NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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FOX Bans Firearms and Ammunition Advertisements

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry — has learned that FOX Sports Media Group has banned advertisements featuring firearms and ammunition from its coverage of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events.

While the UFC has yet to make an official announcement, NSSF has confirmed that “absolutely no firearms, ammo, hunting or knife companies will be permitted as sponsors in any Zuffa-promoted events.”

NSSF is encouraging all gun owners, sportsmen and firearms enthusiasts to contact FOX today and urge them to rescind this anti-gun corporate policy.  FOX’s decision to ban advertisements for lawful products owned by more than 80 million Americans is nothing more than corporate gun control.  We expect better from FOX.  So should you.

Make sure your voice is heard.  Here’s how to contact FOX:

Corporate Headquarters FSN
10201 W. Pico, Bld. 103
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: 310-369-1000
Web: www.FOXSports.com

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160 Responses to “FOX Bans Firearms and Ammunition Advertisements”

  1. Fredx10sen_1999

    Very disappointed in this secession by Fox!!!!

  2. Scott McCarthy

    I just got off the phone with Lou D’Ermilio, who is Senior Vice President of Communications for Fox, and he claims that this policy is not limited to UFC programming, but all programming on all Fox networks.  He also claims that this policy has been in place for quite some time now.  Give him a call at (212) 556-2573 and ask him why his company refuses to accept advertising from companies engaging in lawful commerce?

  3. Mojavegreen

     that should be done until they get tired of hearing the phone ring. If you can get his cell phone that would be even better.

  4. Jamecuccci

    I called Lou D’ Ermillio and stated that I will no longer support FOX network as I thought they stood for the conservative audience.  It seems that they are being two faced about this, saying one thing and doing another.  I wonder if they are related to that marxist in the white house?

  5. Scott

    There is a ‘Contact us’ link at FOXSports.com, at the bottom left of the page. Try it, I did.

  6. Kenneth

    Just did the same myself Scott…though I doubt it will do much good at least they understand my objection to their PC policy.

  7. Mysticeti3

    It’s a free country. When we gun owners own a media company then we can advertise whatever we want. Just because they won’t do this isn’t going to stop us. We will still have gun shows and sales. We have sons of guns on tv. Outlets on the Internet. USSCA etc.

  8. Jimboe56

    Too many people forget about this being a Free country, they are entitled to have the advertisers they want or don’t want. I don’t agree with their policy, but they have a right to do it. 

  9. Anonymous

     Heh, read the comments section on foxnews.com sometime.

    Quite a lot of those people should not be handling firearms.

  10. No

    I have a right to tell them
    That they are wrong. How about that?

  11. tiredof criminals

    Fox continues its slip towards liberalism – who needs them? 

  12. Anonymous

     You’re joking, right?

  13. Cahrm04

    This is a crock of crap. I can ban their stations from being seen in my home. How’s that for ratings?

  14. B300_mag_300

    Fox, now you are a puppet like the rest of the news reporting channels

  15. Shorembo1

    Kind of like how they do with Ron Paul….”Don’t let the sheep be exposed to the dangerous things”. Morons

  16. Fkfx

    To hell with Fox

  17. Anonymous

    You should be posting a direct email address for Fox instead of just a link to their webpage, perhaps the email address of their PR Director.

  18. whatever

    …and you can picture the government stuffing their shirt pockets with money saying, thanks, good job….we’ll contact you when we want you to screw with peoples lives in a different way.

  19. Cd_steffen

    Are you guys at Fox serious and there is some possible rational reasoning for this ban on advertising, or is it really your intent to dis us all?

  20. Mike

    I’m hoping we as gun owners can start a national boycott, I already have!  No more Fox on my TVs either.   Lucky for us we have the Outdoor & Sportsmans Channels and RFD TV. 

  21. Mikeva65

     Do a little research, News Corp, the owners of Fox, own hundreds of channels across the globe.  I can’t say that those two channels are part of them, didn’t have time to dig right now.  I can say that FX, SPEED, and Fuel are among them…

  22. Anonymous


    Have at ’em.

  23. Mojavegreen

    Done, I have black listed them indefinitely until they decide to reverse that decision. Until then they are forever bared from my house and the establishments that I own.

  24. A sad day for our nation!

    I am truely amazed that Fox would “Kiss the Feet of the Anti Gun Crowd!” any other TV Brand would be easy to believe. We have all seen how one sided and pro, Obama that they all are. It is a sad day for our country, when Fox bowse’s down to the Anti Gun Group, instead of following our constitutional second ammendment! David Hanes, Las Vegas, NV..

  25. Lolexiewicz

    fox , what brought you to this decision? I don’t need your program or those that sponsor it. But you may need me and my gun some day. I’ll explain my position if you explain yours. By the way do a little research on the decline in the crime rate vs the number of guns in our society now. I’ll save you the trouble , crime down guns up. So where do you stand .

  26. Firearm Instructor

    They have a right to ban whatever they want folks, it’s a free country…. you cannot support one right and dennounce another…. it’s simple…turn off their programming….Shame on you if you can’t even do that…and I am a harsh 2nd supporter and instructor… I believe in all rights… all, not just the ones I like…. and so should you

  27. Jonathan Kiviniemi

    We understand they have the right to do this.  We have the right to express our displeasure with their decision and boycott them though.  When a business has practices you don’t agree with, it is quite common to express your concern or not give them anymore of your business.

  28. R_D

    Yes.  No-one is saying it should be illegal for Fox to pull that advertising.  But it’s always a good idea to let them know when they do something stupid like that.  I will not patronize businesses I disagree with.

  29. ODG34

    They do have a right to ban whatever they want. We have the right to tell them we will not support them any longer because of that decision, just the same as we can choose not to support a business that bans legally carried firearms from their property. I do not buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because they donate money to pro gun control groups. They have that right, they do not have a right to my business. Everyone who supports the 2nd amendment, should use their 1st amendment to inform Fox and any other company that supports an anti-firearm position that we will not consume their product.

  30. Kathy

    Your comment was the first I read. I went okay. I scrolled down and read some of the others and thought okay. I went back up to yours to tell you that you are positively correct…. Thank-you.

  31. Prideandufc

    Well said female.  You want your men soft and defense less I hope one day when your out with your bitch male. You don’t ever need him to defend you. You will have groomed all the FIGHT out of him . He’s gonna get his ass beat and your gonna get raped. rules of the jungle.

  32. Tony

    Disagreeing with their ban of these ads does not equal violating or taking away their right to do so.

    Having a right to do a thing does not mean it should be done.

  33. cabinet guy

    So, as a “harsh 2nd supporter and instructor,” it doesn’t bother you that “fair and balanced” Fox is providing HCI with millions of dollars worth of free advertising by publicly proclaiming that firearms are “evil?”

  34. Ron McClellan

    You are correct they have a right to ban whatever but we the viewers have a right to boycott their programming as long as they choose to descriminate against certain lawful companies who wish to pay for advertising on their network and we do not need people such as yourself telling us what we should do . Shame on you for presuming to tell others what to do based on your beliefs or opinions and we will turn off their programming .

  35. Anonymous

     “Shame on you for presuming to tell others what to do based on your beliefs or opinion”

    That is EXACTLY what YOU are doing, RIGHT NOW.
    Do you even *have* an irony meter?

  36. Swalkerforever

    Here, here, and don’t visit any fox sites they make money by the hit.

  37. Wingeddragons

    BUT  its your duty to voice your oppinion , If fox knows it will lose millions of viewers they will change . Why is it right that Fox deny someones 1st amendment rights while they enjoy there 1st amendment rights , they cant have it both ways neighter.

  38. Charliedontsurf

    You do not get it.  At all.  The way it works is FOX does somehting stupid like this, which no one objects to, that is the act in and of itself.  The subject of the act however is oben to the process of individuals stating their disagreement, through words, and deeds, that is no longer financially supporting FOX sports, and thereby the sponsers of FOX Sports.

  39. RHShootingClub

     They have a right to say what they want… but so do those conducting business and making a living from the 2nd Amendment. So I guess they should also ban all the movie trailers that show firearms too… They are promoting the same concept.

  40. SurvivAllExpert

    Of course they have the right to ban whatever they want – the thrust of the message here is to contact them and tell them that you’d like for them to continue to advertise things that you buy…. nobody said anything about forcing them to advertise… What is a harsh 2nd supporter anyway?  Trying to assume a mantle of authority…. would you describe the fix: type 3 on a 1911?

  41. LLD

    ODG has it exactly right. They can ban what they want, and I can let them know that I will not support them… Imagine Fox without a huge group of its conservative audience watching. They ban this advertising, I ban them.

  42. Chuck Holden

    Looks like it may be time to organize the strongest weapon civilians have against this type of censorship THE BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Eric Johnson

    They are losing lots of money and new areas to bring cross promotion. Talk about dumb and this sends a clear message, FOX is playing political games with sports.

  44. Willeyp_1

    It is ashame a company won’t promote sport shooting and hunting advertisement but they can show two men beating on each other people kill people not guns.

  45. cabinetguy

    You are right!  I wonder when Fox will ban beer commercials?

  46. jdb

    Here’s one person you can contact at FSN:

    Lou D’Ermilio, Senior Vice President

    FSN Media Relations

    Phone:  212-556-2573

    Fax:  212-354-6902



  47. Chuck Holden

    BTW A well armed citizenry is one of the main reasons that the main body of the US has not suffered at direct attack by ground forces of any other nation. Check the comments of Admiral Yamamoto regarding his opinion of an invasion of the US by Japanese ground forces…. Why pray tell does the government seem to fear an armed citizenry? I welcome it for if we ever are attacked the members of the military will have PLENTY of the help we will need to defend the homeland. Lord knows if the government has it’s way there will be fewer and fewer of us in the future. But an armed citizenry can mobilize overnight…I think that is wonderful !!

  48. Anonymous

    Comments regarding “everybody in the U.S. has a gun”, “there’s an armed person behind every tree”, attributed to Yamamoto are totally bogus and have been debunked by learned students of WWII. Japan never considered invading the mainland. They did not have the capibility of transporting troops and material across the Pacific…..

  49. Knight_56

    They invaded Alaska

  50. No

    Who let this commie in here?

  51. Anonymous

     Yeah, damn those ‘commies’ with their “facts” and “demonstrable reality”! How DARE they spoil your little teaparty!

  52. Infidel

    So do you know where Alaska is Grumpy retard?

  53. Anonymous

    Sure, do you know what “mainland” means? And you may want to bone up on armed incursions by the Japanese in the Alaskan area too.

  54. Aili McKeen

    Not Fox, but Zuffa. Write to Zuffa!

  55. Bernieusnret4211


  56. Wilyktulu

    Its probably got less to do with Fox as a company making the decision, but more so with pressure from federal organizations they are subject to. I still say shame on Fox for caving to this kind of pressure but before we all call and e-mail them maybe we should find out why the policy really exists and offer them a solution. I find it very difficult to believe that they did this of their own free will. It may even be due to pressure from other advertisers and the UFC themselves at which point they should be contacted as well so there is a financial pressure from the advertisers. We are not voiceless, but for our voice to be heard it has to be heard by all parties involved in the decision.

  57. Econley

    No more fox for me

  58. Ccdchipp

    Just sent them an email (under the contact us icon) informing them that they have now been banned from my house.

  59. Ryansrail

    If they dont support certain sports (shooting and hunting) I wont support all the Fox TV channels. Time to boycott Fox and their affiliates.

  60. Will Pardon

    Duh, bye bye Fox. you no longer exist in our world and are banned from any electronic device in our families. Go over to the liberals fascist networks [msm] and do your stupidity there.

  61. Roydoty

    We all know that the Fox Network has an agenda that is opposed to the majority of America’s views. We need to let them know what it is going to cost them.

  62. Mdfrederick1965

    sent my comment……they have no idea what a golden oppertunity they just passed up…..enough said

  63. Baileysguns

    I can ban them than. thanks for the info I will take fox off my selections on tv.

  64. Paul Wright Jr/Viet-Vet


  65. Anonymous

     That’s a terrifically well-reasoned argument you’re presenting there.

  66. Cowboyrocker_27

    Who it really hurts are the fighters in the UFC. Many of which have been sponsored by firearms manufacturers for many years. Browning, DPMS, Bushmaster, Remington, Ruger, Cabelas, Bass Pro all sponsor fighters and now the fighters arent allowed to walk out with the logos on so that means less money for them. Fox can do whatever they want, its a free country, and I will continue to watch their programming.

  67. Toney48093

    Email sent to FOX:

    This note is to inform you that I am highly disappointed that FOX has decided to ban advertising of legal products — specifically firearms and ammunition — on its networks. As a firm supporter of the Second Amendment, I find this exceptionally disturbing, since it gives the appearance that FOX has yielded to pressure from the various anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment groups. Since you have decided to act contrary to my interests, I have decided to return the favor, and to act contrary to yours: not only will I no longer watch or listen to FOX channels, I will also be contacting your advertisers to tell them that I will no longer purchase their goods or services for as long as they advertise on FOX networks. Once you come to your sense and end your ban, I will consider viewing and listening to FOX again. Until then, bye-bye…..

  68. Samnux

    Being as the UFC promotes violence, I can kind of understand this.
    It’s like telling people they can’t drink and shoot, or drink and drive.  It sends a really bad message to people that they should “get all hopped-up on adrenaline and violence and, by the way, here’s some pretty violent tools you can use for this!”

  69. Rarussell

    Fox needs to re think it’s Politically Correct  stance, I hope in favor of a Constitutional stand! I guess no Super Bowl this year.

  70. Cpanlp

    Many others and I enjoy the skill and violence of Ultimate Fighting; unfortunately there are too many derranged souls that in an excited state would decide to use fire arms to settle their differences with others with fire arms if that option was subconsciously planted in their minds. Fox could be sued for planting such an idea.
    I enjoy UFC, watching it often over the years, and I watch too much television; I can not remember seeing fire arm commercials on any national or cable networks.

  71. Davpet1969

    I thought FOX was the one network where Liberal agendas didn’t rule.

  72. Davpet1969

    I sent them an email, I suggest everyone who reads this do the same.

  73. Will Kane

    You can’t trust any of the media they only worry about their cash flow.

  74. Swalkerforever

    Words well written, they each are picked up by private car each day taken to work and pampered. Unless it was written in front of them they din’t even know how muvj a gallon of gas is. These people are talming heads out of touch with reallity

  75. Crownworker

    I’m kinda siding with the idea that this particular policy would be justified for this particular sport.
    They can always drop the client!

  76. Timmos

    What the bloody hell, FOX? I don’t get it, why alienate the fans and the industry with a ban, isn’t America about freedom?

  77. Anonymous

     Like freedom to choose what advertisers you will and will not permit on your privately owned television network?

    That freedom?

  78. Jon

    And as many have said it is my right to ban FOX form my television. Will this hurt me,? Yes I enjoy many sporting events that appear on FOXSports but it is the principal of the situation. FOX is activly sensoring content that many enjoy and support. So who gets hurt by this, the sports that broadcast on FOX. Hey maybe the sports and other advertisers will be hurt enough to ask FOX to change it’s policy. Naaaaa too much to ask ……Good By FOX Sports.

  79. Forest Johnson

    I watch allot of hunting shows and i have seen most of the UFC fighters in several of them, going on hunts and sharing their hunting adventures, does this mean that ZUFFA will ban fighters who own guns and go on these hunting shows? I think the fighters need to stand up and speak out as well or they will be out of a job, if FOX and ZUFFA continue down this road.

  80. United We All Stand

    I own a HDTV Digital Antenna all Purpose Tower business in Grant County In. I will no longer help Fox as a TV broadcast channel any more. One more right the politicians are attacking, just like the the right to work bill they just passed. Soon they will say no ammo the hell with all of them 

  81. Randall Moon

    No more Fox! Congrats Democratic Socialist Party, you won!

  82. Nothing is free anymore

    It is a free country. Remember Hank Williams Jr.? Oh yeah.

  83. Anonymous

    Wait, you mean when he acted like a complete jackass on “Fox and Friends”, comparing the President of The United States to Hitler (remember Bush Derangement Syndrome, anybody?), referring to him and the Vice President as “the enemy”,  and ESPN decided they’d stop giving his treasonous ass royalty payments for using his song?

    Yeah, Ol’ Hank Jr. had that one coming.

  84. Ihatefox

    I guess I can delete FOX from my tv line up… F- them.

  85. Jim

    This is to inform you that since FOX has decided to ban advertising of legal products — specifically firearms and ammunition — on its networks. As one who supports of the Second Amendment, I find this exceptionally disturbing. You, have yielded to pressure from the various anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment groups and are acting contrary to my interests.  I have decided to act contrary to yours. I will no longer be a supporter of the FOX network because of this politically correct stand.  If you end this ban, I will consider viewing and listening to FOX again. You no longer represent the very core of your supporters.  You should be ashamed.  

  86. Christy

    Oh well-they can show guys beating their bloody selves up.
    It is your right to make this call-but hey, it is a legal product.
    Fox is so yesterday.

  87. Dlshoemaker47

    FOX, you screwed up!  It’s ESPN for me here on out!

  88. JJ

    well I guess I will ban Fox from my home they really don’t have anything worth watching anyway. I don’t need to deal with that kind of liberal bullshit. I hope like hell this costs them a lot of money in lost revenue.

  89. JMCPSC

    Calling it “corporate gun control” is over the top. They have the right to do it. You discredit and marginalize us with rehtoric like that.

  90. Anonymous

    Agreed. Not everybody who exercises their 2nd Amendment rights is as over the top as the author, or some of the individuals commenting here.

  91. Bill Mc

    FOX has perhaps forgotten … it’s the 2nd Amendment that ensures FOX’s 1st Amendment – one without the other, and both would be gone much to the joy of Progressives.

  92. cabinet guy

    I imagine Fox just wants to disassociate themselves from promoting products that maim, kill, destroys lives, and are the cause of billions of dollars in property damage every year. Oh wait, Fox banned commercials of firearms, not alcoholic beverages.  Sorry, my bad!

  93. Carlos Estrella

    Don’t just bother FOXSports with this… let Dana White and the rest of the UFC brass know that this is just plain wrong! Put pressure on ALL parts of this to let them know that if they want this new corporate marriage to succeed, they need to take better care of the “kids” (a/k/a the fans).

  94. Ron McClellan

    Fox sports  …..what a bunch of hypocrites , oh well just another reason I wont be watching any UFC events from now on nor will I watch Fox Sports either and I will get the word to as many people as possible to boycott Fox Sports until they lift this ban on lawful and legal product advertisement . What happened to FAIR and BALANCED Fox network ?

  95. Miller4519

    Great, more feminine hygiene ad space.

  96. Corbier11

    To hell with you Fox Your just like the rest of the lying media, are you any different than cnbc or cnn? Next you’ll support Obama.!

  97. Mdfrederick1965

    i recieved email from fox saying we canot comment on this issue and have passed it on to fox exec’s…..due to the over whelming flow of emails on this issue

  98. Aerocoolcomputer

    use to like FOX. Not no more…. goodbye!!

  99. Ann


  100. The INDIFIDEL

    Just more reason not to watch Fox Sports!

  101. The INFIDEL

    “At first glance, it may seem odd or even perverse to
    suggest that statutory controls on the private ownership of firearms are
    irrelevant to the problem of armed crime: yet that is precisely what the
    evidence shows. Armed crime and violent crime generally are products of ethnic
    and social factors unrelated to the availability of a particular type of
    weapon. The number of firearms required to satisfy the crime market is minute,
    and these are supplied no matter what controls are instituted. Controls have had
    serious effect on legitimate users of firearms, but there is no case, either in
    the history of this country (Britain) or in the experience of other countries
    in which controls can be shown to have restricted the flow of weapons to
    criminals, or in any way reduce crime.”

    -Chief Inspector Colins Greenwood, West Yorkshire
    Constabulary, Police Review, Britain after six months of study of firearms
    control systems at Cambridge University

  102. The INFIDEL!


    Now we know what they do in there locker room!

  103. Anonymous

    You can bet, I will not be watching FOX Sports any longer! If this is banned, what else they have banned?!

  104. Grace Vinson

    I have been a long time FOX supporter and enjoy the majority of your programming.  I think the banning of the commercials are ridiculous –really!!!!!   Fair and balanced NOT. 
     I agree with others and I am highly disappointed that FOX has decided to ban advertising of legal products — specifically firearms and ammunition on its networks. I also am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment,.  And I agree with the writer below i that” I find this exceptionally disturbing, since it gives the appearance that FOX has yielded to pressure from the various anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment groups. ”  And BTW, your “BABES section on the sports page are sexist.  Maybe some man boobs, men in g strings, and an AR 50 slung over his shoulder would get me to rethink watching your programming but maybe its time to make a change to the lame stream media – that’s what you;re becoming. 

  105. NHjustbug

    They have a right and so do I, Zuffa and UFC have been removed from my DVR. As well as anystation that has “fox” in it (sorry Sean)

  106. Chet

    All I ever watch is FOX, no more.  Support firearms and the 2nd ammendment!!!

  107. Whodatic

    Shooting is an Olympic sport for heaven’s sake!  Are they going to ban reporting on the Olympics too?

  108. Shoman12

    Won’t be watching any of your stupid UFC.

  109. Anonymous

    I’m surprised by the number of people here calling for a boycott of Fox because they won’t run advertisements for firearms, ammunition, or knives.

    Us ‘liberals’ have been boycotting Fox for *years* because their “news” amounts to little more than Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda department. Welcome to the club!

    Just to preempt the inevitable: I am a card-carrying NRA member, and have been for years.

  110. Spurkhi

    Just goes to show you that even the best network (Fox) can have a case of no backbone from time to time.  Sure they have the right to ban whatever they want, but they had better look a little closer to what they ban, because this will cost them.

  111. Bill Fish

    The only problem w/ boycotting Fox is that they carry all NFC games. I won’t cut off my nose to spite my face.

    I’ll email Fox & tell them that their decision is wrong & won’t go out of my way to patronize their sponsors.

  112. Pcwaid5

    What a bunch hypocrits. How many beer comercials will they alow? Beleive me there are far more alcohol related deaths in this country compared to gun related. Same old liberal crap from the media. Freedom of the press…. more like power of the press. 

  113. Life Skills Instructor

    That does it, FOX just lost another viewer!

  114. Pete

    I also have a right to boycott Fox until they recognize the rights of gun owners!

  115. goldie58699

    maybe we as gun owners should boycott fox networks. see how they like that

  116. Gdsmith

    Sounds like they have switched sides and support Obama now/

  117. Angryashell

    im posting as a firearm and UFC enthusiast. This change to appease fox sports reeks,mosttly due to the fact that several gun and ammo companies as well as the gun store in las vegas have been longtime UFC sponsors. they have been their since before the sport was popular in the mainstream. Now that the UFC has grown and is seeking wider acceptance they are bowing to cnsorship of organizations that supported them when no one else would. It is a seriously disturbing decision made soley for the UFC’s supposed improvement to their bottom line in kowtowing to fox. frankly thists stupid because if you like martial arts abnd watch the history channel or spike or whaterver chances are you like guns too. This is a rediculous decision.

  118. Cathy Gilronan

    I have to agree. I’m boycotting Fox. Sports. And I will be encouraging the boycott to others.

  119. William Bilotta

    Since they have chosen to ban firearms advertisement I have decided to cease watching any show that is connected to their network.  I also sent a message to the effect via email.  

  120. Scott

    Send emails to the executives at News Corp. http://www.newscorp.com/management/newscor.html

  121. Kenlinton

    Hey guys it isn`t just this one company who is against the gun owners and it is a sad day when all of the news stations are sucking up to the obama crowd seems like our once great nation is on the downward death spiral and they removed the handles so we have nothing to grab hold of . Except our guns .

  122. Nguns

    If you ban firearm related adds from your station, we can find other channels to watch! Newell J. Larsen 84062

  123. Ranger2081

    Fox has it’s right as do we.  I will talk against any support for fox or it’s programs as is my right.
    I wonder how many of the Board and Fox employees own weapons and believe in the right to defend their families.  I think FOX talks out of both sides of it’s mouth.

  124. John

    What they ban or don’t ban tells me alot about someone, in this case a network. I have to right to switch channels and tell them so……..

  125. Specialists

    I never thought of FOX as bending to the PC crowd.  Oh well.  Hey O’Rielly your bosses are pinheads.

  126. Anonymous

    They have the right to ban whatever they see fit and I have the right to ask any of their advertisers to go elsewhere.  I wonder how many of their board and employees own weapons and believe in the right to defend theirselves and their familys.   Might be they don’t practice what they preach.

  127. Bltzown

    Fox was the one Alpha bit network you could count on for being middle of the road. Now even that is gone. I will now listen to the news and NASCAR on the local radio stations. They can ban whatever they want and I can watch/listen to other stations. One more PC jerk.

  128. Inmate3006

    Know how to fix this, contact the people who advertise and boycott the products. How many sportsmen and women do we have?

  129. Ed Fickey

    Fox can ban whatever they want. I can change channels whenever I want. When those two options change, we have a problem. I’ll be sure to let Fox News know I’m leaving, for what that
    is worth, as one, but looks like I’ll have some company. I won’t be going to “Bloomberg or CNN”.

  130. Jbehymer

    Wats wrong with the corporate asses at Fox? I think they should pull there heads out of there asses and smell the roses. Banning these manufacturers commercials and advertisements. Did they ever think about the people that really watch fox sports? Obviously not. Major unions support these manufacturers and maybe fox should be boycotted. Sports is sports if it involves wheels, surfboards, footballs or whatever. I believe Fox sucks and I for one will not watch any program of these dumbasses.

  131. Roger Tessman

    E-mail sent to fox sports. 

  132. TRW077

    You cover all type of sports and yet you will take a anti-firearm position. You are obviously politically correct.Just so that you know being politically correct is a form of thought and speech control.So I have no recourse but to not watch your over rated sports coverage.

  133. Al Tyner

    It is sad that Murdock will cave on the 2nd Admendment support.  Shows he is one
    of the wimps that will cave to liberal pressure. 

  134. Gundogs

    I will be sure to call their corporate office first thing in the am but it is their business.  My Idea would be to Flush Fox and watch any other network Dollars talk and so do the lack there of. Rather than call Fox and snivel about their decision , time would be better spent calling and emailing their advertizes that do support the American heritage of gun ownership and the outdoor sports. Contact Budweiser, Chevrolet, Dodge…etc. Inform them of the market share and revenue loss potential from Gun Owners supporting advertizes that appear on other networks. Let them put the pressure on Fox.

  135. Mwtz

    I sure liked to watch and listen to FOX but now I guess it will be CNN

  136. Jabsao

    Still America where both business and private individuals have the freedom in excerising their rights to do or not do buisness in certaion situations
                                                                                                                                                                             As a practicing Grandfather with #8 on the way, a hard core 2nd Ammendment supporter as well a long time UFC supporter, but fully support the Fox decision relative to UFC and similar events that involve fighting.

    While shooting and controlled fighting are both sports, the emotional nature of fighting is best left well enough alone from firearms.

  137. Bob NH

    Having a right to do something does not always mean that it’s right to do so.

  138. Mjs

    if you ban these adds your no better than our president, what happened to fair and ballanced

  139. Kim

    The actual contact for FOX Advertising (west
    coast) is Dave Miller (310) 369-0693

  140. Anonymous

    I host a live talk show HUNTFISHTALK on an ESPN affilate from Nashville TN.  I am upset with this decision from FOX Sports, and I will not be ashamed to put the word  out for listenrs to stop watching Fox Sports.
    Through my audience and social media outlets we [and all users of these outlets] can spread the word.  Freedom of speech is free…Second Admentment rights are free for now, however it seems like the “‘Big Dogs” can bark louder,therefore we need to BARK more often.

  141. Tz9x21

    So what’s next? A fuzzy dot blocking out the Remington and Bass Pro Shops logos on the cars during the Sprint Cup broadcasts?

  142. Mec29

    I will not be watching any FOX stations until this policy is rescinded.

  143. Franklin Peters

    I am an avid watcher of Fox Sports, and I am disappointed and surprised by their action of banning materials which relate to the shooting sports.

  144. A proud American

    Fox has the right to ban anything they want to, just as a woman has the right to choose an abortion. We have the right to disagree with them. However I don’t think you will see anyone who is pro gun blow up part of Fox like you do with pro life group. I do think that by not supporting Fox the message will be sent loud and clear. This country was founded with gun and ammo. During WW2 the saying was ( Thank God and Pass the Ammo ) I thank God everyday that I can protect myself, family and friends with the right to do so !!

  145. BiG AL

    Big AL TX . I Think It Is ludicris And I ban Them , And I am in agreement with RH shootingClub.

  146. Infidel50

    I have to say that I’m beyond concerned with most of the replies to this article and the NSSF’s choice of title which some would argue is misleading and generating over-reaction.   Fox is not banning only gun and ammo adverts, nor is this a blanket ban of those items.   All of you people that have said “buh bye fox” and blocked all of their networks from your electronic devices, could you please tell me what percentage of fox 24/7 broadcasting is UFC events… Which is the ONLY time they aren’t broadcasting adverts for KNIVES, ammo, hunting and guns?  0.001%?  It certainly is not a large percentage.

    “UFC has yet to make an official announcement”…   There is nothing quite like people making rash decisions, without all the facts and going to extremes.   How can a TV station(s) choose to not display particular adds during 0.001% of their air time?  This is outrageous for them to do!  The horror that I can’t see those adds during 0.001% of their monthly air time!  What will I do?!?!

    Honestly people, first get all the facts.   Second, consider alternative reasons if you want to jump to speculation.   UFC has been busting their behinds to get main stream for a long time.  They have made huge strides, but there are certain extremists on the opposite sides who also make rash decisions without all the facts and “ban” Fox because they feel UFC is excessively violent and not a sport.   From a business stand point, I can come up with many sound reasons why it would be in both UFC and Fox’s best interest to not air certain types of adverts during UFC programming, including hunting knives that would help perpetuate those false stereotypes of excessive violence.   

    Fox isn’t baning all gun adverts, nor are they choosing not to air them during any significant percentage of their overall air time.   Equating this to caving to the current POTUS or donating to gun control groups is beyond any reasonable stretch.   This can be rationalized any way you want, but jumping to conclusions, especially before the UFC has even weighed in (since this is affecting only adverts during UFC programming) is irresponsible.

  147. Fajcross

    I’m a huge fan of the UFC….have been since the beginning.  However, after reading this, I’m cancelling all Fox on my Direct TV if I can.  I hope everyone else does too.  Put UFC back on Spike

  148. George

    Happily, I’m a Nielsen rating family. No more Fox….

  149. Alibaba924


    No doubt the ‘ban on harmful’ products is similar to the ‘ban
    on Alcohol’ advertisement; the government and FCC promoted  and in effect regulated for all network radio
    and TV broadcast networks. It appears something in the background is causing
    Fox to give up this avertising cashflow to satisfy UFC owners (and apparently
    more interests). Is ‘BIG Money ‘  driving
    the bus? Keane Larry ought to be an investigative reporter and find out just
    what is going on and report Who and What is behind this push to get Media
    control  behind the present
    administration’s push for mind control. If the audience can see it, it is not
    important and does not exist and sooner rather than later that may be the case,
    as businesses depend on product awareness to help market their wares.

    Support the lost advertisers let them know that you are
    aware of their products and will buy whatever you can whenever you can (from
    American producers) and that you will help them stay in business. If we let
    them fail or be acquired by foreign interests then who will America buy from in
    time of great need (War)? We surely will not be able to buy from our attackers
    or enemies.  


    Do other Fox Advertisers know Fox has alienated  approximately 80 million viewers?  Those lost viewers make Fox less attractive
    as a place to place their advertisements. Also maybe, just maybe other
    advertisers will drop Fox and let them know they disagree with Fox ‘boycotting’
    their American business compatriots as those firearms company employees buy non
    firearms products as well. We can all watch Fox’s downward spiral, would sell
    my Fox Network stock now and buy Firearms and Ammo stocks.


    BTW:  New Network Acrimony
    Acronym  FSSN    Fox Some Sports Network

  150. Heavensent78

    I believe they have the right to choose what they allow to be advertised but I am highly disappointed. The problems that arise with guns are not by the people that come by them honestly- but by those that would continue to find them any way they could while leaving good honest citizens unable to defend themselves. Instead of banning the advertisement they should require the advertisement to be educational and promote gun safety.

  151. Santorum4President

    The Fox Networks are obviously afraid of controversy from running gun ads, but nobody else will run them either, so what are you going to do. Fox Networks Group Sr VP of Communications Scott Grogin clearly said “none of our national broadcast or cable networks accepts advertising from firearms/ammunition manufacturers or distributors.” 

    However, the Fox empire also publishes Modern Boating, Modern Fishing, Overlander 4WD, and Truckin’ Life magazines. They are heavily invested in Philip Morris, Marlboro, L & M, US Smokeless Tobacco, multiple wineries and Miller Brewing. Don’t forget their investment in 20th Century Fox Movies either.

    Fox profits from the sale of tobacco and liquor, while accepting advertising from other beer and liquor companies for pouring so much filth into our living rooms. I wonder how many lives have been ruined by their products?

    Meanwhile, the shooting sports that they deem “objectionable” are among the safest and most popular pastimes in the US. Hunting and shooting generate billions of dollars for environmental and habitat conservation/restoration. No other recreational activity or private corporation comes close to that record. The Fox Corporation is certainly not the great corporate citizen and arbiter of what is approriate that it is making itself out to be.

  152. Tony H

    I personally think that UFC is not a good role model for children and i hardly ever watch FOX if they want to pull ads thats their right if i no longer want to watch their programing or contact them then thats my right thats the way things work

  153. John Andrews

    Because of Fox’s anti stance towards guns and related sporting goods ads, I won’t be watching their channel! .

  154. Fair and Ballanced

    It’s not FOX that has the problem, its “Zuffa Promotions”. The artical says:  “absolutely no firearms, ammo, hunting or knife companies will be permitted as sponsors in any Zuffa-promoted events”

  155. Jinks1

     You would think if they were going to ban anything it would be Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events.

  156. James Lewey

    Jim Lewey
    Feb. 9 2012 Fox news had Wayne LaPierre EVP. for the NRA. In regards to the NRA,S stand on the Republican Candidates running for nomination. I do not agree with the stance they have taken to ban fire arms com. But maybe all of the E Mail has helped to change there minds on the sub.

  157. Larry

     yourcomments@foxnews.com, friends@foxnews.com, studiob@foxnews.com, cavuto@foxnews.com, myword@foxnews.com, special@foxnews.com, oreilly@foxnews.com, rnolte@newscorp.com, cfelenstein@newscorp.com, mregan@newscorp.com, alexandra.marinescu@fox.com, brian.peterson@fox.com, brian.lewis@foxnews.com, irena.briganti@foxnews.com, Chris.Bellitti@foxcable.com, thomas.tyrer@fox.com, americasnewsroom@foxnews.com, Andrew.Napolitano@foxnews.com, Atlarge@foxnews.com, beltway@foxnews.com, Bigstoryweekend@foxnews.com, bill.oreilly@foxnews.com, brian.knoblock@foxnews.com, Brit.Hume@foxnews.com, bullsandbears@foxnews.com, cash@foxnews.com, Cavuto@foxnews.com, colonelscorner@foxnews.com, david.asman@foxnews.com, Drmanny@foxnews.com, Fatherjonathan@foxnews.com, Feedback@foxnews.com, Fncimag@foxnews.com, Fncspecials@foxnews.com, FNS@foxnews.com, Forbes@foxnews.com, foxnewsonline@foxnews.com, Foxreport@foxnews.com, friends@foxnews.com, gretchen.carlson@foxnews.com, Hannity@foxnews.com, Hannityandcolmes@foxnews.com, Heartland@foxnews.com, Hemmer@foxnews.com, ian.rae@foxnews.com, Jamie@foxnews.com, jane.skinner@foxnews.com, JER@foxnews.com, john.moody@foxnews.com, kathy.ardleigh@foxnews.com, kilmeade@foxnews.com

  158. Neilb75

    I personally choose to boycott FOX. They have the right to choice and so do I. I have taken action and emailed them, letting them know I am unhappy with their choice. Its another attack on our gun freedoms. We need to voice our concern.

  159. Penny Warner

    Wow, bad move FOX.

  160. Gregd548

    I used the parental control feature to block ALL Fox programming on our 6 TV’s… When/if Fox rescinds their ban, I will unblock them. Until then, no more Fox.