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NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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#gunvote: Now He Tells Us!

#gunvote 2012 -- Don't Risk Your RightsRecently on the campaign trail in Iowa, the president told his audience: “Trust matters. Iowa, you know me. I say what I mean and mean what I say. You could take a videotape of the things I say, (from) 10 years ago, 12 years ago, and you’d say this is the same guy.” Since he insists, take a look for yourself.

Then look below the video clip for a questionnaire that Obama answered in 1996, where he stated his support for banning “assault weapons” and for banning the “manufacture, sale and possession” of handguns. This is not the NRA questionnaire that Obama once claimed was filled out by a staff member. This questionnaire came from the Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization, and clearly displays Obama’s own handwriting on the very first page.

The closer we get to election day, the more Obama seems to be willing to own up to his true ideological leanings. Maybe he’s trying to rally his core base, since the questionnaire tracks his admission in the second debate that he wants to pursue a new ban on modern sporting rifles and new restrictions on handguns. This all comes now despite years of protestations to the contrary.

The community of gun owners has known for years that Obama is harboring a secretive agenda to pursue new restrictions on our rights if he wins a second term. The media has called this notion crazy, wacky, a “conspiracy theory,” despite the fact that Sarah Brady herself told the Washington Post that Obama personally assured her he was pursuing new gun control policies “under the radar.” But now Obama is admitting to it, on the record.

So when Obama says that voters should look at what he has said in the past, they should listen. Stay informed about this election all the way to the finish line, and make sure your friends, family and fellow gun owners do the same. Visit www.nssf.org/gunvote and don’t risk your rights this November — #gunvote!

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11 Responses to “#gunvote: Now He Tells Us!”

  1. sparrowhawk

    Either guy wins the presidency, nobody’s going to reduce 2nd Amendment rights– too much vote power against it.

    The main thing is, who’s going to get us into more wars, for no good reason except fto make big $$ for a few people? Romney has the same neo-cons around him that sold us the bogus Iraq war that killed 5000 American soldiers for no strategic purpose for any American national interest, and that was opposed publicly by Reagan’s National Security Advisor Gen. William Odom as the worst strategic mistake in American history. And the result is now to have Iran as a regional power, where it was before checked by the [admittedly big bastard] Saddam Hussein.

    We have to keep these fools from getting back into power. No one on either side is going to mess with the 2nd Amendment.

  2. ETX

    I agree with Sparrowhawk. There is far too much support for the 2nd amendment across the US for Obama to make any serious impact on gun rights. He knows it, and that’s why he hasn’t pursued any gun legislation whatsoever. It’s a waste of his political capital. I think the hysteria about Obama and gun control is a bit silly. Whatever his personal views of guns may be, he clearly has a very long list of policy priorities that he cares about much more than guns. Whichever candidate wins, gun rights are secure in America.

  3. Justin

    The truth of the matter is this. The voters should have Power over our rights and be able to vote for or against gun control laws… Here is the catch Obama IS NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES! He passes laws outside of congress all of the time. He is out of control. If you want to know )or care to know) the truth look for it… It’s out there…

  4. hanshi

    It is this dangerous thinking that will take away our gun rights. Hillary and Obama are working full time on the UN treaty to ban private ownership of small arms. They will push through the international law treaty to limit us and bypass our votes in the US. In that case, it doesn’t matter that we have a large gun lobby. We can’t vote on it. The rights are being infringed upon now. How about the states that are raising the taxes on ammunition to exorbitant rates? Wake up!

  5. GunHugger

    Foolish thinking– it’s all about the judges and especially the supreme court. I’ll take my chances with Romney. He will at least be smart enough to focus on jobs and the economy.

  6. bh

    sparrowhawk is delusional, the second amendment is under attack and can be eliminated or crippled by the govt and there is nothing we can do about it. We need to elect Romney to have any chance of controlling the supreme court, who ultimately has the say over our second amendment rights. Don’t be an idiot, your properly placed vote counts

  7. Johnny Leather

    Don’t get me wrong…I don’t trust Obama at all, but all of this hysteria about him and gun control makes me chuckle a little. Not because I think he isn’t capable of trying to attack the 2nd Amendment, but because everyone acts like Romney won’t. Take a look at history. Obama has made threats to the 2nd Amendment while Romney actually passed laws in Mass. limiting gun rights.

  8. DDog

    Obama has lent this slide. why would he piss off a large voting block of gun owners when he can wait for the UN to pass a world wide small arms treaty that would be binding to the USA and bypass the second amendment without a single US taxpayer voting on it just a bunch of people from other countries who have a habit of spiting on America

  9. Henryfan62

    It is truly unbelievable how 2 people can fear the same thing the same words and can come up with 2 different stories. Obama said he was a strong supporter of second amendment, and he also said there is a need to readdress issue of assault , weapons. He said nothing about handguns or sporting rifles, you can make that inference if you want but that is not what he said. Yes Obama got stricter legaslation worked thru in Chicago, but did you forget Romney passed some of the strongest anti assault ban rules in his home state. So look at who allowed slacker restrictions on weapons in the Federal parks system.

  10. GunHugger

    Just lull yourself to sleep.

  11. Ken

    Obama has had nothing to loose until now. He did his health care and if he gets in again he will take to the gun laws. And like it was said Hillary and Obama are working full time on the UN treaty to ban private ownership of small arms.That stops it from the outside in. And then they can get control of what is being made here in the US. Just look at ammo prices and the taxes on guns, the government is trying to price us out of being able to buy.