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NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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NBC Shows Anti-Gun Bias . . . Again

In an attempt to combat failing ratings, NBC’s Rock Center on Wednesday night aired another biased and sensationalized piece on Remington Arms, and America’s firearms industry. The Rock Center reporter, Scott Cohn, has a well established anti-gun bias — as evidenced by his 2010 “story” on the Remington 700. Cohn and NBC alluded to an unwarranted government regulation of the firearms industry by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). There should be no doubt, last night’s segment was just another piece of agenda-driven “journalism” clearly designed to promote a CPSC takeover of the firearms industry.

Moreover, the firearms NBC chose to demonize were the Remington Model 870 and 1100 shotguns — firearms that have been in production for almost 60 years and are among the most popular models of shotguns in America. They are used by millions of sportsmen, target shooters and for home defense, as well as the U.S. military and thousands of law enforcement agencies all across the country. There are more than 20 million of these firearms in circulation through which billions upon billions of rounds have been fired without incident.

So while this latest attack by NBC may be aimed at Remington, it is really aimed at the entire firearms industry. After all, if NBC can get away with propagating spurious claims about an alleged defect in a 60-year-old firearm model in an effort to push its anti-gun political agenda, then no firearm manufacturer is safe from such an attack.

In looking at the claims NBC is leveling against Remington, it is important to note that they are all based on the opinion of plaintiff’s attorneys and a paid so-called “expert” — hired guns if you will. The so-called expert has made a living testifying against at least 16 other firearms manufacturers. The “opinions” of the so-called expert, who has been paid to give opinions against firearm manufacturers, have consistently been rejected by courts and juries. In my opinion, he just lacks any credibility — watch here.

As a former products liability attorney who represented many in the firearms industry from baseless product liability claims, I can tell you that reports like NBC’s are nothing more than a marketing tool for ambulance-chasing attorneys and “expert” witnesses looking to make a buck. The truth is that product liability claims are exceedingly rare in our industry, especially when one considers there are more than 300 million firearms in civilian ownership in the United States. At one point, one of my former clients — one of the oldest and largest manufacturers — had no pending product liability cases, not even a frivolous one.

My concern with last night’s piece, however, is more industry based. We cannot allow NBC to launch an unwarranted attack against any manufacturer as a means of generating support for a CPSC takeover of the entire firearms industry. Every manufacturer, retailer, distributor and gun owner should be concerned and, more importantly, engaged. Way back in the 1970s when Congress set up the CPSC, it expressly exempted firearms and ammunition products because it feared that the CPSC would be used to advance gun control. That fear is as real today as it was 40 years ago. To ensure the CPSC doesn’t start to control guns, we need to be sure to elect a pro-gun majority to Congress. So #gunvote — Don’t Risk Your Rights.

Consider contacting Brian Williams at Rock Center. Let him know that for a network news show trying desperately to attract viewers, throwing credibility out the window is not a good place to start.

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9 Responses to “NBC Shows Anti-Gun Bias . . . Again”

  1. Victor Gaba

    My son’s first shotgun is an 870. I suppose next they’ll tell me I don’t love my son by allowing him to put his cheek on the stock and squeezing the trigger. We own many firearms of different calibers ranging from pellet pistols and rifles to high powered long rifles. We take excellent care of our weapons and my children, all four of them, are critically aware of the inherent dangers and risks associated with each firearm. While we have never had an issue with any of our firearms, we watch closely for any recalls or repair notices…just one of the many responsibilities of gun ownership. Any firearm is an inanimate, mechanical object that is man-made and subject to flaws. My first look in the event of a catastrophic failure would be…what did I do wrong, then look at the weapon. Any failure that results in an injury or death is a tragedy and should be investigated, but…we are back again to the fact that we, as firearm owners and operators are ultimately responsible for the safe care and use firearms.

  2. Charlie Hoover

    I believe we all know just how biased and deceitful NBC is. The question is, what is the most effective strategy for dealing with them? 

  3. Anonymous

    NBC has credibility?

    As for Brian Williams, isn’t that the same clown who said of Obama when he was elected president; “We don’t know much about him, do we?”

    Yeah Brian, because you and the rest of the MSM didn’t do your job.

  4. Gun Sense

    As a certified NRA Firearms Instructor it seems clear that the individuals involved did not follow two of the three safe use rules. ALWAYS Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. The shotgun falling off the truck fender should not have been placed there loaded, safety or not. Grabbing any loaded gun by the barrel is not keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction. I am very sorry for both gentlemen and their loss but we can all learn from these examples. That said, Remington has got to come to the fight. They need to comment on these claims and not leave it up to all of us to do their fighting for them.

  5. Captain Bob

    Unfortunately, Remington will probably pay (dearly) in compensatory damages even though, using the facts, they could win. the cost of these lawsuits usually comes out less if they pay (without admitting guilt) and this just encourages people to sue.

    I really hope that Remington will take a stand and fight and win.

  6. Bernardo

    Every firearm comes with a set of instructions for proper use and safety Captain Bob. Making Remington pay for someone’s failure to read before use is wrong. But,the problem is,it’s an “evil” gun thusly responsible, versus the stupidity of the owner. The owner should get thrown out of court with the warning,”if at first you don’t succeed,next time follow directions”. That’s the trouble with society today and why the court dockets are so crowded,is because it’s always somebody else’s fault. A defense lawyer for Remington should ask if a person buys an electric drill and he tries using it underwater,is the manufacturer responsible for compensatory damages which no doubt will result from the stupidity of using an electric tool underwater?? It would also make great sense to stop the nonsense of products sold in the USA to contain multilingual instructions thereby eliminating confusion. English only! If other nationalities living here don’t like it,then go home where the instructions will be in your native language.

  7. Captain Bob

    Hey Bernardo: As an NRA certified instructor I, of course, know (most: All new some used) come with instructions. The problem is that of $$. To fight in court is very expensive and MANY companies have realized that it’s cheaper to just quietly pay (off) a plaintiff rather than fight & win but end up paying more. We are a very litigious society (we sue for anything that will make us money). Lawyers go after the companies with deep pockets and they know they can convince ignorant jurors that  the companies are wrong (especially when it involves evil guns).
    As I said at the end of my post, “I really hope that Remington will take a stand and fight and win.” 

  8. Bernardo

    Trouble with NBC and the rest of their ilk is they can’t get their novacaine numbed brains wrapped around the truth of responsible firearm owners who number in the millions and who’ve never had an unlawful incident in the use of their firearms. Those who do are the stupid or the criminal. Their numbers are a minority compared to the massive majority law abiding owners. The minority idiots get all the sensationalism with nonsense statistics overblown by the media in their ever ongoing reprehensible yellow journalism. The insanity for “gun control” has been going on since the JFK assassination all the while crime continues to drop. Gun sales since the Oboy election of 2008 have soared which will result in more drop in crime. More guns,less crime is hardly a myth. Oboy’s threat to disarm has been the major element of soaring gun sales resulting in lowered crime rates for which he’ll take credit of course. He’s been the best gun salesman since Bill Clinton,yet the media takes the backassward approach that gun proliferation is resulting in a less safe society. They made that same squawk in the UK and disarmed the populace and now their society is less safe than ever with the rising crime rate. It must be difficult for people like Brian Williams to live along with his biased anti gun brethren,with an I.Q. lower than room temperature.

  9. Robertv Keeling

    My sons first shotgun will be a 870 youth ,20ga that sita at the head of our bed…NBC CAN ROT IN HELL…