us hunters. With all the problems they have in the USA, cant they think of anything else to do.Its my constitutional rights to bear arms .

  51. cody

    The simple fact is hunting is a middel class mans sport, and way of life and hertiage for many of us. I was raised in a hunting home and plan on raising my son in one as well. People need to realize the ignorance of what they speak. The human population is not harmed due to traditional ammo, and the national parks and wildlife speak well for migratory and predatory breeds of bird. Just one more way of a over aggresive government trying to regulate.

  52. Jeremy_rose86

    Im only 23 years old and i see the rediculuous attempts to gain control over every aspect of our lives in this country as have happened in every generation before mine. Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s showed that people will not be told how to live their lives. Legal or NOT! This country also retains rediculuous anti-drug laws enforced by fear and opinions, not scientific proof. However, gun control concepts were a major factor with the illegalization of previous social standards by limiting licenses to medical distributors. The fire arms world is the same way, you are required, in some states, to have a license to manufacture, possess, or sell fire arms. Concentrate on going green; new vehicles,no coal, use less paper. But leave our heritage and our livlihood out of it. The liberal hippies have nowhere else to look in order to gain more power and oppress the true American people…

  53. Guerry

    I resent that you who have probably never handled a gun in your life are going to tell someone who has done TWO TOURS IN VIETNAM 1966 – 1968 in I Corps one of the highest sprayed for ALL DEFOLIENT’S about trying to abridge my 2nd ammement right’s on my ammonition purchases. That I mostley use for target practice.

  54. Jack

    With the testing conducted by UC Davis one of the most liberal schools in the country proving that the lead content found in California Condors comes from lead toys, lead based paint and several other sources other then lead ammunition. What scientific base do these so called Biological groups have to prove their point?

  55. roger d. kauffman

    no ,,way,shape,or form does it harm any birds, or wildlife except what ever it is you are hunting. i cant. for the life of me understand where all these crazy people are coming from. another planet? R.D.K.

  56. Rlsmith3

    I never thought I would ever see the day that the rights of the free people in the US. would be taken away from us. To ban ammo is just another step before they try to take away our guns. If not that what good is our guns if there is no ammo.

    Long time hunter.

  57. Nicholeandcjwa

    Hey… I’m so glad that we can keep our guns but the amo thing that makes me mad. I thought it was our second amendment to keep our right to amo… it pisses me off that dumb people want to take our right away to harvest!

  58. Nicholeandcjwa

    i agree 100% they dont have a right

  59. Crappaw

    Actually, this is not true. It is more like– If this happens, when something else happens, under the following 10 situations, (all of which must be included at the same time) then sometime in the next century when the sky falls, then we may limit the composition of some type of projectile. This is a “CHICKEN LITTLE” scenario scare tactic. SELLING FEAR? of course, what else is new?

  60. charlie lampey

    what are we goingto do when deer turkey squerrls rabbits every animal know by hunters start over populateing we have to huntt ocontrol population

  61. Dudes22us

    these people are stupid and lazy. they need to leave hunting alone. if anything co attack the people who kills cows they are not exactly human.

  62. Rocky4949442

    These people don’t have any thing better to do , than make life difficult for people.

  63. Birch

    This is just another example of mediocracy at work. People with power in this country are making the stupidists decisions everyday. Ban lead, WTF, it’s in the friggin ground, are you going to ban the ground. Go live on the damn moon. Hell if the eagles are eating lead with a 700+ increase in population, lead isn’t really a problem is it. I have hunted all my live and have ingested my share of lead, should I be getting my affairs in order? This is another ploy on the part of people like, Dianne Finestine, Pelosi, Obama, the USHS and others that are set to hobble the outdoorsmen and hunters. No ammo, no guns, no borders, let those illegal immigrants that we are paying for and the immigrant gangmembers being granted amnesty do to us what they want to us, rob, rape, kill, assult, mame. Once this nation was great and was the melting pot of the world, now this country is just a plain pot being flushed of the peoples rights. Maybe we need to flush the pot this November and clean uup some of those with lead in their ass in Washington and elsewhere. Their priorities are missing as well as thier common sense.

  64. Gdclarkjr

    I don’t agree with the man we have in the White House. The government is doing everything it can to take our freedoms away.

  65. Jackm06t1

    This is just another attack by the anti-gun group to cause fear and to hurt the gun establishment. It’s simple take away the ammo and Guns are useless. what will they think of next. maybe because the stocks have varnish and are brown it causes an enviormental impact on society. What idiots we have running this country and the sad thing is they keep them in office. Show me the proof that ammo has an impact on birds and wildlife.

  66. otis

    I agree with all the comments but talking about it here on the internet not going to stop get in touch with your congress man and senator let them know how you feel about it and noty to vote for the bill.

  67. Karrett1959

    THis country was built with fighting for what we believe in and we still do that. The American spirit is alive and well, hunting is how we have fed our families for hundreds of years, way before the ones against it were even in existence. Most hunters are safe and wildlife conscious, never has there ever been any reason to even think that it is harmful to wildlife or humans.

  68. Dr. A. G. Young

    Are they insane ????? They have NOT done their homework.

  69. Tweiand18

    I wish these people would read the facts about ammunition and realize the need for conservation and the harvesting of the hunted animals.

  70. Jer2911

    I agree with you 100 percent and don’t forget to check the eggs too.

  71. Markw9692

    The egg issue was caused by contaminated feed.Sounds fishy to me from the start.Also the government is using this “egg issue” to push S.510 a bill expected to pass in Congress,when they reconvene shortly.S.510 will radically alter the way American food is produced and managed.If passed it will dissolve U.S.sovereignty over it’s own food supply and force the nation to comply with WTO food mandates(that’s Monsanto in conjunction with The United Nations,and WTO,total control over “all” food,food production systems,farms and even food and dietary supplements).This includes compliance with international Codex Alimentarius regulations that threaten to remove access to dietary supplements and organic food,natural and organic feed for livestock.This bill can actually have control over a garden in your own backyard.There is a much better article on Infowars.com,some of which I’ve quoted.The article:Regulators using egg recall to push support for tyrannical “food safety bill”S.510. The article originates from Naturalnews.com.Did you know that Monsanto seeds are all gmo,and their tomatoes have been modified with cockaroach genes in their DNA? I used to be a reporter.Was “very” good with researching my articles.Everything I’ve said is documented.No conspiracy theory here.Maybe …partially….because of this knowledge,I hold,I’d like to have ammo to protect my family,self,my garden,and my right and ability to hunt,fill my freezer,my way.

  72. Arrowmaker1936

    Not only do vehicles pollute but what about the millions of wheel weights that bounce off along the roads and streets. They are not concerned about lead poisoning just taking our guns.



  74. Missourideerslayer

    One aspect of the gun control debate is the conflict between gun control laws and the right to rebel against unjust governments. Blackstone in his Commentaries alluded to this right to rebel as the natural right of resistance and self preservation, to be used only as a last resort, exercisable when “the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression”.[49] Some believe that the framers of the Bill of Rights sought to balance not just political power, but also military power, between the people, the states and the nation,[50] as Alexander Hamilton explained in 1788: ( Maybe they just Don’t want us to be able to Rebel).



  76. Dspresny

    Not only do these people not have a right, do they understand that this a way food is provided to families? Hunting and shooting has been an AMERICAN right since the foundings of this nation, taking that away is like telling people not to breathe!

  77. Tablerichard

    they need too shut the hell up

  78. Walter

    I dont know what is wrong with morans from Washington but it has been far too long now. They keep taking from us. The only way to stop this is get them out of office. How does lead in the ammo pollute and destroy animals and humans. I can hardly afford to shoot and hunt as it is. Now they want to take ammo away and find another way to make it so its more expensive.

  79. Wildone6742

    The ban of lead ammo is totally absurd, Are you all tied in with animal rights people, when you are all done if you have it your way the wildlife will rule the land. It is insane to ban the use of lead ammo. This would lead to more wounded animals and way less hunters to keep game at bay, now what will be your next plan ? Release more wolves that was a moronic idea to begin with.

  80. Eddielmoorejr

    Leave the hunters alone. The government has no damn business telling us when we can hunt and when we can use ammo. They need to mind their own business,

  81. Dodge1951

    this is just one tryto take guns and hunting and shooting sports away from law abiding citizens and the governing bodies need to believe scientific research that these claims of harm are totally absurd.

  82. 9pointer

    Are these people crazy or what??? The people in charge are running this country in the ground. If only our forefathers could see what is going on now. I think the EPA could find other things to go after. This is all about control people!!! Them controlling us!!!! Talk about problems look at all that oil that just contaminated the Gulf.

  83. Clinton

    I think it is just a shame that they think game is all the same , I agree with water foul hunting needed to have the steel. BUT it is not anything to do with water. when hunting game. I think it is just a way to control who hunts and has guns ,, need to fight and keep our guns.. and rights.

  84. Cwelder2

    It is true not only do they not get jobs for work and money, but know it is just a way to take rights and way to feed our familys. Damn government need to fix the budget, jobs and get rid of the old farts in office and keep the rights to the people.

  85. David Jones

    If something is being harvested, what difference if it is killed with any material? If it’s dead and butchered peroperly the projectile is no longer there anyway!

  86. Fred casto sr.


  87. marvin f

    It is about time for all of us to stand up for our constitunational right to have guns.Whats next telling us how many kids we can have,I grew up with guns.Our forefathers would if they where here be marching on the whitehouse right now.

  88. Scotty

    Well lets dont hunt then the population of the animals get out of wack Then the number of attacks from animals or animals hitting cars go crazy Then more people will get hurt or killed from the animals Boy the world has some stupid people in it Then if that dont bug them how about all companys get impacted in a already bad economy This aint right

  89. Nichole

    i agree with you! i think people need to get over it…… let us use our 2nd ammendment

  90. Chris6014

    these idiots think that if they can get rid of ammo they can then take our guns.theythink it will save animals it will the two legged ones that will prey on the weak.we all must make sure these fools can’t do this vote these idiots out.THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EXCEPT FOR 2012. HELP AMERICA KEEP ITS FREEDOMS…….

  91. Jmgrant220

    This is a prime example of the special intrest group control of or nation. They are forceing the true
    Americans ino a corner that is going to force the next Civil war. I will fight and die for my rights.

  92. Larry Andrick

    please leave my guns and ammo alone idont beleave the people who are doing this have any idea what hunting and fishing does to hell every one and just want to be in the limelite buy people like me and other hunters think they stink thank you

  93. Rvroebuck

    People have been using led bullets to shoot game and each other for hundreds of years. Why is there so much concern over this now. No one can really know how lead bullets that may be ingested by an animal will effect that animal. The way I see it the biggest threat to an animal from lead bullets is the hole it leaves in it. If some one wants to get all up in arms about lead, then make our government stop the purchase of lead tainted toys that are imported every year, the ones that small children can and do ingest and die from.

  94. Aglenngonz

    We need to be practical about all of this, & banning lead shot is not going to do it. Just how many animals are dying of lead poisoning? Is the lead shot leaching into our drinking water anymore so than any other ground contaminant? Do these people really want to clean up the environment-well then start with the auto industry or the lawnmower makers to make their products more environment friendly & leave the ammunition alone. Albert G. Gonzales

  95. hunter

    The idiots that try to take our guns are now trying to do the same thing with ammo.

  96. Drifternv1

    What next the electricity or maybe running water, people get a grip leave well enough alone for crying out loud. Don’t piss in the tea party maybe everyone should worry about themselves. Hell alchol is more deadly than ammunition. GET A REAL LIFE. I don’t care how they do it in California!!

  97. duckslayer

    This is their way of getting to our firearms. Nothing is in the 2nd ammendment about the right to keep and bear ammo, so they’re going to try and start there. Lead, bar codes, etc… What a joke, if they are worried about the meat being contaminated, they’d better not eat the bloodied waste meat around the wound channel.

  98. Tommy Clark

    I am a hunter from Arkansas and I am against any ban on any of the tools I use to hunt with>AMMO WITH LEAD ON IT NEVER HURT MY GRANDFTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS,OR ANY OF MY FAMILY! No-one I know has ever died of lead poisoning, by eating any meat shot with a lead bullet. I have broke a tooth on bird shot but that would have happened with steel shot>I can see why lead shot was outlawed what with bird eating it. But lead bullets arent eaten> at least by anyone I know or heard of and the the anti gunners are blowing smoke up someones a– if they beleive that.

  99. Buffalo626

    Why don’t they outlaw tires? Car accidents kill far more people than guns. That is the same idiocy these morons are proposing!

  100. Lhboyd

    I am getting feed up with 1 to 2% of the people controling 98% of the rest of us. I you are so afraid the get your ass out of here.

  101. Tom Wyckoff

    Americans have had their “Head in the sand” long enough! I would like to leave you with two Quotes,,, you decide where you stand and think about what YOU should do next.
    Personally, I am fighting FOR FREEDOM!
    Tom W
    (AKA, hooyasailor@yahoo.com)

    Quote: “This country, with all its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    Quote: “We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”
    – Norman Thomas, American Socialist Party, 1944

    America,,, you are closer to Socialism and Communism than you think!

  102. Wildone6742

    This is very true never has been the leads fault just the criminal behind the gun but they think we all need to pay I think if we stand together and with the NRA ,SCI and the other hunters rights clubs , it will be the best it can be we as hunters do have excellent support groups that we can join . I’m in 2 of them now and fixing to join the NRA also.

  103. Articfreez

    If they are realy wanting to make a change for the better how about leaving the shooting comunity alone and instead invest our tax dollars into making public school better by paying the teachers a better salary so they accually care for what they are doing. Or updated education techniques. How about investing money into our local law enforcements to decrease crime in the cities….. I am sure there are many others that I could list but it would take me days.

  104. Gonzo10943

    They need to watch whats goin on with the eggs…which EVERYONE buys and eats…they should worry about things like this instead of worrying about us hunters….cant say that i have ever heard of a hunter or hunters family being harmed due to the ammo he/she used to make the kill

  105. HRSute25

    I have been hunting for many, many years and also eating the game that my grandfather,father and myself had shot;I’m not dead from it yet. What about our ancesters? Lead? Duh! Any damn excuse to take everything that is American away from us.Bullshit not this man’s guns or ammunition. This is America and by GOD we will fight for our freedoms of all this crap.What about the damn bad people that can get guns and ammo to kill people with off the streets? You stupid idiot polititions;DUH. Your so stupid;WE HUNT HERE IN Montana to feed our families and also we still have bald eagles,pheasants,hawks,owls,prairie chickens,and all kinds of birds still alive and kicking. Hell the coyotes are still alive from eating wild game that had been shot with lead bullits. Go figure that one out you big idiots.I hope the gangs come in and use lead while we watch without bullits. I won’t.Bet your sweet ass on that. Am I pissed about it? You damn right and I’m not going to be alone. So bring it on BUTT-WIPES!!!!!!!!!!~!

  106. Haleybong

    Ok look folks just take the lead out and use steel and other material’s to make the ammo safe for those pantie wast. cant say nothing no more stop messing with the people of this world and are consation right get over it pantie wast stop messing up are lives and get out of are lives.

  107. Haleybong

    hell yea . lets go back to the old days they cant bitch then. wait a min. that’s all they do they have nothing better to do than to destroy the people’s lives cause they have shitty lives any way just get them out of the office.

  108. Haleybong

    say it louder . that’s more lead than a bullet or shell.

  109. Haleybong

    now that’s funny right there.

  110. Haleybong

    that ant no lie.

  111. Haleybong

    me ether man.

  112. AmericanMan44

    What has our country turned into? How long have we been using lead-based ammo? We need to get the youth of this country involved and educated in the ways of the old. They need to learn about the TRUE values in life that this country was founded on…

  113. Jr_haugen

    I’ve read the ‘North Dakota Lead Exposure Study’ because I’ve heard it used by both sides. Here are the numbers (all units are micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood);
    Hunters in the study averaged 1.7
    EPA action level in children is 10
    Hunters in the study averaged 0.3 more lead than general population.

    This study is underwhelming, but it firmly puts this in the area of personal choice.

    For me, that 0.3 is enough to make me change to non-lead for the animals I eat. Each of us needs to make our own choice about this.

  114. Whitewolf

    This isn’t about EPA, they want to disarm American citizens. Then watch, will it be the American Currency next? Seems I smell a rat.

  115. Joshieldsj

    I agree with you on making our vote count. Howeve we neet to take a long look at their views on a lot of things other than this and push most of the incompents out of office. That is the only way to get them to rember that they work for us.

  116. Skid69biker

    I agree, lets take vehicles off the roads for lead weights to balance the wheels. Get stock in gun manufacturing as steel on steel, we would buy new guns every few years.
    And lets RECONSTRUCT WASHINGTON, by SAYING NO MORE, we’ve had enough of your activists trying to take our RIGHTS AWAY FROM US! We the people still have something to say and we say NO!!

  117. Dwarden17a

    Just another notch to government control of our lives. Vote them all out.

  118. Arcoiami

    This is just another example of the extreme and absurd arguments these tree huggers put forth. Does it really surprize anyone that the facts and figures they put forth are contrived? They should spend more time researching the conditions that last heart healthy chicken they ate was raised in.

  119. Roger

    This is BS. These people are adjoined with the same people to limit and remove gunsfrom the hands od hunters and gun owners… Not everyone is a criminal. There are real people out there that like to hunt and also protect there families from criminals that may cause harm to inocent people. My family and I are avid hunters. We pickup our spent shells and dispose of them properly or have them reloaded.

  120. Scud_17

    Coming from Canada, i believe that this would affect our hunting as well. I believe that one thing for sure is that any government, Canadian or American, should spend more time on policing the hunters and fishermen of these two great countries instead of spending billions of taxpayers dollars in making up excuses on issues that they have no clue about. Ok, maybe we can get ammunition makers to switch out lead, fine i agree with it. But if they are going to sit there and find the problems, they why don’t they come up with a solution as well!!

  121. Chuck Stogdill

    The only place science has proven that lead is harmful is in waterfowl hunting. They repaced that with steel shot and nobody has had any other remarks till now. To try and strip millions of gun owners from their gurenteed rights by the second amendment is outragous. I am proud to say that I own more guns than some small gun shops have on display, and the reason I can do that is because of our soldiers that fought for that right. Taking guns out of the american system puts everyone at risk, including the police force. By taking guns out of the equasion, you put thousands of employees at many small gun shops, gun factories, and large outdoor busineses such as bass pro and cabellas out of business. Do you really think that it is worth doing all this to the already bad economy?

  122. Don

    Gun Lovers and Hunters you better stand up for your rights or your Kids and Grand kids will never know the thrill of hunting…. Yea Charris2; Vote them out in November!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Jwthomas

    In my opinion it has nothing to do hunting or protecting any thing but radicals and goverment officials ! They want to be a part of the New World Order and they said to be a member the people of the U.S.A. have to be disarmed . Our government is bankrupting our country so we’ll have to join them! I hate to say it but our govenment is full of crooks & thiefs they don’t care about our country ,they just care about lining thier pockets and getting rich before the u.s.a. goes broke .The best way to fix this situation is to watch who you vote for and vote for whoever loves the U.S.A. as a country of the people and for the people and not for the minoratys but for the majority the way this country started .GOD BLESS AMERICA and AMERICANS! tHANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND SPACE WESLEY THOMAS A TRUE AMERICAN

  124. Joejstaraitis

    my children have been around guns and ammo since they were born. never once did they handle them without a adult present. now my grand children are hunting . as you see its parent and hunter education that taught my kids. maybe you should spednd more time educating adults first.

  125. ducky

    Ithink!I speak for all are fellow hunter’s, THAT’S A BUNTCH OF CRAP!! Iknow in 1981 when thay said no more lead ! every one was bumed out!,’SO! here we are 2010 !’WE HAVE STEEL, ALUMANAM, TUNGTON ,BUT! YOU GUY’S ARNT SATISFIED!! maybe you don’t whant live in the land of the free ”MAYBE!” COME OUT FROM BEHIND THE DESK! GO OUT ! ENJOY!! COME!! ON !! WE CAN’T BACK DOWN!! IT’S ARE RIGHT!!!

  126. Lynxxspeck

    I totally agree. They are finding it extremey difficult to ban all firarms, so, now they are going after the ammo. We need to tell them to either (1) stop tryinging to take our rights away or (2) we will vote their carcuss out of office.

  127. Dhr911

    in todays ecomony i can not afford to go to the store for all my need. therefore i must supplement and i do this by hunting game. if this idea would come to pass you would be taking food right out of the mouths of my children family and many other people that are doing the same thing that i do..

  128. bryan

    i think they should send these people back to school so they can study math. and see how fast wildlife reproduce. and how many problems would occur in just a few years.let them pay for everybodys automobils and hostpital bills do to over population of wildlife then they would change there minds

  129. Pegasusmerch

    “OH BOY”! Here we go again. I guess we will have add the U.S. military to that list also. Lead causing health problems? OH now I know why all that publicity about lead in paint was to educate or give the general public a sublimnimal message. So, now they are attacking ammunition and our Constitutional right to “bear arms”. Are you saying? “You can bear all the firearms you want but, you will have to do with less and more expensive ammunition” Oh and by the way you must keep track of every single round of ammunition in this little government produced ledger. What about the studies of the impact of wildlife? These people and lobbyists can tell the general public about the hazzards of lead poisoning in paint and in or around your home can cause health problems. OK where are your independant studies for the impact of WILDLIFE. And did I metion that the producers of ammunition pay an 11 percent excise tax and is the major funding for the conservation of wildlife programs. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has studies showing that the Bald Eagle population has actually improved 724 percent. OK I am sick of all this control! IF I AM WRONG PLEASE CORRECT ME. WAS THIS COUNTRY FOUNDED WITH THE VISION OF FREEDOM FROM THE OPPRESSION OF ROYAL RULE BY KINGS AND QUEENS TO INCLUDE RELIGION? What about the thousands of rounds of LEAD firearms projectiles that were fired and missed their target in that era. Do we see any environmentalists studies about that type of lead poisoning potantially causing health issues? Lead causing health issues yes it has been proven on a small scale, but It is as about as rediculous as trying to tax dairy farmers for methane gas emissions from their animals. Then I think of all of the Buffalo that roamed part of this country that cut paths in their wake as wide as football fields or larger. Boy that would have been a lot of “Buffalo Poop” but our human and wildlife population has thrived except the Buffalo. Yes we have people that have woken up in our society and to our system of checks and balances and legislation. These people in a way are smarter or more motivated for a change for the good of their selves and in their environment or so they say. JUST THINK FOR A MOMENT IF WE COULD JUST HARNESS THAT WAY OF THINKING AND CHANGE WE COULD CHANGE OUR GOVERNMENT OVER TIME AND PUT OUR COUNTRY BACK TO THE WAY OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS IDEALS AND VISIONS UNDER “GOD” NOT MAN.

  130. Obkahn

    Why is it legal that a dentist can put mercury in a persons mouth where it directly affects a person and they think lead, spread through out the environment should be banned?? Why do these groups spend so much money on these issues when there are the people that violate our laws, normally repeatedly, and there is little done but attempts to make their lives easier for not following the law. -because of course it is not their fault. We should all just be unarmed victims.

  131. Tony herbers


  132. Trappergirl1

    there is a saying why don’t men listen to it IF IT IS NOT BROKE WHY TRY TOO FIX IT ???? man has been using the same ammo for how long and you want to change it WHY???????

  133. Kingtut1

    You can get your point across much better without the foul language. Otherwise I agree with you.

  134. Rdrewry

    In order to change current policies, there should be some scientfic basis.Since there is no proof of these issues being caused by hunters projectiles I feel the laws currently in effect are certainly adequate. If it’s not broke then it doesn’t need changed. I feel this is just another attempt by PETA and the HUMANE SOCIETY to manipulate the political clmate in their favor. I’m a bowhunter, proponent of the 2nd amendment and a voter, so I hope you politicians hear me loud and clear if you want to represent me on such issues.
    Hunters do more to benefit wildlife than any animal rights activists.

    Richard Drewry

  135. Jrday2003

    lets just stop all hunting for three years and let the epa figure out what to do about the animal population explosion and all the new desieses that come with it !!!!!!

  136. Allen

    The EPA and the government all have a screw loose in their brains. Always trying to take away our rights and freedom. There is more pollution from cars and trucks and all the windbags in office. Get rid of the riffraff. The government is trying to destroy our freedom. What is wrong with these dumb arses . REMEMBER Nov 2nd to vote the big windbags that don’t want us to have our freedom out of office. Would be nice to be able to impeach Obama and Biden and kick the witch Pelosi out of office as well.

  137. Cudamaster1

    Amen . !!!! The riffraff in office wants us to be a socialist country. The US Government don’t care about the American Born Citizen. They are more worried about the foreigners and themselves

  138. Cudamaster1

    Yeah they want to take away our guns and ammo. They don’t realize that only then the crooks will have guns and will cause more harm. I hope that the officials that sit on their lazy ass all day get robbed. Just like that Judge in Augusta, Ga that shot and killed a robber inside his house at 4am in the morning. Maybe if the Supreme Court Judges get shot or robbed and have no way to defend themselves, then I wonder how they will think. I am licensed to carry and I hunt and always will. Have a good day and I agree with you. Thank you

  139. Madmark1020

    its more of the government tryin to control every aspect of our lives. Where does it end ? Everyone must pass the word and make sure that all the people are educated in order to stop this growth in government!!!!!!

  140. Bryan

    I think the EPA Is a joke and a half… Band ammunition don’t make me laugh.. please the goverment allready screwed up by putting wolves back in are country!!!! Every rancher I know wants them dead hell they killed 200 sheep in the last few weeks on one ranch… So lets band Ammunition and let wolves take over…. The EPA along With the Federal fish and game and the damn environmentalist are all a big joke… Go try to take a country boys gun see what he says.. ( I have god and my gun and your about to meet them both..)

  141. Ryan_lege

    we as americans have that right to bare arms only the hunters will get there guns removed do you think the criminals will give up theres i think not

  142. Brett King

    Take a look at Mexico if you want to see what happens to a country were the citizens can not legally bare arms.

  143. tmyers

    yea i have to agree with ya there white wolf this bull shit stunt there trying to pull now is bout rediculess its never been about hunting or not hunting its bout this fucked up goverment of ours there gonna disarm us and fuck us this aint far to a dam one of us what about our second amendment??? our rights to bare arms?
    well how is it the blacks got there cilvil rights in 69? hmm well now the nigger running whats left of this country is decivilizing our rights and fuckin us as a nation one FAMILY at a time i dont care who thinks what bout any thing said in this but what may surpise u is im a 17 year old colorado country boy country is were my home is i use the resourses im givin on this earth to live on huntings not a crime and its not a unfare way of life its called feeding the ones that need to get by on this world

  144. HRSUTE25

    you hit it on the head.let them see why we hunt. If it is controlled real good with the fish and game we don’t loose our game. the hunter and gun owners contribute alot of money to help with the growth of our wildlife. the country boys don’t harm people with ammo and guns.Lead! best thing if the gov’t got it out their britches.WE the PEOPLE,BY the PEOPLE and GOD will keep our guns and ammo;2ND AMENDMENT!!! Hent,Hent!!!!!

  145. Tiredofit

    Why doesn’t the EPA institute the study of harmful effects of BAD representation in Washington. Surely all of us feel the ill effects of it and the need to further regulate their activities with respect to the environment. I feel this fall-it needs to be open season on all incumbents absolutely using lead. The lead pencil. Vote them out! Thin the herd-improve the species.

  146. Chedward

    It sounds like the government is not the only guilty party with “having nothing better to do”. If as many of you that have commented would have actually read and comprehended Cuervojose’s blog, then you would realize that all of this aimless redundancy and complaining is utterly pointless. But don’t just take Cuervojose’s word, research it for yourself and put your frustrations and actions to good use. Reading some of these comments makes me understand why a man might say “don’t outsmart your common sense”!

  147. Gotahnt5

    you need to be worried if we as hunters just figure that people in government will take care of our rights, Im sorry but your sadly mistaken.. money seems to change alot of minds in gov…. look at our past. We as hunters need to hit these tree huggers with our numbers since im sure we dont have the money they have. If we dont keep our numbers attacking them we will lose all rights by the end of it I promise…. gotahnt5

  148. Gotahnt5

    We as hunters really need to pay attention to things like this… This is just another path for these Anti’s to slowly attack our rights as Americans. We must stay united against these type of people. Mark my words if we figure that someone else will take care of this stuff YOUR WRONG keep fighting for our rights its your responsibility too. make time to keep your rights.. If we dont stick together were screwed…

  149. Spungangel

    lead ban was a bad joke. what 2 centuries of lead shot in water. where did it go? it is still there. they can not outlaw guns,so do away with the ammo! does lead sinkers kill wildlife? if they disarm us will it be easier to control us? i think it was Jefferson who said be afraid of a government that does not want an armed citizenship. it is better for the government to be afraid of the people than the people afraid of their government! that is why we have the second amendment!

  150. TO ARMS

    the law makers need to listen to the people who pay their salery, and not to those who have an agenda against any body that enjoy the sport of shooting/hunting. Maybe we need to attack their hobbies: Needle Point, Croche, or any thing that requires you to use, or has an adverse effect and fatting result to the fourth point of contact, “back side” for those not accustomed to the military term.

  151. to arms

    I only hope that this cuts their attack to the bone and squashes any further attempt to regulate the weapon/ammunition industry. Now all we need is for the law makers to pay attention to the people.

  152. hunter1

    well if you take away hunting you better take away football and baseball too. there is more injuries in football than there is hunting. im seventeen and if i didnt start hunting i would probaballly not know most of the people i do know. you run around protecting trees and animals. thats your type of bonding… whats up with that……. we hunt to get away from every day life and our bosses that only care about money….

  153. Dmann474

    My fellow Hunters,You’ll be pleased to know that the EPA has denied the petition calling for a ban on the production and distribution of lead hunting ammunition.Steve Owens,of the EPA,spoke of the denial stating “the agency does not have the legal authority to regulate this type of product under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)- nor is the agency seeking such authority.”It should be noted that this was never an attempt by “Our Government”to strip us of any of our rights.It was just another sorry attempt by outside groups that submit hundreds of petitions to the EPA each year.

  154. Jasondedgar

    jaybear 666
    I thik this is total ******** , I love hunting. But it is getting too expensive already. If this passed, no one ‘ except the rich’ would be able to afford this great sport. No hunting means over population and disease. And if they are worried about human disease, wait a year or two without hunting and see what happens. So I strongly suggest you say no.

  155. Partridgeman

    Who are they saying what we can do and not do.If they don’t like to haunt and target practice that up to them but leave us alone. They wont stop the street fighting by doing this there just hurting the people who just want tohave fun. Leave us alone and fix what wrong with this country and that nopt our guns.

  156. SSims81

    They are a bunch of no good dogs. They are wanting to do this with out putting it to a vote by the whole United States of America. We need to stand up and tell those jerks to leave good enough alone. I would like to see them try and take my guns and ammo.

  157. Benttwisted

    I have been using steal shot for years. The expense isn’t that much more than lead, and it doesn’t have the impact on the enviorment that lead does. I have done away with all of the lead in my fishing tackle boxes, and again the expense isn’t that much more. When I get snaged and lose gear I know that I wont leave as bad of an impact on the lakes and the fish that live there. If my gear had lead I lost it hang out of a fish, it will no doubt make it into the food chain and birds will die. Where I fish thris a good poulation of Bald Eagles and Ospray.I would love for my grand children to enjoy these cretures. If we do away with lead in hunting we wont make as much of an impact on the wild life. The wounded animal that gets away and later dies from lead poisoning will be introduced into the food chain, and more die from eating that sick wounded animal. They are not trying to stop shooting sports, but trying to make it more resposible to our planet and the future of the game we are after.

  158. Aarond259

    you need to study harder,cars,trucks and other vehicals pollute us more than a few bullet

  159. Joelfoxx2009

    Ok the fact is that people have been using lead in ammo for years and no significant health risk have been reported. Peopl who are carless with firarms harm birds and people. So what next are you going to start a petiton to ban people below a certin I.Q from hunting or owning a firearm.

  160. OdawaWolfClan

    Say NOOOOO! to this. It will not only affect the average hunter, but also the police force who are their to keep the crimals under control. So I say if they push this through, we make sure we push them out of office!

  161. Chris Walters

    This is just another attempt at gun control through ammunition control. I agree that there is no evidence of lead poisoning with traditional ammunition. Hunting has such a long history and if there were any issues prior to this, we would have seen a negative impact by now certainly. This is not like the DDT problems of the recent past. I get the feeling that this is someone’s personal agenda to try to stop hunting. If that happens, then what are they going to complain about next-wildlife starving from over population or from spread of disease.

  162. Daddy_dial

    If these nut jobs want to petition something, maybe they should steer their efforts toward stopping products from China which are hurting us all including animals after it all ends up in our landfills where they belong.

  163. Rwkelly1

    What are we going to do go back to the bow and arrow? Next take away the wheel.

  164. Cowboytex1953

    lead Amo has ben used for years and years.How many cases of lead poisoning can be found in the past.What is their sorce of information? What kind of amo would they suggest we use?Can they say that A Bald Eagle wont get sick if it eats to much Copper or Steel shot?I agree that lead can be harmful if ingested. what proof do they have that any wild animal.or domestic animal for that case has suffered from lead poisoning by ingesting it.I know that Hunting is here to stay.I plan to Hunt the rest of my life.If they take away all gun amo.Hunters will use steel Raser sharp Arrow heads.
    that will be lost or carried away by wounded game.Just imagine A Bald Eagle getting cut up trying to eat around a sharp broad head or the animal’s that scratch at the ground for food or breedinrg rituals..By taking away our Amo or making it too expensive will put more dangeous and harmful objects in our woods and fields. I belive that a wild animal will not eat lead or lead tainted meat when there is good Meat they can and will get.Instead of always attacking us hunters and shooters why not put their energy in to the effect of litter gas and oil leaks from cars Trucks and semis.I belive that if they would broaden their predgigest.against gunners to the stuff people throw through their car window’s and on city street’s.they will protect more wild life.And stop more ground pollution then any lead problem.Please let us enjoy our sport and stop harassing us. Thank-you Dennis M

  165. Codeblue

    I have read what was said and agree with a lot of them and the NRA is the right way to fight them and yes I am a member but I think the best thing to do is start a third party in this great country called the American Party and vote in the people that are for America and get the long term I do for me out of office. Larry

  166. Markw9692

    So…we still have the right to bear arms,but…having ammunition for those arms,you will take away?

  167. Markw9692

    My point is this….once having gotten their fingers into regulating ammunition,there will be no end to it,until we can’t hunt,protect ourselves…….yet we still have our constitutional right to own,and bear arms.Where in the constitution does it say ammo too?Please folks…go past this petition.Call your Congressmen,and Senators.Did you know a phone call or e-mail counts as 12 responses, to our elected representatives.They figure for each e-mail/phone call,there are 12 people sitting on their “duffs”,doing nothing,but also agree with me/us.Please don’t sit on your “duffs” on this one.Thanks Mark

  168. Gillyhunterchris

    theirs no end to the governments ignorance i have eating game harvested with led ammo for years and i am in good health as well as every one i know that hunts.And he-yer in KY ware i live their is a lot of hunters who yous led for hunting Squirrel rabbit dove and the red tailed hawks are doing just fine iv seen a lot more this year then iv seen in my life just this year alone iv seen 20 or 25 of them all in a good bill of health as i can tell by looking at them threw the Binoculars its jut government trickery.