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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition — Take Action Now

All Gun Owners, Hunters and Shooters:

With the fall hunting season fast approaching, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Lisa Jackson, who was responsible for banning bear hunting in New Jersey, is now considering a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) – a leading anti-hunting organization – to ban all traditional ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, a law in which Congress expressly exempted ammunition.  If the EPA approves the petition, the result will be a total ban on all ammunition containing lead-core components, including hunting and target-shooting rounds. The EPA must decide to accept or reject this petition by November 1, 2010, the day before the midterm elections.

Today, the EPA has opened to public comment the CBD petition. The comment period ends on October 31, 2010.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry — urges you to submit comment to the EPA opposing any ban on traditional ammunition.  Remember, your right to choose the ammunition you hunt and shoot with is at stake.

The EPA has published the petition and relevant supplemental information as Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0681. If you would like to read the original petition and see the contents of this docket folder, please click here. In order to go directly to the ‘submit a comment’ page for this docket number, please click here.

NSSF urges you to stress the following in your opposition:

* There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations.

* Wildlife management is the proper jurisdiction of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the 50 state wildlife agencies.

* A 2008 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on blood lead levels of North Dakota hunters confirmed that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition does not pose a human health risk.

* A ban on traditional ammunition would have a negative impact on wildlife conservation. The federal excise tax that manufacturers pay on the sale of the ammunition (11 percent) is a primary source of wildlife conservation funding. The bald eagle’s recovery, considered to be a great conservation success story, was made possible and funded by hunters using traditional ammunition – the very ammunition organizations like the CBD are now demonizing.

* Recent statistics from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service show that from 1981 to 2006 the number of breeding pairs of bald eagles in the United States increased 724 percent. And much like the bald eagle, raptor populations throughout the United States are soaring.

Steps to take:

1. Submit comment online to the EPA.

2. Contact Lisa Jackson directly to voice your opposition to the ban:

Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-4700
Fax: (202) 501-1450
Email: jackson.lisa@epa.gov

3. Contact your congressman and senators and urge them to stop the EPA from banning ammunition.


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162 Responses to “EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition — Take Action Now”

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  3. DonaldM

    Add another to the list of unconstitutional laws which infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

    The Interstate Commerce Clause is limited by the Second Amendment. The federal government has no authority to infringe on possession and carriage of fire arms. Further, the 14th Amendment applies that limitation on government authority to the states, so the states have no authority to infringe on possession and carriage of fire arms. Each has authority to promote and encourage possession and carriage of fire arms.

  4. jhcwlaw

    Your analysis of the applicable constitutional law is flat out wrong.   More important, no one is seeking to ban recreational ammunition.  Just calling for conversion to lead free.  The best bullets (Barnes) are lead free already.  Get your facts straight please.  Direct some of that venom to the people who are destroying the middle class (yes, that means the wealthiest 7% who own most of the country and all of the politicians with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders). 

  5. 155

    If congress specifically exempted it, how can the epa reverse congress?

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  7. Doug

    These unelected & elected bureaucrats are determined to undermine our rights. If you don’t want a reaction from “We the People” then you are better off to tear this thing up and worry about your next SEIU meeting.

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  10. Jack11955

    this is looking like facisism…stock up & get ready for the worst!! or get this clown out of the white house..

  11. mel

    isn’t ammo supposed to be deadly? Just saying

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  14. Inspg007

    you damn liberals and government control idiots, along with the illegal asian muslim….. take this to your brain and i MEAN it.
    you all will be done with in novemnber, WHEN YOU TRY TO COME GET ANY

  15. Rgb1019

    Did anybody here ever hunt ducks? No lead there anymore. I don’t want to impact my environment in a negative way. Why would you want to poison the very thing you hold closet to your heart. Ever seen a bald eagle dying of lead poisoning after eating on a deer that got away from the hunter who never found it. It is the worst thing ever to witness. I have 15 guns. I plan on adding to the collection. I am a vet. Maybe you will consider those things when you respond to this post.

  16. Big picture

    I can’t believe that you are saying that millions of people should not use lead (not man made…) because you think you saw an eagle dying of lead. I am a biologist and you need help. How many poor little god’s creatures die from cars every year? Do you still drive? What about plastic bags? What about cows that you eat. I know lets just get rid of all children because they tend to litter more than adults… or wait I know, lets get rid of your computer because there are lots of toxic part in that are not “earth friendly.” It would stop you from spreading your hate. I sugest that you go visit other countries and help them “clean up their act.” You really should consider the big picture when saying ignorant things like “duck hunters use steel shot.” Just to let you know, there are a few things different about a rifle/pistol than a shotgun.

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  18. Danny

    Perfectly said. 🙂

  19. Wm T Sherman


  20. Cav_scout77


  21. Wm T Sherman

    It isn’t really about the lead.

  22. Melvin Taber

    no it isn’t about lead it is about disarming the US citizen. Taking the ammo is to make firearms worthless like price increases in ammunition

  23. jhcwlaw

    I own thirteen rifles, seven shotguns, and four handguns.  No one is seeking to ban recreational ammunition or take guns away.  They are just calling for conversion to lead free.  The best bullets (Barnes) are lead free already.  Get your facts straight please.  And maybe direct some of that venom to the people who are destroying the middle class (yes, that means the wealthiest 7% who own most of the country and all of the politicians with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders). 

  24. Hunter14

    I too own a lot of guns and I am in the middle class. But you know what your so called “best bullets” are more expensive. I have know problem using lead free bullets just make them cheaper so everyone can afford them!! 

  25. Jonas

    Mr. Sherman is right. Ammo has been a target from a variety of angles, the strategy is an attempted end run around the 2nd Amendment obstacle.

  26. Jsgoods21

    i got 3k rounds under my bed and planing to get more

  27. jhcwlaw

    Hope you don’t have a fire.

  28. EBA wants to ban lead ammo!

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  29. Haroldegbert

    Would this include bb’s?

  30. Jim Macklin

    The CPSC tried to regulate guns and ammo 20 years ago and Congress blocked them from any regulation on the safety of firearms.
    Looks like the EPA needs to be similarly blocked from action.
    But the Hell, McDonald and Miller cases all make it clear that we have a right as individuals to have arms, which includes ammunition.
    Maybe Congress will support their oaths of office and pay attention to history and how they will be remembered, as traitors or patriots?

  31. jhcwlaw

    Includes ammunition?  Probably so.  Includes lead-based ammunition?  Probably not.  Under your theory the constitution would guarantee a right to use, say, phosphorus-based rounds.  Just silly.

  32. Grey

    What a load of crap…although this item in your post made me laugh
    “* There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations.”

    Um…unless you are a bad shot, I would be surprised if using ANY sort of ammunition was not having an adverse impact…

  33. Jdege

    Seems to me, that if Congress “expressly exempted ammunition” from the law that they are seeking to authorize this ban under, any member of the executive branch who is advocating it should be impeached, for gross dereliction of duty.

  34. AmericanBob

    well hell, make them out of STEEL, or IRON, that will have the libs more upset, as they have a tendenacy to travel through solid objects much better!

  35. Filthy Sodomite

    This guy is not going to see Christmas

  36. Wanker2us


  37. Joe Reed

    Another attempt to subvert the will of sane people and their representatives through regulation. The same way the government taxes us through regulation… you know; universal regulatory charge on cell phone bills and all those crafty little charges that slip by that are indeed taxes. But, I digress. Is the EPA considering eliminating consumer electronics? All of that solder you know? I kind of like gliding material for ammo anyway.

  38. Patriot1776

    Casus belli. Google it.

  39. Minuteman

    Come and take it obama.

  40. Humdinger

    The EPA personnel have lost their minds. They are incompetent. Their focus should be on the real problems, poorly handled man made chemicals, in our air and water. Lead used in bullets came out of the ground and ends up back in the ground – its contribution to pollution is zero.

    Sad part is, this is not about our environment, but political power of a few to control our lives and take away our freedoms. Wake up America – our “community organizer” is subversive!

  41. Jl8combs

    Molon Labe.
    Now is not the time to screw with the populace. We are pissed enough as it is.

  42. camefromurmomshosue

    hahaha uve got the account ever, 5*

  43. Blazingretard


  44. Nectoxicdragon

    The EPA has no legal authority over fish and game as that is specifically handled by a seperate agency, secondly banning ammunition violates the right to Bear (use ) arms… two specifiv violations of purpose of agency…

  45. shooter

    I have a mother and once I turned 18 I was old enough to make the decision to use lead in a safe and responsible manor.

  46. Spoyzer

    There is no Constitution basis for the creation of or authority given to the EPA

  47. Highkay

    Obama’s govt goes around every legal or constitutional meaans to get what he wants..liar, thief, muslim in charge

  48. L Eggert

    Good idea of yours to respond but the links and instructions for responding to EPA are not designed for individuals.

    Write your senators and representatives!

    Good work. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  49. Oldvet53

    this is nothing more than an attempt to backdoor 2nd ammendment regulation, by outlawing ammunition. no ammunition = no guns ie turning guns into nothing more than clubs!

  50. Darecop007

    exactly . An empty unloaded gun is nothing more than a club or a rock because all you can use it for is ti hit someone with it.

  51. ordinaryamerican

    Please do not waste taxpayer time on a trivial issue like this; there are far more important issues to solve for our country than to irrationally extend the Toxic Substance Control Act to include something like recreational ammunition. If recreational ammunition is banned then it would follow that everyday substances such as laundry detergent, fertilizer, weed control products, gasoline, oil and nearly every household product that gets discarded and sent to a landfill or dumped on the side of the road. These toxic objects cause far more pollution than the comparatively microscopic amounts of recreational ammunition. Where recreational ammunition is discharged in high quantities such as shooting ranges, there are already regulations in place to support management of cleanup and thus pose little risk to the environment. President Obama cries out for “Common Sense” – please use common sense and do not spend taxpayer time to consider an issue like this. It will even cost the country more money in the end just to enforce a rule such as this and will cause loss in tax revenue from companies that manufacture recreational ammunition.

    Ordinary small business owner.

  52. Anyone

    I can petition the EPA (or any other government agency) to ban oxygen…and they must consider it. All this hype does is inflame the idiots who keep 4,000 rounds of ammo under their bed.

  53. chroode

    They will not let you make them out of steel or iron because they will call them “cop killer” bullets.

  54. Nightowl

    nobody likes a smart ass.

  55. HeavyMetal

    Instead of getting all bent out of shape, try finding a solution. Are there suitable substitutes that can be cost effective? Do you recall that gasoline, paint and even water pipes used to use lead?

  56. DRT

    It is clearly about GUN CONTROL…………..

  57. Mike

    I guess that makes me an idiot. 4,000 rounds is trivial. I go through about 8,000 a year. Competitive national level IPSC shooters go through about 40,000/year. They must be extra stupid right?

  58. stoky

    “Idiots” is a bit harsh. In an obamanomic era, 4,000 may be all they can afford. It’s a good start.

  59. Nightowl

    The US Navy sprays tons of toxic metal into the atmosphere evry day!! I don’t hear this “do gooder” petitioning against that!!

  60. Kindisland

    What a good idea

    Doesn’t everyone love bike paths and nature trails free from lead bullets ?

    When are they going after those polluting fisherman?
    Fishing weights are made from lead .

    When ya get hungry you can eat out of your victory garden ,
    and be confident there’s no lead poisoning from the bullets in the soil.

    Thanks NWO for the Green
    the color of Islam.

  61. Tell Congress Not to Let EPA Ban Your Ammunition | NSSF Blog

    […] For more information, view NSSF’s action alert. […]

  62. kickthebumout

    Get the BOZO out of the White House this trader gave top secret info. to the enemy in time of war.
    All traders should be shot with a lead bullet! common sense tells us that……….

  63. Todd Homman

    THIS WILL MEAN WAR NO WAY AROUND IT! America’s 2nd civil war will be over the 2nd Amendment

    “Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them” – Thomas Jefferson Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking up Arms, July 6, 1775

    Art. 1 Sec. 11. Right to keep and bear arms; civil power supreme.

    1. Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.

    2. The military shall be subordinate to the civil power; No standing army shall be maintained by this State in time of peace, and in time of War, no appropriation for a standing army shall be for a longer time than two years. From our Constitution.

    “No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

  64. Jhcwlaw

    How does requiring lead free ammunition restrict your right to own and use guns?  If the rule passes, it will just mean that all calibers and weights become available in lead free form.

  65. NamVet

    Only if you hit what you’re aiming at. 🙂

  66. NamVet

    Only if you hit what you’re aiming at.

  67. GrammerHammer

    Kill all Traders? Don’t you mean Traitors? I sympathize with you, but it doesn’t help if we talk like this.. Also, leave a reference to cite his collusion.

  68. The Survival Podcast

    We all REALLY need to start reading things before jumping to conclusions. This is moronic, I agree but this is not a proposed law or rule or regulation. It is a request from an environmental group for the EPA to ban lead, it is not the EPA considering banning lead.

    Further there is already a lead shot ban for shot gun hunting of water foul in many areas. If we go nuts every time any group asks the government to do anything stupid we will never have time to hunt or fish.

    Just about any group can post a request or petition on that site asking for any government body to do anything. I have had all kinds of email come in from people, “the EPA will rule on ____ date”. WTF? Once again we are played like a fiddle and made to look stupid. No one is ruling on anything on OCT 31, that is just the date the petition is closed.

    To be fair to this site the report above is accurate but the way this is being perceived and reported all over the net is just getting stupid.

  69. jhcwlaw

    Thank you for getting your facts straight and being sensible.  Both in short supply on this site.

  70. Anyone

    I certainly hope you don’t store it under your bed…! Hey, I hunt, I shoot…and I know the constitution and how the government works. With the exception of the rights given away when we passed the Patriot Act, we are no closer to losing anything than we were before this petition was sent. And yes, there are acceptable alternatives. Look it up on Google…

    I still say, if you store 4,000 rounds under your bed…you stand a pretty good chance of being an idiot. Hope your house never catches fire, the insurance agent doesn’t find out, and that you never have to use them. In the meanwhile, the ‘firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry’ — find another reason to raise prices even further…and of course the shelves will be emptied right before hunting season… Another self-fulfilling prophesy…

  71. Thomas

    I really do not understand the purpose of a ban like this, ALL ammunition has some trace of lead in it. Can you imagine the impact this would have on law enforcement, security companies and the military to remove all their ammunition and replace it…

  72. Mamaobama

    You seem to be part of the problem. Who are you to determine what or how much personal property (ammo included) an individual can own? So long as they are not infringing on your rights what business is it of yours?

    Please go ‘F’ yourself! I am willing to place a wager you voted for the “Hope and Change” candidate.

  73. stoky

    gotta love em

  74. Donholmes

    In what book is there a article 1 section 11 ? The Declaration of Independence tells us it is “our duty” to replace a tyrant Government.These acts by bureaucracies are getting pretty close to it.This NOVEMBER will be the time to do “our duty”,and replace as many Tyrents as possible.(on both sides of the fence).

  75. Anyone

    Exactly what I suspected….anyone who disagrees with YOU can expletive deleted…and is part of the problem. I do not care how much of what kind of ammo you own…makes not a damned bit of difference to me. I primarily shoot arrows, so it isn’t going to drive my prices up beyond what is reasonable. For all I care, you can store live hand grenades up your ass…

  76. Popo

    If you think that you are safe from the government infringing on rights and you will not stand up then you are a misguided idiot,,,, just sayin

  77. Ksewmartin

    Ya and I guess they would have to do away with fishing weights, some exercise weights, car parts etc…

  78. Anyone

    I’ll stand up way before it becomes necessary…but are you familiar with the term ‘half-cocked’? It doesn’t refer to the way you were endowed…

  79. Video: NSSF Discusses Threat to Traditional Ammunition | NSSF Blog

    […] Lawrence G. Keane discusses the petition to ban traditional ammunition. See NSSF’s action alert for more […]

  80. Richard Hubbard

    Personally i think all of our current administration and politicians,along with all these anti gun idiots should be rounded up and fed some lead. Another example of our out of control government wanting total domination and control of the American people. It is past time to stop to the stupidity going on in Washington!

  81. Bad

    Is it really a big deal to make bullets out of something else?
    We can still kill stuff just the same.
    You guys must really be enjoying your lead poisoning.

  82. mom2gwyni

    “There is no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact on wildlife populations” lol….yeah, I chuckled when I read that, too. Couldn’t help myself.

  83. Darecop007

    the insurance companies are complaining about the deer vehicle crashes now if they don’t have ammo to have a harvest there will be more of them. I remember when you herd of a deer car crash maybe once a year
    Very few deer was seen when I was a kid. I saw my first deer and turkey after I was 12 years old and I grew up in the country in the sticks

  84. Alec

    This is just another example of the government taking our individual freedoms peice be peice. This is obsurd.

  85. Darecop007

    Yes sir I agree

  86. Dan

    When lead is outlawed, only outlaws will have lead.

    Don’t they realize we will return the lead bullets one at a time
    at our local EPA office?

  87. Roscoe1348

    While it is true that nontoxic shot, bullets, and fishing equipment is available, under the rules of requirment of use of such products that are economically feasible, is the issue. They are not on par with products made with lead. A box of target loads for a shotgun can be purchased for around $5.00 per box of 25. The same thing in a nontoxic load is $35.00. A 700% increase in price is not by even government standards economical.

  88. Sandy

    Obama DID say…”I won’t take their guns…I’ll take their ammunition”.

  89. savvy

    Can’t you guys find something else to worry about? If lead is banned, I think you could just use brass or copper.

  90. Green Sight

    You should read Roscoe1348’s comment. That person explains the problem quite clearly. In case you can’t find it I’ll copy and paste it for you:

    Roscoe1348 30 minutes ago

    While it is true that nontoxic shot, bullets, and fishing equipment is available, under the rules of requirment of use of such products that are economically feasible, is the issue. They are not on par with products made with lead. A box of target loads for a shotgun can be purchased for around $5.00 per box of 25. The same thing in a nontoxic load is $35.00. A 700% increase in price is not by even government standards economical.

  91. Anonymous

    I completely agree. They really haven’t thought things through, have they?

  92. Anonymous

    he would be too afraid to try

  93. Anonymous

    but if lead bullets are banned, cops will have to use them too, so everyone, including cops themselves, will be using steel/iron bullets. I get your point though, just saying 🙂

  94. Anonymous

    4,000 rounds, in reality, is not that many. Sure, it is a lot for one day of shooting, but owning 4,000 rounds is a good amount in this economy. Besides, you bring up the point that shouldn’t be storing ammo under his bed, and as a hunter, I am sure you know the rules of proper ammunition storage: All firearms should be kept in locked gunsafes (preferably fireproof) with ammunition stored in a separate secure area. I just want to point out that the other commentator never explicity said that he doesn’t keep his ammunition in a safe under his bed, he just said they were under his bed. Just things to consider.

  95. Anonymous

    We have a different congress now

  96. Cwwilson777

    There are far more items to be concerned about than this. Why don’t you guys that are elected by the people stand up for the majority of the people. I am sick and tired of all these do gooders that their main goal is to make changes to laws that have been on the books for hundreds of years and the very items that this country was founded on. Leave it alone and listen to the people.

  97. Anonymous

    I’m not sure, but maybe Thomas Jefferson Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking up Arms? I haven’t looked into it at all, but that’s what i got from the comment. If I have time to look into it, I will comment back and let you know if that is what it is from.

  98. Love Pig

    We now live in modern times, it’s time for the guns to go away. All you RedNeck “Hillibillies” ever think about is getting ready for the end of America. The old way of thinking is over. We should get in step with the rest of the world and make guns a thing of the past. Nobody in this country should be allowed to own a firearm!

    First, we will get the ammo, then we will come for your guns. After all the smoke is gone, you will see that we were right. You will be safe and secure living in the “New America” that is being fabricated from all fronts. Why is everyone so angry? The anger you vent is nothing but poison to those of us that are of the light. Release your negativity and give in to the new age that is dawning. The Old America is dead! Embrace the New America and join your fellow brothers and sisters as a single united planet of love and perfect harmony.

  99. Rourke

    This is something that we all need to be concerned about. Although the left have not taken advantag of their control of Congress – no doubt of their desire to institute severe gun cotrol/bans over this country.


  100. Keefurrz

    I cant believe they want to ban lead core ammo… completely irrational, not going to say any more.

  101. Wvredhomer

    I can’t believe Toxic Substance Control Act is important. This Country has more important issues than worrying what type of ammunition is being made and sold. What happen to the economy and jobs. Just like everything else with this administration, their can care if America is happy, they just what to control us.

  102. OurGovernmentSucks

    Revolution. The time draws near.

  103. Darecop007

    sometimes and more than not the government tries to control the wrong things and usually line their pockets with peoples tax dollars in the process. if they can find a way to profit from it they will pass it

  104. Jasonmcgill

    I don’t think this has anything to do with protecting the wildlife, or humans consuming contaminated meat with lead. It’s about some soft hearted lady that is head of the EPA wanting to save the furry(tastey) wildlife, or maybe she is just some jackass who is on a power trip and want’s to try and ban guns. Lady, get a life! First of all I don’t think it will ever happen, and second of all, can’t she think of any other more important issues for the EPA to deal with, I mean it is OUR taxes that pay this (obviously crazy) woman and her “people”, use OUR money to do something usefull.

  105. Jasonmcgill

    Even though it’s not the EPA proposing this petition directly, i don’t think anything good can come of this. It’s just the start of yet another attempt to ban guns.

  106. Sgufide

    All traitors and enemy’s of the constitution will be executed .

  107. Bbjonesy

    Just curious, what kind of medication are you on. Where in this world are you embracing the New America and joining your fellow brothers and sisters as a single united planet of love and perfect harmony? In case you haven’t noticed, those who do not have, and are not willing to work for what they want, do not seem to have a problem taking from those who do not protest.

    Are you that willing to give up all of your rights and freedoms to be “taken care of” from the cradle to the grave by those in charge?. Is that not what happened to Rome. When was the last time you saw stagnation promote immagination?. I would think that someone as “enlightened” as you would not like being told what to think or to do, or are you one of those who know what is best for rest of us and see no point in seeking approval from the masses? One must assume you are either psychic or arrogant. Which are you?

  108. Ahddib

    wow, what a load of crap.
    EPA says, “Sure you can bear arms, but you can’t have any ammo!”

  109. Raycer_dad

    The Oil spills wouldn’t suprize me if they were actually intentional!!! For the “BIG MAN IN THE “WHITE” HOUSE” to use for his agenda. As for lead bullets killing millions of birds of prey, etc., Thats a bunch of “HORSE PUCKY”. I have been hunting for 42 years, and guiding for a quite a few of those. When a big game animai is shot with a hi-powered hunting rifle, 95 out of 100 bullets go clear through the body of the animal. “EVEN THE LARGEST OF NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME ANIMALS”. (ASK ME I KNOW). Then the animal is packed out of the mountians and to a butcher shop for processing. “THEN THE REMAINS FROM THE BUTCHER SHOP ARE BURRIED IN A LAND FILL”. The “EPA” best find another sourse for the “LEAD THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE KILLING THESE BIRDS, BECAUSE IT IS A BUNCH OF BULL DUNG”!!!!! If you idiots want to do something good for the “ENVIORMENT” then get the stinking Cattle abd Sheep off of our National Forrests. They “URINEATE AND DEFICATE” in our “SO CALLED” (PRISTINE RIVERS AND STREAMS, AND HIGH MOUNTAIN CREEKS) AND ALL THIS IS OK? When I was a Kid you could drink from any stream or river and never get sick. Now days you don’t dare drink it without filtering or boiling it!!! If you “EPA” “PEOPLE”????? want to do some thing worth while “put a stop to the Forest Grazing, and leave us “gun owners and hunters the H*LL alone. This isn’t aimed at you Cav_scout77. RB_ wyoguideandhunter………

  110. Walt

    Another law we must ignore.
    I don’t recognize their authority to propose this law.
    Besides- just say your ammo is for protection, not hunting. LOL.

  111. PA22Flyer

    ABSOLUTELY. I’m tired of all this talk. ITS TIME FOR ACTION! Overthrow these low down, no good dirty b*@%#*$s. I’ve had more than enough of their shit. There are more of us than there are of them and they are scared. Thats why they want the guns so that we can’t stand up against them. TIME TO ACT NOW! Sheeple, have you had enough?

  112. Jhcwlaw

    Very sensible.  There may be “more of us” but the government has drone missles, tanks and .50 cal. machine guns.  Do you?  Remember what happened to the Branch Davidians?  Get real.

  113. Disgusted with my country

    Why not ban the EPA instead?

  114. D. Fridley

    D. Fridley
    I don’t recognize their authority to propose this law……just an attempt to limit 2nd. Ammendment rights GUARANTTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of America .

  115. Surfrat

    He dosen’t have the balls.

  116. Mlovvorn0

    This is another INSANE action by our government which is just another back door stab at gun control. The EPA can not even clean up our harbors and streams so why is it trying to get into the Fish & Wildlife arena. This is Gun Control clear and simple and unless lead is taken out of all other manufacturing there is no point. No doubt if this were successful and ammunition is made with full copper jacket then the EPA will want to ban copper next.

  117. 155

    I’m answering my own question, but others have also asked it.

    From the Weekly Standard:

    Although EPA is barred by statute from controlling ammunition, CBD is seeking to work farther back along the manufacturing chain and have EPA ban the use of lead in bullets and shot because non-lead alternatives are available.


  118. Calidris1

    I SUPPORT the ban on “traditional” lead based ammunition used in hunting and target practice. The scientific basis for this request is compelling and the reduction in spreading the toxic heavy metal in our environment can only have positive results. Lead is already restricted from waterfowl hunting ammunition to protect wetlands and that regulation has had no significant impact on sport hunting or wildlife conservation funding.

    55 years of Hunting

  119. Steven

    This is a back-door gun ban. I propose a ban on the EPA.

    This lunacy is the equivalent of removing all of the gasoline from your tank every time you park your car, replacing it only the moment you’re ready to drive again.

    The EPA no longer relevant, you have outlived your usefulness.

    In Peter Principle terms; The EPA has risen to it’s level of incompetence.

  120. property owner

    I own acreage in Texas where we are inundated by wild hogs. They often travel in bands of 40+ and can and will kill you. I must be able to protect myself, my animals and my property from these predators! We also have coyotes who kill chickens and other necessary farm animals. I urge you to use common sense here…do NOT support this issue!

  121. Gaelic Banshee

    savvy—-you are not so savvy.

  122. Hill Man

    Sarcasm, dude.

  123. Hill Man

    No significant impact? How about a signficant monetary impact for range practice? How about reducing the effectiveness of self-defense rounds for the law-abiding public, law enforcement, and the military?

    Compelling evidence? By one side of the equation. I browsed the list of self described “peer reviewed” studies and I see an almost exclusive discussion of lead shot and bird hunting. The government has already banned lead shot for waterfowl. We are supposed to extrapolate these studies to self-defense rounds, recreational plinking, bench rest shooting, elk hunts, buffalo hunts, military use, etc. etc. etc. They do not extrapolate, though the petitioners to the EPA would have everyone believe that there is no difference between lead-free shot for waterfowl and my 150 grain/.284 Winchester rounds for elk and deer–or my .223 and .40 S&W for self defense. By the way, the cheapest factory ammo for that obsolete .284 is around $50 per 20 rounds! Ouch!

    With as much respect that I can muster, you are the perfect expample of the old hunter who cares nothing about the rest of the shooting sports because it does not personally impact your life. But your ability to shoot ducks is not sacred to the gun-haters! They hate you just as much as they hate me. But you will sit there and assist their cause through your silence and lack of unity with the whole of shooting sports.

  124. Freedomfighter

    Lisa Jackson,
    If you actually entertain the idea of taking more jurisdiction which does not belong to your bureau, then don’t be surprised if you find your self out of a job, and the EPA out of business. America would be better off for it.

  125. Hill Man

    Like Tom Gresham has said, we should have a “No Shrug” policy. We know the head of the EPA is sympathetic to the petitioners. Not to mention Congress. I sure hope the Republicans take back the House and Senate, but I’m not ready to believe the Congress will be there to stop the EPA rule making like they stopped the CPSC in the past. The further this agenda makes it down the rule-making road, the harder it will be to stop without signifcant resources by the shooting community. This is not just a shot over the bow–it is a torpedo in the water (lead free, of course).

    I’m hoping the NSSF can submit significant, peer-reviewed studies that counter the laundry list of studies by the other side. It’s obivious there would be a significant economic cost of such a ban, but we need to hit it at all levels.

    Gun Rights Radio Network (podcasts for the shooting community)

  126. Geoidchaser

    If people only knew what was really out there you would cringe.
    The EPA can not even keep up with it’s mandates now and wants to add more unnecessary regulations.

    This is what is wrong with this country spending money and time on needless bans.

  127. redgoat

    Wrote to my state senator for NJ, Kip Bateman (R-16), left a message for Ms.Jackson, and wrote her a very detailed email.
    I also inquired if I should hoard my lead pencils, or be on the lookout for the Obama Gestapo at my local schools, collecting ans confescating all pencils.

  128. Littlelasso

    Over 30 years ago a wise man told me, “They won’t never get the guns banned, they will just get the ammunition too expensive for the average guy”. You know in the last 10 years look what has happened to the cost of ammo. Sure there are non-toxic options but look what it did to the price. If they considered the loss of taxes by people not being able to afford to shoot, hell a box of .22 plinkers is gonna cost you $15.00. What about government agencies, the copper jackets on bullets is also considered toxic, will the copper jacketed bullets and these agencies be included in the ban?

  129. Daddi53cj

    I concur with ordinaryamerican, post 102., in the entirety.
    I must add that I find it a bit strange the the EPA would attempt to defy a congessional decree.
    It would insult the intelligence of American citizens that this is some way is designed to protect gun owners or wildlife.
    In all sincerity I suggest the governing body of the EPA focus on issues of a serious nature, though it is in evidence that if this were to become a law there are fortunes $$ involved in the manafacturing and most likely a very detailed profiling of the purchasers.

  130. Jtovet

    Ya think?

  131. stoky

    Or ignorance = bliss

  132. Wski36

    This can only be a ploy to cripple the Constitution’s Second amendment and should not in any way pass (no chance, no way, no how, do not pass GO and collect 200 dollars). To ban lead bullets would force buyers to choose other weaker AND expensive ammo, this would only appease the NSSF and anger millions of buyers. This does not decrease expenses of munitions producers or make the world a better place, it just makes it suck more, plane and simple.

  133. Paxv1

    it is a big deal. a whole lot more expensive and there isn’t a need for it

  134. Kelly

    The EPA link brings up a screen for government organizations. How do I get to a comment form for individuals?

  135. Belljim

    The reason they banned lead shot for ducks and geese is because they were eating it when they fed on the bottom of a lake or stream.The lead was detrimental to them as it is to humans. Thats why they went to steel shot. The bullets in the ground form a coating on the outside as can be seen on dug bullets from the civil war.The lead ore came from the ground where its been for millions of years. Do you think a few lead bullets would make a differance?

  136. Spqrlegionnaire

    Another method to the madness of preventing the change in a tyrannical government that we all see is the solution. From the crazy politics of taxing ammo 500%, charging $ 50.00 per gun registered to you under your income taxes. Failure to pay this tax will be a felony, this will require that you reregister ALL you firearms with the state so they can share this with the FED and then collect their money. But most importantly THEY WILL KNOW WHO HAS WHAT AND HOW MUCH OF IT. Consider CALIFORNIA where in 2011 ALL buyers of ammo must be fingerprinted and have a valid ID so it can collected in a log book and maintained for 5 years whereupon it is then collected by the state via the local PD who reports what you bought and how much of it. Yes the revolution is coming and America will be strong once more. No more politically correct jargon, show the world that if they come over to our side of the world to kill and injure Americans. Then AMERICANS will cross over, burn and destroy their huts, shit hole hovels and their goat filled villages, their houses of INFIDEL worship and cut out their hearts. When Gadafi was the hotbed of terror and he rattled his sabre what happened? President Reagan bombed the hell out of his so called country and have you heard of that jack ass talking about terrorism and killing the infidel again.? That is what we need… create the worlds largest glass rollerblading rink in the world. Remember heat sand up and becomes glass. An ICBM or NUKE would make that possible.

  137. Jhcwlaw

    So, when did you become a total nutbar?

  138. Love Pig

    Suitable substitutes? The answer to the Lead Shot Ban was to replace lead with steel shot so Daffy Duck could eat all he wanted without getting sick. The answer to this Cluster F**k of an idea will be the same.

    Since the sectional density of lead is greater than steel, ammo manufactures were forced to load shot shells with the next size larger steel shot in order to equal the same performance of the smaller lead shot. Let them ban the lead, Arms and Ammunition Manufactures will compensate by building larger caliber weapons to effect the same results. Steel Core Copper Washed .22cal? Yea, right!

    Bismuth is another option, but bring your $Check Book$. The motivation behind this is not gun control, but ammo elimination! All the elite pigs need is just one more generation of children being taught (public school) that guns are bad, and this fight will be over without firing a shot. Remember, these kids will be voters one day…

    Now that the “Obamatrons” are awaking from their coma,Congress knows that they will have to move fast on this if it is to ever happen. They know that their Congressional Careers are over this November, and any pressing socialist issue at hand will have to be moved to the front of the line.

    The only suitable substitue is to have another run on guns and ammo like we have had for the past year, only recently has the gun buying craze shown signs of slowing down. Obama and his congress have played an instrumental part in arming people who otherwise would never have considered owning a firearm.

    All of my Grandkids will have a new .340 Weatherby under the tree this christmas with lots of lead core soft points to go with it.

    This is the ONLY solution HM!

  139. Gunslinger

    The issue is D-E-A-D. Take THAT you anti-self-defense bastards!

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Responding to a grassroots outcry from gun owners, the Environmental Protection Agency today announced that it has denied a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity and other radical groups that had sought to ban the use of lead in ammunition.

    Agreeing with the position of the NRA and the firearms industry, the agency explained in a news release that it “does not have the legal authority to regulate this type of product under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).” Further crushing the hopes of anti-gun and anti-hunting activists, the release added: “nor is the agency seeking such authority.”

    “It’s outrageous that this petition even went this far,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA-ILA Executive Director. “We applaud the EPA for its understanding of the law and its common sense in this situation — both of which were totally missing in the petition filed by these extreme anti-gun and anti-hunting groups.”

    Because the EPA has no power to regulate ammunition, it will not move ahead with a public comment period on the petition. However, a comment period will remain open until September 15 on the other part of the petition, which asks EPA to ban the use of lead in fishing sinkers.

    Be sure to watch for more coverage of this important victory in next week’s Grassroots Alert and in NRA’s magazines.

  140. Robotech

    Same here
    With .22’s included, almost 10,000 rounds in five calibers.
    And I still buy 250-300 a month. Was gonna quit for a while, but will double down instead as ammo has become MORE available over the last 2 months. That will end.
    Ammo was in short supple right after Obama was elected. .380 (which I don’t use) was near impossible to get.
    I have 14 firearms with 2 more to go, and another year of ammo buying.
    If I don’t get to use it, my kids may.

  141. RoBoTech

    I commented on the web site. They are taking comments until Oct 31st.
    do a search on EPA-HQ-OPPT-2010-0681-0001 that will get you the address.
    I said that I was BEGGING them to attempt this, on my knees begging!
    This would be the last straw for Conservatives and would make it a certainty that Democrats and Obama would be GONE by 2012!
    Funny how they won’t decide on doing this until AFTER the Nov elections, isn’t it?
    The WT just released a report that the EPA has stepped down on this Friday, and agree with the NRA on the legality of it.
    IF that is so, then WHY is the comment section still up? Why did they star this in the 1st place?
    Something stinky about that.

  142. stoky

    A safe under his bed is not a thing I want to consider.

  143. Calidris1

    The proposed ban on LEAD would have minor impact on any gun use. It is not proposed by any “anti-gun” organizations. You have heard of high density steel? Works well for all uses including paranoids who must “protect” themselves. I do NOT hunt ducks, never have. I am an NRA Safe Hunter and marksman, target practice is my primary interest in addition to game hunting & fishing. How many children with lead toxicity acquired from unnecessary environmental contaminants have you had to treat in your clinic? It’s not a pleasant process. Cool down and use some respect in your arguments and you might get further.

  144. GunTotingLib

    FYI “No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson THIS IS NOT A JEFFERSON QUOTE. Look it up, it is a made up quote , often repeated and not able to be attributed to Jefferson.

  145. Dannydabiker

    Remember the imposition of steel shot for waterfowl and upland game? Damn…I have NEVER bagged a pheasant, quail, duck or dove and found any lead shot in them other than the shot I downed them with!

    More government BS to circumvent the 2nd amendment and dissolve our constitutional rights!

  146. anonymous

    The EPA is not seeking to ban ammunition, just that which contains toxic lead compounds. It also says on the first page of the petition to ban lead ammunition that there IS evidence that spent lead shot causes severe impacts on non-target species. I quote:

    “Over 75 terrestrial species of birds are known to be poisoned by spent lead from ammunition. Mourning doves are particularly susceptible to ingesting lead shot pellets, and lead poisoning may kill as many as 20 million doves per year in the United States. Lead fishing sinkers and jigs continue to cause the needless deaths of waterfowl species such as trumpeter swans, ducks, geese and loons.”

    The EPA is not seeking to ban you from hunting, theyre just trying to help protect the environment, and preserve the very species that provide you with sport. The petition to ban this type of ammunition also points out that ammo and tackle manufacturers already produce a variety of lead-free, non-toxic ammunition and tackle, meaning you can still hunt just as well without lead ammo. I fail to see how a ban on traditional ammunition would have a negative impact on funding for the environmental movement. If money is coming from the sale of ammunition, its going to keep coming from purchases of non-toxic ammunition as well. A ban such as this is not an attack on our freedoms, its merely an attempt to protect humans and wildlife alike from toxic compounds. You shouldnt oppose something just because someones trying to get you to do it a different way.

  147. Jhcwlaw

    Thank you.  Actually, it’s better than you said – the finest factory ammunition available is Barnes lead free.

  148. MENTAT30

    If they ban lead ammo….then what will the military use? Or for the matter Law Enforcement? Has anyone stopped to think what this will cost the American tax payer? This is just another way anti-hunters and anti-gun groups are trying to find ways to stop us from exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. As far as I am concerned anyone who attempts to take away any of our rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights is an act of treason and those people are Traitors! And they should be treated as Traitors!

  149. Phil

    It is time we disbanded the EPA. This agency acts with impunity and without responsibility to the American public. Setting its sights on ways to circumvent the Constitution this left wing group will bring down the economy. This is the Democrats way of avoiding responsibility in the voting booth. not an honest man or woman i the bunch

  150. Remi

    I agree to a point. The problems with this are pretty plain. I don’t think people are upset with this because they have a problem with finding another inexpensive and effective source to use for hunting and shooting, should it actually be of real concern. I think the problem is always the same.

    1) Where are the “studies” that were used to determine the impact on wildlife and on humans, specific to this issue? Why have they not been made available for the scientific community to validate or refute? The CDC has already refuted the danger to humans on this issue. Just a side note, most of the studies have not been conducted with science in mind, but have been started with an agenda first.

    2) While some are merely concerned with helping nature retain its tenuous balance, others are not. I’m sure Einstein didn’t mean to make a bomb, but others ran with his work. This issue is not first and foremost an attack on the freedoms recognized by The Constitution, but as we all know, someone will take this and use it as a reason to try to ban all ammo and firearms. Suddenly all ammo is using some sort of heavy metal and that is dangerous to something somewhere.

    3) If you are a firearms enthusiast (someone who competes, hunts, shoots for recreation, carries for self defense, etc…) then you, like me, are probably tired of people asking you to “do it a different way”. I don’t mind changing bad habits for a good reason, but there are far too many knee jerk reactions to situations that are/aren’t human caused. California banned all lead ammo use in the “Condor Corridor”, but condors are still experiencing high levels of lead poisoning. Where is the continued science that says “We made a mistake. Lead ammo is obviously not the leading cause of poisoning. We will continue to study and find the real cause.”?

    Look, grammatical errors aside, when unreasonable men become reasonable, then instantaneous opposition will cease. Until then, both sides will continue to fight with blinders on. How about we use science and not someone’s opinion, maybe THAT can be our “different way”?

  151. Jhcwlaw

    There’s just no evidence for your slippery slope argument – I notice they still make children’s toys even though they banned lead-based paint for them, still make pesticides even though they banned DDT, etc. etc.

  152. sensible

    Non-lead ammo allready is in use for shot shell loading,ie bird-shot. Black powder guns, long and short variety shoot safely with only a lead bullet. What kind of a dove is going topick up lead bullets weighing more than half an ounce and ingest it anyway? Where the hell is your common sense people?!

  153. Ross Wolf

    If lead bullets were outlawed, imagine how many gun owners might be arrested using lead bullets purchased previously. Compare: In 1994, the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Janet Reno proposed introducing legislation that would allow U.S. Government “summary forfeiture” of unregistered firearms. DOJ intended to eliminate government’s high costs of forfeiture proceedings required to confiscate guns (by baring gun owners from being able to prove) their confiscated weapons were legally registered or did not come under the “technical definition” of a gun that must be registered. A Government ban on lead bullets would bring gun owners to the same place. Also in 1994 the Justice Dept proposed gun legislation that included the words “premises containing illegal weapons” written like drug asset forfeiture laws. In less than 24-hours gun owners expressed concern those words “premises containing illegal weapons” would open the door for DOJ to criminally and civilly forfeit gun owners’ homes since most gun owners kept guns at home. Had that legislation passed, it is foreseeable Americans would be afraid to own guns or keep them in their house.

    In 1994, a Congressman suggested forcing gun stores to sell only “biodegradable ammunition” with a 1-year shelf-life stating—in case of insurrection, ammunition accumulated by people would become useless within 1-year. Then someone pointed out, forcing biodegradable ammunition on the public would open the door for foreign black-market ammunition to be sold in the U.S. Obviously if Obama’s ban on lead bullets is approved, foreign black markets will develop in the U.S. for lead bullets; that will lead to police swat raids on homes for illegal bullets just like drug raids now out of control. It is foreseeable anyone caught with possession of lead bullets could lose their right to own a gun. Bullets made of any other metal could prove too expensive for most gun owners to purchase. It is obvious Obama by the backdoor—intends to disarm America taking Americans’ ammunition away.

  154. Larryjoslin

    Anonymous, it seems as if you have your head in the sand. If you think the EPA is only trying to save the environment, you are really out of it. Look at history in the countries that let this happen to them, one small step at a time. Once they take our ammo then it will be our guns, then it will be our freedom. If you don’t know what it is like to be without freedom, why don’t you move to Iran or N. Korea for about a year. Then you MIGHT understand.

  155. Parthenon

    “Maybe Congress will support their oaths of office”
    Hahaha thats a good one!

  156. Inov8tn

    It is my understanding that the EPA has backed off and patriots can stand down for now.


    If lead is the real concern here, why isn’t there an affordable substitute? Or better yet a program to exchange lead for lead substitutes. I know that I personally have alot of money tied up in lead ammo and have no intention of not using it as I please with the exception of waterfowl hunting. The american sportsman is tired of being used. They spend millions of dollars each year purcashing ammo and shooting supplies. Not to mention all of the taxes assed on these items. Maybe in these economic times the EPA had better reconsider it’s position. the american sportman also supports numoriuos conservation efforts as well. Loose the sportsmen in this country and were screwed! Besides that what would Ronald Regan think about this foolishness. A CONCERND PATRIOT

  158. A P Runo

    Any amendment to an existing law that supersedes its purpose is not a good law. Sports hunters are not law breakers; don’t make hunters the bad guy. Do you go after fishermen who use treble hooks on lures as being overly unfair to fish next?

  159. seo services

    EPA Considering Ban on TraditThe EPA doubts Obama’s new regulatory policy will affect it, reports Andrew Restuccia: “The Environmental Protection Agency is ‘confident’ it will not have …ional Ammunition — Take Action Now

  160. Nikko

    Lead pellets threatens especially amphibious wildlife, lake birds and prey birds. The reason for this is that Many birds collect stones from lake floors to keep in their craw due to digestion reasons. Lead pellets are unfortunately the same size as the gravel most birds use in their craw. Large research on self dead birds has shown that many of them living in lake and coastal areas have died from lead poisoning due to lead pellets. So, use Wolfram pellet shots or steel pellet shots in wetlands.

  161. tricia

    I’m for saving our eagles. That doesn’t mean the gov. wants our guns, just make ammo with no lead in it.  

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