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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Clearing Up Rumors About Government Ammo Purchases

Rumors about the federal government purchasing large quantities of ammunition, possibly for use against the American populace in case of civil unrest, have made their inevitable journey from postings and blogs on various Internet sites two weeks ago to phone calls to conservative talk radio programs more recently.

Because rumors are usually based on a kernel of truth that is misconstrued, exaggerated and then propagated, let’s be very clear: There is nothing out of the ordinary going on.

U.S. government procurement practices are baffling to begin with, as any federal contractor will tell you. All of them employ experienced specialists who spend countless hours just to do business with Uncle Sam.

So, when complex purchasing process is combined with an eye-popping number of up to 450 million rounds of .40 caliber to be purchased over five years by the Department of Homeland Security for its array of agencies, added to lesser amounts sought by smaller agencies with law enforcement responsibilities, it seems to some that something nefarious must be brewing. As the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, we want to get the facts out.

Our members confirm what we are seeing is the normal functioning of the Feds’ procurement apparatus. When you do the math in the case of the DHS purchase, even the maximum purchase would add up to less than 1,400 round per year for all 65,000 DHS law enforcement personnel. That doesn’t seem outrageous considering training and qualification requirements.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it. The NRA Institute for Legislative Action took on this rumor last week in a well done post. To its credit, the office of U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland, who is well respected for his support of the 2nd Amendment, looked into the issue and posted this helpful research.

“It behooves you to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government,” President Andrew Jackson said in his farewell address. We agree, but some perspective is also required. This particular rumor should be put to rest.

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15 Responses to “Clearing Up Rumors About Government Ammo Purchases”

  1. 3006Al

    The fact remains that the head of DHS thinks vets, Christians and gun owners are radical and not to be trusted. This is why many are suspicious of the large ammo purchase( and rightfully so).

  2. David Douthit

    I believe less than 3% of what I read and even less when it comes to things I hear. It boils down to one thing. If what you read and or hear is important to you. then scrutinize the hell out of it and find the facts out on your own. Just because its in print or comes out of someones mouth don’t make it gospel. Dont be a fool and bite in to everything you read and hear. Research it and make your own decission.

  3. donholmes1

    The first lie, it was not 450,000,000 it was 450 + 750,000,000 rounds.And we have never ever been under control of the communist, progressives be fore.One thing it shows is that our gov’t is too damn big. Why does the weather people need bullets? Please tell me. Do not lower your guard,( the Jews did) I am not going to. By the way, it was featured on the Fox business channel by Lou Dobbs.

  4. diver2456

    Actually it was 750 million for .223 not the .40 S&W

  5. 2 alpha

    It was for both…

  6. kevin

    all should be getting prepared for whats coming…

  7. Emily

    Then why didn’t they order target ammunition? What about bulletproof checkpoint kiosks? What about body armor? Explosives and ammonium nitrate and want the delivery before the RNC Convention delivered to DHS? I’m sorry. The NRA has sold members and gun owners out before.

  8. Denise

    Completely agree. There is much more to this than meets the eye. What about the missile fired on southern CA that the Pentagon tries to tell us was a “model rocket” or an airplane… the government is VERY good at covering things up. Terrorist attacks, attempts, etc… and the NRA makes deals just like the government does. Just be smart people, fact is the government is building a large number of unmanned drones… so even if the ammo is legit – it would be smart of us as American citizens to prepare ourselves. And VOTE! We need to take back this country. Back to our roots

  9. Steve Challis

    What a shame that the right wing of the political spectrum have equally as many dumbos as the left . Conspiracy theorists will always ignore common sense ,if it conflicts with their strange ideas.
    The NRA and more importantly the NRA.ILA
    Shame you are all too dumb to realize it.

  10. johndillinger

    Why do we have 65,000 DHS agents? We have the FBI, CIA, BATF, what else? we have the sherriff , city police, US ARMY etc. THis DHS is the New SS, like in GERMANY , and we do not need it at all. They cannot close the border with Mexico because the drugs gotta get through, eh? It is big time business, and payoffs probably go all the way to the top on both sides of the border, I would suspect, as an old man and ardent student of history, these bullets will be used on us citizens to disarm us…Wait and see, just wait and see..Wake as many as possible. In Austria, they registered the guns, then took them….wake.

  11. Joe Davis

    You register yours?

  12. galthwaite

    DHS was another part of Bush’s welfare program for rural whites that he started to forgo the beginnings of the economic collapse, along with the 2 bogus wars. These were jobs programs for his voters. Thats why we didnt need to win. That is why the trillions we spent on them werent questioned by the “conservatives” They kidnap hundreds of thousands of rural whites, brain wash them with conservative propaganda, send them half way around the world in order to provide for their poor families back home. The then backdoor draft them back in to keep the money flowing.

  13. Careful Skeptic

    I think everyone would do well to get more information about how federal contracting works, particularly about IDIQ’s. It is not how much they actually plan to take delivery of. There is usually an amount they will receive, and a second amount that they reserve the right to demand. They can contracturally tie up the production capability of the manufacturer by simply demanding additional amounts of ammo up to a specified maximum. The manufacturer then, by law must fill government orders first, thus choking off supply to the civilian market. If done carefully and properly the federal government could still conceivably use such contracting practices to this purpose with legitimacy, and without the political ramifications of simply seizing ammunition production facilities under emergency powers. Don’t worry about where the ammo is going or why. Worry that every round they buy/demand will not be available to the citizens. Then ask why.

  14. RichardP

    less than 1,400 round per year for all 65,000 DHS law enforcement personnel. That doesn’t seem outrageous considering training and qualification requirements. What a crock, They hav’nt fired that many rounds per agent, per year since the DHS was formed. So I am not buying that one.

  15. retried mkcs

    Most of you are not counting the 40,000 plus in the USCG the is under DHS and now receives it small arm ammo from DHS. The USGC change over to 40 cal SIG about 4 years back. IF you are full small qulf you will fire over 300 rounds year .