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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Microstamping Added to N.Y. Budget

Anti-gun legislators from New York City for the fourth year continue to seek passage of firearms microstamping legislation. While there are currently bills in both chambers, the most pressing issue is the inclusion of microstamping in the Assembly budget AB 9055C (Part B). We need every firearms retailer, gun owner and sportsman to contact members of the Public Protection/Criminal Justice/Judiciary budget committee. Another meeting will occur on Monday, March 19 at 1:30 p.m. If microstamping remains in the state budget, it would result in an outright ban of firearms in the Empire State.

Please contact members of the committee immediately:

Assembly Senate
Joseph Lentol (Co-Chair) 518-455-4477 Stephen Saland (Co-Chair) 518-455-2411
Helene Weinstein 518-455-5462 Elizabeth Little 518-455-2811
Jeffrion Aubry 518-455-4561 Michael Nozzolio 518-455-2366
Steven Englebright 518-455-4804 Greg Ball 518-455-3111
Daniel O’Donnell 518-455-5603 Martin Golden 518-455-2730
Philip Boyle 518-455-4611 Ruth Hassell-Thompson 518-455-2061
Joseph Giglio 518-455-5241 Michael Gianaris 518-455-3486

If microstamping were to become law, firearms manufacturers would be forced to employ a patented, sole-sourced concept that independent studies, including those from the National Academy of Sciences and the University of California at Davis, found to be flawed and easily defeated by criminals. Passage of this bill could result in layoffs of factory workers throughout New York as manufacturers, already being heavily lobbied by tax and gun friendly states, consider moving out of New York. Furthermore, firearms manufacturers could be forced to abandon the New York market altogether rather than spend the astronomical sums of money needed to completely reconfigure their manufacturing and assembly processes. This would directly impact law enforcement, firearms retailers and their law-abiding customers.

The last thing New York needs is another failed concept (ballistic imaging) costing tax-payer money, forcing manufacturing jobs out of the state and impacting only lawful firearms owners and retailers.

Learn more about microstamping by viewing the NSSF Microstamping Fact Sheet.

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14 Responses to “Microstamping Added to N.Y. Budget”

  1. Heartland Patriot

    They are pretty darned liberal there at UC Davis, and they think its a bad idea?   When even UC Davis finds something like this to be a dumb idea, you KNOW it is.

  2. Shaen Hunter

    I’m so sick of having to defend my freedom against these liberal idiots.  They suck on so many levels.

  3. NHPolymath

    I’m an independent personally, but I think the partisan side-taking around gun issues only strengthens the anti-gun side.  Nearly all the liberals I know are not anti-gun ownership.  Most intelligent people realize that new laws don’t necessarily stop people who are fine with breaking current ones.  By removing partisan politics from the firearm-ownership discussions, we are more likely to have more intelligent discussions around each side, and luckily, the side that makes logical sense is not anti-firearm ownership.

  4. Anonymous

    I am a retired Police Officer and a Forensic Firearm Examiner. Having investigated many aspects of crimes involving firearms I want to add the following:

    Its clear based on the past research already described that due to the various ways different ammunition interacts with different firearms micro stamping technology will not produce a readable make, model, and serial number on every fired cartridge case.

    Moreover, Lets ASSUME for one second that this technology works. How can law enforcement use this information to identify the shooter in a crime?

    IT CANT !!!!  for many reasons too numerous to mention here.

    Plain and simple there is no investigative leads that detectives can use from the make model and serial number (assuming it is readable) that will identify the person who uses an illegally possessed firearm in a crime.

    In summary, the information that can be gained (assuming this technology works) from a fired cartridge case marked with the make model and serial number of the gun that fired it:

    1) Is not useful to law enforcement to ID a shooter.
    2) It will not deter crime
    3) It will not make our streets safer.

    This is no different than the “New Gun data base” that exists in NY State whereby millions of dollars was spent on a computer system that can compare fired ammunition components recovered from a crime scene to a fired cartridge case from a new firearm legally sold to a licensed firearm owner.  It is my understanding that this “new gun database” in NY State that has been in use for more than 10 years has not solved one crime!

    Crimes involving firearms are committed by people who ILLEGALLY posses firearms.

    Crimes involving firearms are NOT committed by people who are licensed to own firearms and buy firearms legally from licensed gun shops.

    Gerard Petillo

  5. Ruger-P345

    Mr Petillo hit the nail on the head. The law makers need to look at the facts not the knee jerk reactions they so often make.
    New York has spent millions on the worthless effort to compare fired bullets to casings and not one connection or conviction yet. It has been tried for ten years now.
    The Micro Stamping would be just as worthless but that is not the point of the effort. The effort is discourage manufacturers and gun owner from making and possessing of legal firearms. The Illegals will still be there. Plus the illegals will be emboldened feeling most law abiding citizens will not be armed.
    This intended to be a great way to circumvent the Second Amendment.
    It need action on the part of every loyal citizen of the this state.

  6. Marshal Truckie

    Another way to take away our freedom to bear Arms!

  7. Anonymous

    The thing is, all these bigshot goof balls pushing for this will still have armed body gaurds.

  8. Anonymous

    …so, I guess this means replacement firing pins would become illegal; possibly sandpaper too.  We, in NY,  already have to live without our sinister threaded barrels, bayonet lugs, and retractable stocks.  My, what a great law to keep on the books, while most other states let it sunset, due to it’s utter uselessness in reducing crime.  Our people in Albany seem too love these “feel good” laws.  Are they really as ignorant as they seem, or do they believe their constituents will be more inclined to re-elect them, for their gallant efforts “in reducing crime”?

  9. CWO3; JOE

    Thank you Mr. Petillo for your professional inside insight on why microstamping is flawed.

  10. Gerard Petillo


    You are most welcome.

  11. Malcap1

    Decent New Yorkers thank this committee for it’s “common sense” decision in this matter.

  12. Oxbowgunshop

    Thank God there are people in our State leadership with common sense yet. Thanks to all who voted to repeal Cobis and hopefully send microstamping to the trash bin.

  13. Blue41buck

    Mike,  I also would like to thank Mr. Petillo for his professional insight into this matter.
               I’m a retired Homicide Detective from the NYPD, I invetigated many, many gunshot
               Homicides.I can attest to the fact that it is not useful to ID a shooter.

    Mike Lagiovane

  14. Gerard Petillo


    you are most welcome.

    Thanks as well for the back up!! We were both Detectives and know that this micro stamping and CODIS is crap and does not id the shooter. Its such a facade by politicians.