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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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In choosing Paul Ryan, Romney picks a hunter who has shown a firm grasp of firearms issues

Hunters, firearms owners and sportsmen in general across the United States should be truly heartened by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate.

All politics aside, the reason is clear. Paul Ryan is an avid hunter. He is also the former co-chairman of Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC), which is the largest and most bi-partisan caucus in Congress.

As a hunter, Rep. Ryan understands and appreciates the issues hunters and sportsmen care about, such as the current effort to ban the on-line and mail order sale of ammunition and President Obama’s support for banning modern sporting rifles (MSRs) that are used for target shooting and increasingly by hunters – just to name just two.

Among the highlights of his record in Congress, Rep Ryan:

  • Voted YES to protect the right of hunters to use traditional ammunition
  • Voted YES to prohibit suing manufacturers and retailers for the criminal misuse of firearms
  • Helped sponsor legislation to change the Pittman Robertson excise tax payment schedule helping to financially strengthen our industry and create more jobs for the economy
  • Voted YES to decrease background check waiting period from 3 days to 1 day for a firearm purchase at a gun show
  • Was rated A by the NRA for overall voting record
  • Supported national cross-state standard for concealed carry
  • Opposed the gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington, DC

Many politicians pay lip service to “not wanting to infringe on the rights of hunters” often followed by a pronouncement or proposal that would do just that. With Paul Ryan, hunters and all law-abiding gun owners should be reassured that there is someone in Washington with demonstrated level-headedness on issues of great interest to them. When it comes to these recurring issues, there is no substitute for the knowledge and wisdom born of the personal experience and passion of a true hunter.

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22 Responses to “In choosing Paul Ryan, Romney picks a hunter who has shown a firm grasp of firearms issues”

  1. Chris Baden

    I’m only moderately reassured by Congressman Ryan’s position on gun rights. For too long 2A friendly politicians have watered down the real importance of what it means to support a citizen’s right to “keep and bear arms” by cloaking the argument under the guise of hunting rights.  This has always been a weak and cowardly approach to dealing with those that would take our freedoms by not directly confronting the realities of self defense and patriotic readiness to preserve, protect and defend.

  2. Lkeane

    Ryan is the real deal. He is a legit hunter. 

  3. Chris Baden

     I fully appreciate the point and am glad Mitt chose him to strengthen the ticket in this area.

  4. Big D

    would you rather have it the other way around and have the dictator obumer on a second term ? I would like to think not
    Give me Mitt and Ryan any day over the dictator

  5. Jfdinow2

    With this news we sent upped our financial commitment to the NRA and will continue to support the republican ticket in this way

  6. A_bowman41

    I am most gratified that Candidiate Romney has chosen a running mate that has the courage to attack the most significant challenge to the viability of the world’s most remarkable experiment of democracy – big government irresponsible spending – and is also a champion of our freedoms and especially our Second Amendment Freedom. While there can be no compromise on the latter, as a senior citizen and retired veteran who is a beneficiary of Social Security, Medicare, and a pension for 20 years of active duty including combat in Vietnam, I am also enough of a patriot to be willing to sacrafice financially to solve our fiscal crisis NOW.  If we don’t, our government will become more and more socialistic and our Second Amendment Freedom will be more imperiled than ever. I am not confident that “no new taxes” is going to dig us out of the morass we are now in.  We need less spending and a new tax code ASAP. The path we are now on will lead to an electorate totally dependent on a federal govenment that will control every aspect of our children’s lives. It can’t be about winning, it has to be about doing the right thing.  Ryan, more that any other candiate on the national tickets, comes closest to that purpose. Let us hope that his purpose becomes identified with Romney’s candidacy and this nation wakes up and recognizes that the path their opposition points to is the begining of the end of the United States of America as we grew up to know it.

  7. Rick

    Thank God it wasn’t Christy, like it looked a few months ago. His anti-gun and pro-abortion beliefs outweigh his positives.
    In my opinion. Ryan is the real deal and will serve the firearms owner and hunter well.  

  8. tanstaafl2

    Can we switch the order of the ticket – I like Ryan better.

  9. slk rik

    Good article.  Tell Romney I will vote for him if he can get us concealed carry for the District of Columbia..

  10. DKS38Cal

    That is great news, I was not familiar with his voting record on 2nd Amendment Rights issues, and of course, anybody is better than the current Presidential Administration.

  11. David Weakland

    While this looks good up front, check out this forum post on 1999 votes by him.

  12. rabrooks

    I want that pic for Wallpaper for “Our Next VP!”.

  13. Xman

    A bowman 41, I commend your service to our country and the fact you are willing to sacrifice for the future of this nation. Unfortunately there are way to many senior citizens that think cutting anything they get from the government is intolerable. I like the choice of Ryan as VP. And for any of you sitting on the fence thinking that Ryan or Romney are not conservative enough or don’t support the 2A strongly enough WAKE UP the Obama administration is the most anti gun administration in history! Haven’t you read about fast and furious?? If Obama is elected again your 2A is in for the biggest attack you have ever seen. So don’t sit on the side lines get out and vote for Romney and Ryan because the alternative is something you will regret for the rest of your lives!!

  14. FLLawman66

    Hey any Xman name one law the current administration has passed that is negative to any gun owner. So How would they be worse than the Clinton
    administration that enacted the assault rifle ban? Oh and by the way Fast and Furious was started by the Bush administration. So your statement is non-factual. If you’re going to vote for Mitt then vote based on some facts.

  15. Mark Smith

    Where have you been? The NRA has chronicled in great detail the ways that the Obama administration is trying to take away our guns completely. Do some reserarch at the NRA; there’s plenty of info on the subject.
    Fast and Furious was changed under Obama and Holder; it’s not the same operation. Letting the guns ‘walk’, and then NOT tracking them (how stupid is that!) was Holder’s BATFE idea. Xman is completely right; if Obama gets re-elected, kiss your Second Amendment rights goodbye.
    You may want to watch the movie “2016”.

  16. Henry Brown

    I have been a gun enthusiast, a shooter and owner of guns all my life. I do not like what democrats are trying to do to our sencond amendment rights to bear arms under the constitution of the United States!

    In my belief I would rather have Ryan running for president more than Romney, I think he is more prone to help the lower and middle class people, and he is more able to address the problems that this great nation faces. I am a republican and have been all my voteing life, however we have to look at the canidates as too what party is best suited to bring this coutry out of the hole we are in
    I do not like Romney mainly because what he has done in the pass regarding lost jobs and shiping jobs out of this country. And I believe he has cheated our government out of huge amounts of taxes and his overseas bank accounts hideing his income. Why would he not disclose all his income in the past, if he had nothing to hide?
    I do not like Obama because he has not liven up to his promises given before he was elected, and doubling the national dept, has did nothing to lower the unemployment.
    Although gun rights are high on my priorities, this is not going to better our unemployment problem, our defficit problem,our SS problem, medicare, illegal emigration and bring jobs back to the USA, which as of now are not the agenda of either party as of now.
    I love this coutry but things need to get a lot better for the sake of our children and grand-children and future generations! With this thought we can only vote for the lesser of the two evils, and hope, God Blesses America

  17. perkpark

    What Romney has done to create jobs in this country when he was with Bain Capital far surpasses the jobs Bain sent offshore either when Romany was there or since.

    He has legally paid his taxes, but just like most of us only the taxes required by the current ugly tax code with all it’s “loopholes”. How can you fault a man who has followed the law and is also demanding that the loopholes be closed and that taxes really be to pay the bills of the country instead of being designed for social engineering and to benefit particular groups.

  18. Bob Berberich

    Concealed Carry 50 state if you have a permit made my choice right there. That’s 59 state for O-bummer people….. like they knew the difference.

  19. Shorty Medlock

    Ryan would flip on you in a split second if he thought it would lose him an election. I am sick and tired of people who vote based on what our pres does in isreal or some OTHER country, Gay rights, Gun Control, and such ALONE. There is a far bigger picture here than just a single issue. I am for leaving things they way they are at this point and lets get on with the economy, Tax reform and putting people back to work. Politians are not for or against Gun Control, they simply use it for campaining rhetoric.

  20. Guntoting-Liberal-Democrat

    It would be nice if the NSSF stuck to the sport of shooting and not bother with incorrect political facts.

  21. Perkpark

    Unfortunately most of what the current administration calls facts leave some of us wondering why they refuse to use accurate descriptions of what is going on.

  22. JP

    I don’t like democrats period!
    Aside from their total lack of respect for the constitution having enumerated the specific powers that the feds have (in other words, the fed has ONLY those powers), and complete ignorance regarding the fact that God gave us our rights and that governments are instituted among men to protect those rights (as stated in the Delcaration of Independence), they are bent on taking the people’s money and using it to buy votes for themselves all the while wrapping themselves in the cloak of “helping the poor”.
    Paul Ryan is indeed an excellent choice. My prayer is that Mitt is elected and serves two terms, following by Ryan repeating the process. If we don’t defeat the current office holder, our freedom will be pretty much tanked in a new socialist society run by the majority who are parasites feeding on the minority of productive people in our country.