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Democratic Platform ‘Commonsense Improvements’ Brings Back ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Gun Show Loophole Arguments

The 2012 Democratic National Convention released its party platform today and it quickly drew fire from several points of the political spectrum for its statement on the Second Amendment and firearms ownership. As we did with the corresponding Republican platform section, we include it in its entirety:

Firearms. We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans’ Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. We believe that the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation. We understand the terrible consequences of gun violence; it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and our time here is limited and precious. We believe in an honest, open national conversation about firearms. We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements – like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole – so that guns do not fall into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few.”

So, we again see the rhetorical pattern of a quick acknowledgement that there is a Second Amendment, followed by the call for reasonable regulation, a few words about the terribleness of gun violence and the need for national debate, a pivot to focusing on effective enforcement of existing laws and then the grand finale of bringing back the “assault weapons ban” and closing the “gun show loophole” with the closing phrase that promises what the just aforementioned strictures would – once again – certainly not accomplish.”

For those enjoying the last week of August and who, as a result, may have missed the Republican National Convention’s approved party plank on the Second Amendment, the contrast with what you just read above will be clear and easy to see. We encourage you to read both platforms and draw your own conclusions before you #gunvote on Election Day.

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61 Responses to “Democratic Platform ‘Commonsense Improvements’ Brings Back ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Gun Show Loophole Arguments”

  1. Eddie G.

    They never explain what the “gun show loophole” is because it’s a contrived myth. The so called “assault” weapons ban accomplished nothing, but Dummycrats always love repeating their failures

  2. CMcD

    Are you that uninformed? The loophole that the weapon is unregistered,and therefore not legally on the books,…..come-on, you guys know what I’m saying here, if you are crooked, then you are a criminal, and the one causing the problem in the 1st place.

  3. Dean Guilberry

    I have been to MANY gun shows and have bought several weapons at them. Not once have I not had to give my information and go through the Government checks. (usually have to wait in a line to get checked.)
    The Gunshow loophole is a MYTH.
    The only time I see a weapon being sold w/o paperwork is from a person to person face to face. I have never known a REAL gun dealer that would sell w/o paperwork. It probably happens as all laws are broken but I would bet $$$$ that he percentage is much lower than almost all other laws that are broken.
    It is just too easy for a dealer to get caught selling w/o paperwork. They buy all these guns and don’t have them on inventory and don’t have proper paperwork and someones in trouble.

  4. Stu Chisholm

    Talk about being in-between a rock and a hard place! Despite the glowing support for 2A in the Republican platform, I can’t help but recall Romney’s actual record in Massachusetts. There is an actual anti-gun voting record to see vs. a record of indifference and no real action. I have ZERO trust that the Democrats won’t attack gun rights, but I have good reason not to trust Romney either. If only everyone would write-in Ron Paul… 🙁

  5. John H.

    Writing in Ron Paul is a vote for Obama’s second term. If that’s what you want to accomplish, go for it. I’m not a fan of Romney either, but the idea of letting Obama and his minions have a lame duck term is too frightening to contemplate.

  6. David

    Agreed… if he’s making the mistake to run as an independent the only candidate he hurts is the GOP… like Ross Perot before him.

  7. American-American

    There is a huge difference between now and when Perot ran. Also, we don’t know who really won that race! I vote no confidence in the results of that election or any election really. I know more people who voted for Perot than anyone else. and now, the threat though existed then, is closer to its final advancement and a sealed deal will destroy our sovereignty once and for all. Also, nobody takes a vote away from anyone. Those voting obediently according to the party of their choice has some answering to do, not those who vote according to the candiate. I think you have it backwards with all due respect David…..

  8. American-American

    Why is it that so many cannot see the truth? Romney is not what we want at all or he would have been as maligned as was Ron Paul and his campaign would have been sabotaged while someone willing to sell us out would be lifted up by media and the R establishment as if he/she is a constitution respecting and well informed patriot and statesman. Anyone who chooses to see it will see it. The constitutional patriot and statesman is Ron Paul and look at what they did to him and his supporters for that matter. I find it hard to take that Americans are willing to let down their fellow Americans in a situation which clearly has robbed us of our proportionate share of representation. Ron Paul is the choice of the people. Romney stole the voice of the people. Why should we vote for him? The establishment is wrong if they think we will do that. I won’t vote for the person lacking integrity so much so they will accept the nomination of US Presidential candidate knowing full well it belonged to someone else. It’s sickening. We should all stand togetheer on this and demand all voices are heard. The way it came down thiis time made 08 seem like a picnic. I was a Paul delegate both years. We were abused.

  9. Iron Ranger

    The entire political system is owned by the rich. The average American thinks they have a say in government. The The fact is government is controlled by either one group of the rich (DFL) or the other group of the rich (GOP) Good people like Ron Paul are left out in the cold. Just listen to the lack of substance to the statements both candidates make. They are so vague that nobody knows what is really going to happen if they get elected. Only the party platform supported by the rich really know what is going to happen if their candidate is elected. I consider special interest groups as part of the rich. They work on both parties for different, sometimes selfish reasons. They are rich so they get heard. The best thing the average person can do is pick an issue that you know will affect you personally (like gun control or abortion) and vote for the party that seems to share your feelings. You might also want to remember that Obama has proven himself not following thru with his promises. He has also proven himself ineffective when trying to accomplish most of his goals. In general Obama (DFL platform) has been a failure while leading this country. That leaves good old Romney. Romney has worked his entire life and has been very successful.That might mean something. Good luck to all of you. Should be an interesting election. Pray for our great country. Things don’t look good.
    God HELP America!

  10. bones666

    All the repuds did was fight obama for 4 yrs……Just to set up this election.They didn’t cooperate .They wanted to see him fail.You pussies are just scared.I’ll say it again…unless your a hillbilly or rich …don’t vote for a man that makes 25 million a yr. by sticking it up everyones’ @ss ….He didn’t work a day in his life…walking around in a tie..sitting in an office ..holding a clipboard and pencil isn’t REAL work!Grow an onion bag!He doesn’t care and the average american because he isn’t one!At least obama is genuine about wanting to help america.These tax cuts for the rich hasn’t helped the job market…they just put their money in their pockets.Get a frickin clue folks…SEE YOU IN HELL,YOU SALLIES!

  11. Vegas04

    If you think white collar work isn’t work you are an uneducated idiot. Try my 70 hour stress filled work week and then tell me it isn’t work. How many people do you employ? Where does your paycheck come from?

  12. Dean Guilberry

    Thank you for your comment!

  13. John Laigaie III

    Boilerplate buzzwords to keep the afraid under control. obama is a threat to national security, hillery said it before she was muzzeled. If you cannot find someone to vote for, find someone to vote against.

  14. CMcD

    Dude, Really? Go chain yourself up,you still angry after all these years? where are you getting your facts? If you really want to help, quit acting like an angry kid who used to get beat-up all the time and go with the flow

  15. Dean Guilberry

    What facts? Most of that was just liberal rambling aimlessly!

  16. Armspro LLC

    Interesting, of course the latest numbers show that 40% of all Democrats are gun owners, while 55% of all Republicans are gun owners. I, for one, will sell to and support any and all gun owners, regardless of politics. The market is there and each and every nationwide discussion only serves to improve the strength of the second amendment and our gun ownership rights and increase gun and ammunition sales. Let the discussions begin!

  17. CMcD

    I don’t know where you got your numbers but I heard from someone in the
    Fed. Govt.who is very reliable that 60% of Democrat’s own weapons, and probably more! But yes I agree, the laws need to be strengthened within the 2nd Ammendment, but, thing need to be done correctly right?

  18. Scrooge McDuck

    The point is that we Dems are smart enough to buy private party, and thus have all the unregistered weapons. We have – trust me – plenty of weapons, and we know how to use them.

  19. American-American

    Gun restrictions are ultimately for the purpose of genocide and always implemented by brainwashing the people to beleive it will help curb violence but it creates the climate of violence. We have reached the era of population reduction it seems to me.

  20. CMcD

    Yet another one,…..Wow!!! Seems to me that you need help bro if thats what you think! maybe they should take your guns away so you won’t shoot people in a coffee house or something, and make things worse! Get a Grip!!!!

  21. American-American

    Don’t vote for someone you are not a fan of, if only everyone would do that. They won’t.

  22. loren

    fucking losers trying to take our rights away it doesnt matter crminals cant get guns in the first place stop banning our rights. WAKE UP AMERICANS THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE!!!!

  23. Dennis P

    Anyone who would advise Americans to vote for Mitt Romney should have their tongue ripped out. He is nothing more than a sleazeball who would sell you out in a heartbeat if there was a dime to be made. I have voted Republican most of my adult life – not this time – not this loser!

  24. GetLibsLarry

    Denny, try and grow a brain, I know it’s tough for liberals. If you have ever voted Republican, then I’m the Tooth Fairy.

  25. Gr8Ray

    So anyone who refuses to vote for R.Money is instantly a liberal? I love how so many “conservatives” don’t even attempt to make a convincing argument, and simply revert to name calling and regurgitating your bullshit ideology.

  26. Dean Guilberry

    No what we are saying is if you vote for the Socialists you are a Liberal! Romney is not perfect however O. has done everything to put a nail in the debt coffin we live in!

  27. bbk101

    I believe in the right to bear arms, but at the same time, there is no need for people to own assault rifles, automatic weapons, or guns with extended clip capabilities.
    If it is for your pleasure to be able to go shoot guns that I am opposed to, you will get over not being able to.
    They are too much of a liability getting into the wrong hands.
    If you MUST shoot guns as I am opposed of being in circulation to common citizens, then go join the military and knock yourself out.
    I do want to see people able to protect themselves, and some may argue that one day we may need to protect ourselves from our own government and so we need to have access to guns like this now and I still disagree.
    There are more important things to worry about when voting come November than what party says what about guns.
    Instead of voting Republican or Democrat, start voting for the people who represent the majority of what you stand behind regardless of their party.
    People who vote solely based on a person’s political party affiliation sicken me.
    Thank you for reading my opinion.

  28. GetLibsLarry

    bbk_loon — Do you even KNOW what an “assault rifle” is? Democrats have determined that if it is BLAACK, has a bayonet, a handle, and LOOKS mean, then it’s one of those EVIL Assault Rifles. They are no different than a rifle that has none of these features. NO DIFFERENT.

    Get some help, Duuude. You need it.

  29. bbk101

    Go cry to Obama, I know what an assault rifle is, and I didn’t make the law that expanded the definition of assault rifle.
    Be happy that you can own a regular old gun to defend yourself.
    Why in the hell do you need to have an assault rifle of any type?
    Let’s here your sky is falling mythology… here it comes….

  30. Darrell Barricklow

    So let me get this straight. You think voting party lines, or voting based on positive [or negative] gun views is ridiculous. But deciding how to vote based on someone’s middle name is OK with you…. You are the perfect example of those who should not be permitted to vote.

  31. bbk101

    If my last name was Hitler, I’d change it. If my middle name was Hussein, I’d change it. You may think it may be small minded to not vote for someone based on their middle name, but by him keeping it AND running for any political office, it shows me he is proud of it.
    Argue all you want about how close minded I may be, but I believe it makes perfect sense.
    Some people are just too quick to forgive and forget.
    I sure hope we don’t have any Bin Laden’s running for president soon…

  32. pyrospent

    anyone who thinks the general public dosent need to have guns dosent live any of the large cities and has never called the police and waited up to an hour to even get an officer there……..

  33. Gr8Ray

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect restrictions on certain types of guns and/or accessories. For example, a 100 round beta-mag is something I would happily give up to the gun-grabbers, if it would shut them up about my 30rd mags. If sacrificing a 33rd magazine for my Glock will keep them from going after my 15/17rd magazines, that’s fine by me too. It will absolutely NOT get in my way when it comes to defending myself, or my family.

  34. PavePusher

    The problem is, once they get your 100-round magazines, then they’ll start working to take the 30-round magazines. Yet they still have no empirical evidence to cite to that indicates there is a statistically significant crime problem with either normal- or extended-capacity magazines in any way. Danegeld… look it up.

  35. bbk101

    I hope you aren’t referring to me, I never said the general public doesn’t need to own guns. Maybe you are referring to someone else that replied to my comments..?

  36. Gr8Ray

    I was leaning towards agreeing with the general point you were trying to make until you started spouting that Birther idiocy. Seriously, he should have his middle name? Someone needs to get back on his meds.

  37. bbk101

    I suppose if your last name was Hitler, not only would you be proud of your heritage, you’d run for office in America…. and probably get voted in.
    What has this country come to?
    Only in America can you come in from another country and be given a loan for a convenient store…
    …. can our government be more worried about helping other countries problems when we can’t even handle our own…
    … will the same Arabs who burn our flags in the streets and hate us, take over our country from within itself one day?
    Sounds quite far fetched, but a real possibility the way people vote nowadays.
    And no, I am definately not a Republican nor do I remotely like Romney.
    I wish we had 4 people to choose from instead of just 2, then maybe we’d have someone remotely decent to run this country as president.

  38. luke555

    a true assualt rifle in today’s wars is not a semi automatic. in switzerland all men are required to own an rifle capable of full auto. and they must know how to use it. where’s all the crime and mass murders with these weapons??

  39. MilitaryDad

    Just like 2008, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney. Anything else is an Obamanation!

  40. MartyV

    To date Medicare has extended my life and increased my quality of life. I enjoy my guns but they haven’t saved my life yet. I live in the Blue State of WA and have been issued a concealed carry permit. I look at the potential for harm by the presidential candidates & their party plamks and must vote for Obama for least impact onmy life.

  41. LLinLa

    I respect your decision. Live with your consequences and hopefully Obamacare will fund the rest of your life which isn’t saying much since there will be fewer doctors, higher premiums and longer lines. God be with you.

  42. Pay Attention

    Fearmongers. Your opinion has been bought and paid for.

  43. bones666

    Why would anyone with half a brain vote on just one issue? I’m not scared…let ‘m try taking my just…grow some balls…unless your rich or a dumb hillbilly!

  44. Gr8Ray

    Odds of being involved in a violent crime: < 2%. Odds of getting cancer: ~45%. Seems like it would be more prudent to be focusing on healthcare. Otherwise, you'll be pawning all of those firearms anyway when you have to pay for your cancer treatment.

  45. luke555

    civilian agencys are buy millions of rounds of hp ammo rounds are illegal in war, so, who are they for cancer patients?

  46. Calvinius

    A member of the tinfoil hat brigade, I see.

  47. lodoloft

    The issue liberal elites have with gun control is they
    cannot separate the object from the motive.
    For them it is easier to condemn the gun that is used to murder someone
    rather than the individual committing the crime. Their solution is to punish honest, law
    abiding citizens with confiscation of their guns and pay hundreds of thousands
    to sleazy lawyers to defend the murderer.

  48. CMcD

    Well what about those greedy fools that sell thier weapons illeagally under the table at Gun shows? they give us Gun Owners a bad name wether your a Democrat or a Republican, and all they want is the money…lets not take our eyes away from the truth now!

  49. LLinLa

    Perhaps we should ban people and/or trigger fingers. My weapons reside peacefully in my storage area and have never once attacked or maimed anyone or anything. Some people –on the other hand–insist on releasing multiple offenders from prisons, engage in wreckless abandon behind the wheels of cars and/or bottles of alcohol, eat more and the wrong things than they should, etc., and out of “compassion” for mankind, Democrats would like to take or restrict weapons from the 99% lawful, responsible gun owners:
    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are
    neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things
    worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to
    encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with
    greater confidence than an armed man.”
    –Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare
    Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment (1764).

  50. kokomo

    keep holding your nose but Romney is toast. He doesn’t even know what a revolver is much less a rifle. His kids never served, neither did he. I wouldn’t vote for a nerd like that in a million years. The Dems won’t take your guns away and if you chicken hearted bastards would refrain from buying up all the damn ammo we’d have some left for us dems that could shoot holes in your thinking patterns. I never hunted with a republican, don’t even know repubs that could handle a gun but know some who own’em but never shoot’em. Considering how Cheney hunts, shoots and drinks I’d say you repubs should turn your guns in anyway. Vote O’Bama/Biden and your guns will be safe under your pillows.

  51. luke555

    you don’t get it, there is no democrat party. this guy was a member of a communist party(new party usa), mentored by frank marshal davis a registered communist and recruiter, hung out with commy buds and professors. the left is not your local ice cream parlor, these people are serious and clever. in just a few months this whole system could be turned in to the weimar republic.
    it may be over soon and you will pray for a gun and more ammo.

  52. Calvinius

    You clearly “understand” a lot of things that aren’t true. The New Party was not communist, Obama was not a member of it, and he was not “mentored” by Frank Marshall Davis.

  53. luke555

    Minutes of the meeting on January 11, 1996, of the New Party’s Chicago chapter read as follows:
    Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.
    Consistent with this, a roster of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 lists Obama as a member, with January 11, 1996, indicated as the date he joined…The revelation in 2008 that Obama had joined an ACORN-controlled, leftist third party could have been damaging indeed, and coming clean about his broader work with ACORN might easily have exposed these New Party ties. Because the work of ACORN and the New Party often intersected with Obama’s other alliances, honesty about his ties to either could have laid bare the entire network of his leftist political partnerships.

  54. luke555

    you make me laugh, the truth can’t be seen by the blinded.

  55. Calvinius

    Which is why you can’t see the truth.

  56. Captain America

    … they should have mentioned butterflies, puppies, and
    hating cancer. They could have scored more political “points” with these simple
    additions. Really, would could vote against more Rainbows. Beyond that … it
    seems like it was a well written script to hit ever HUGH “D” buzzword
    to create a false sense of reality and whip up panic in D party base. — Truly,

    And, the SUPER “R” party plank reads the same for their
    bunch of hapless, flighty followers. … they forgot to mention the flag, apple
    pie or mom. — Truly, lame.

    In the last two decades, BOTH of these two “party’s”
    have slid into mudslinging millionaires and destroyed what was built over two
    hundred years… by the people, for the people. We need to get back to be
    Americans first and supporting the RED, WHITE and BLUE of the whole nation. Our
    global competitors, sworn enemies and fake allies love to see the winey
    millionaires squabble while our country decays. —

    Now HUGH “D” sheep, do as you’re told … Vote Obama! Let’s have more of the same !

    And, watch has your grandkids work for Chinese corporations,
    have Indian bosses, and can’t read or reason that they been screwed. — That’s
    not my house in the Hamptons, John Forbes Kerry. First elected in 1972.

    Think. – Good Luck to all of us !

    Captain America – True Independent for America

  57. Moderate Conservative

    It’s interesting to see how many people appear to be racist by outright stating how a person should have to change their middle name just because it sounds Muslim even if the person isn’t. And even if he was Muslim….so what? Not ever Muslim is some terrorist bent on destroying America, just the same as every Christian isn’t some peace loving hippie like Jesus was. People focus too much on religious views when it comes to politics and it really is sad since they distract from the real issues such as the economy, affordable health care for everyone and getting our country off of polluting energy sources that come from countries that don’t like us and in the long run bankrupt our economy due to the extensive wars we’ve had to fight in order to try to control the oil market. If people would leave their religious views out of politics and stop trying to force their religious ideology on others such as the GOP is doing then perhaps more Dems would vote for them. But the more they try to force their views on the public all the while claiming to be for “smaller less intrusive” govt, the more the GOP is going to lose. Many of my friends have consistently voted Repub over the past 2 decades but more and more of them have turned either Dem or Independent because they want less intrusion in their life and the GOP has shown over the past 12 years that they are neither smaller or less intrusive when it comes to allowing the public to make their own choices. Add into it that they have not been conservative at all financially due to the massive war bills they racked up fighting a war of oil and have been two faced about wanting to spend less on the public while they immediately add more pork to their own state’s bills and you can see why the Dems are going to win again this year. Part of it is that true conservatives such as myself are sick of the GOP’s lies about smaller govt while they allow the religious right to control them and tell me how I should live my life and that my wife’s rights should be pushed back to the 40’s & 50’s. And the other part is that they destroyed this country with their fear mongering that caused the Patriot act to be passed thereby destroying any type of privacy or prevention against govt intrusion left in this country. How can the GOP say they’re for smaller govt and less govt intrusion when they can wiretap and/or pick up anyone off the street for no reason, no charge and no accountability? Until the Patriot act and any form of it that allows such a heinious affront to the Constitution is repealed then I will not vote for the Repubs and/or the Dems, or any independent candidate for that matter who is willing to stay with the status quo. People claim it is for our safety but the fact is such a law will turn against in the long run when the govt finally becomes so corrupt that we will need to revolt against it. That law will be implemented to its fullest against us so that those in power can remain in power and anyone who opposes them will be locked up indefinitely with out charge, jury or judge. I also have to laugh about those who worry about candidates with a Hitler or someother name that sounds foreign to them. You don’t have to worry about that, what you have to worry about is foreign companies and countries controlling our politicians by buying them with unlimited and unaccountable donations thanks to the Supreme court ruling, and again it was the judges put in by the GOP who somehow think that such a thing is a good idea and would not corrupt or destroy our democracy as we know it! Corporations are not people, they are not compassionate, they don’t take care of their parents, kids or even neighbors. Corporations are made for one thing and that is to make money. They will get rid of you as soon as they have a reason to and if you believe that you’re not doing better now then when Bush was in office then you have just proven that the Trickle down aka Golden Shower theory doesn’t work and is another lie perpetrated by the Repubs to benefit more tax cuts for the rich and Corporations who barely pay taxes as it is if at all like GE. Corporations have made more profit over the past 4 years than in the past decade. Are they hiring more? No, they pocketing the profits and moving them overshore along with any decent jobs so they can profit even more. Romney knows all about this business plan as his company was an expert in doing such things just like almost every other company has over the past decade. If a candidate really wants my vote then he better stop focusing on religion and focus on making laws that get jobs back in the US by taxing companies more if their workers are not US citizens and sell their goods or services primarily in the US. You may say that such a plan will just increase the price of things on us but inflation will do the same too if noone is working and the US keeps printing money it has to borrow from other countries. We also need to bring back the old mantra of “Buy US”. I see all these people complaining about the economy and everyone of them shops at Walmart rather than stores that are American made. Where’s all that money going? Not into the US economy! There are many things we can do to improve the economy and no one President or Party is going to be able to solve it. We as American citizens are responsible for improving it by doing what is needed and making sure that we don’t vote on party lines or because of religious views that politicians exploit just to get your vote. Remember how long have politicians been claiming they’ll pass religious laws that you may think are fine but are intrusive to others that believe the same thing as you? It is an long ongoing lie that the politicians use anytime they need you to forget about their record and accomplishments or lack of which is usually the case. Be smart America! Put aside your ideology, your racism and your party lines and do what is best for all of the US, not just what is best in your closed minds! Remember “United we stand, Divided we fall!” and the division in this country has come to close to the edge already. It is just a matter of time before we fall because of the division caused by the parties who won’t work together to get anything done and fillibuster anything that comes along that they like rather than working out a compromise. People seem to think that compromise is a bad thing and that moderate politicians should be removed from office but truthfully they are really what we need to heal our country and get things done for the US public!

  58. rah_63

    After getting through only half of your diatribe I suggest that you change your name. There is now way conservative should appear anywhere in any of your posts. you are about as moderate as Mao and you are an apologist for the the democrats. Nice try troll. Get back to the Huffington post from whence you came.

  59. Thomas Jefferson

    Sounds very familar. Back in 1934 an individual named Adolf wanted to make the steets safer in germany. The Democrats are much worse than the nazi’s. They hide behind there lies and the state run media gives them a free pass. They are very ignorant if they think that by giong along with the program they will be exempt. Remember Gun control = people control. Wake up America. If Obama gets in for another 4 years America will transform. The health care bill is the final nail in America’s coffin. I am voting for the American!!

  60. Calvinius

    The Democrats are much worse than the nazi’s.

    You’re psychotic.

  61. CMcD