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Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Citibank Continues to Deny Credit to Firearms Industry

Once again Citibank has drawn the ire of the firearms community over its credit policies. This time it deals with not extending lines of credit to businesses even remotely related to the firearms industry.  As many people remember back in January 2008, NSSF took Citi Merchant Services to task over its decision to stop processing credit card transactions involving the lawful sale of firearms by law-abiding, federally licensed, firearm distributors/retailers.  Unfortunately, it became evident that the decision was not a mistake of a single employee, but was rather a corporate-wide policy.

Fast forward to October 2010 when the Warne Scope Mounts Company of Oregon, manufacturers of scopes and components, decided to submit an application for a business line of credit to purchase materials from the Home Depot. The credit line was initially approved, only to be rescinded the next day by Home Depot Credit Services, Citibank (South Dakota), N.A., Creditor based upon the simple explanation that, “It’s because of the industry you are in.”  The term industry simply meant that the company “makes parts for the gun industry.”  A law-abiding manufacturer that wanted to purchase materials from the Home Depot NOT to be used in the making of their products was denied credit simply because of the association with the firearms industry.  .

During difficult economic times over the past few years and high unemployment rates nationally, the firearms industry has grown and created well-paying jobs with absolutely no government bailouts.  You would think being such a bright spot in the economy, that companies like Citibank would be more than willing to extend business lines of credit.  Instead, Citibank would rather take government taxpayer funded bailout money than extend credit to a flourishing and growing industry.  Receiving government bail out money coupled with Citibank’s prejudice towards a constitutionally protected right only further delays any economic recovery.

Citibank has stood behind their anti-gun policies for years, which affects not only firearms retailers, manufacturers and distributors, but also law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels of government and law-abiding citizens.  You would think that Citibank would want to aid in the recovery of America, but I guess their “policies” are more important than American prosperity.

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17 Responses to “Citibank Continues to Deny Credit to Firearms Industry”

  1. Mason@CST

    That’s ridiculous and sad…

  2. Jerry Sinkovec

    Since they don’t want to do business with the firearms industry, we, the shooters, should call them and tell them that we will no longer do business with them. A list should be compiled byt the NSSF and distributed to the shooters of the banks and other firms that boycott the shooting inmdustry and we should boycott them and tell them why they are being boycotted.

  3. Turkus

    Now I don’t feel so bad for stiffing them on a Master Charge card about 25 years ago, and I’m tearing up my 76 gas card application after reading the fine print and finding out CitiBank is behind them. 😉

  4. Norman_338

    Citibank has been a liberal high percentage rate company that has preyed on Americans for years. I alway check to see if they are involved with any company or credit card company before I use them since I boycott them if I can. I shop at Lowes instead of Home Depot and other stores.

  5. Rbutkowski5

    Citi Bank is a Rockefeller-owned and controlled bank. Rockefeller is attempting to destroy the firearms industry to deny gun owners a means to cost-effectively protect your constitutionally guaranteed right to protect yourselves, your families and your properties. Now, Citi Bank is a virtually privately held business entity and the constitution doesn’t prohibit it from refusing to lend you their money (which we the people gave to them whether we liked it or not during the bailout). The audacity of Rockefeller/Citibank! Do you believe it? Now I don’t know if there is any legal recourse to this or not: but we can always cut up our Citi Bank credit cards and withdraw our funds from Citi Bank affiliated financial institutions and transfer them to Federal Credit unions, where members have something to say about policy. I say, “Boycott CitiBank”!

    Rick B.

  6. AmmoEng

    Is this even legal? I thought that it is unlawful to descriminate against consumers.

  7. Student of History

    I wonder, would this classify them as a terrorist organization? I mean, the fact that they are denying credit to certain entities which affects not only citizens, but also law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels of government. Add to this they would have to follow the same rules as any other group, public or private, which received funds from the public coffers. Failure to do so is against the law. Or, it used to be.

  8. Cg3456

    This is a great reason to cancel my Citbank card, dont you think? I suggest others do the same.

  9. Et290

    This needs to be shared with all of our contacts. If you have a Citibank card it should be canceled and if you own a retail store you should decline to take their cards from your consumer. Explain why and I bet they will not mind.

  10. Gunsellers.com

    We are a firearms dealer, and have been similarly discriminated against by both COSTCO who refused to extend merchant credit card processing services once they determine (after we had passed credit and all other conditions) that they would not do business with us because we are in the firearms dealer. We have also since been denied the ability to sell on the web by both WELLS FARGO due to similar policies, as well as a subsequent nationwide merchant credit company. It is amazing how prevalent the level of discrimination is among banks. Wells Fargo is the ultimate irony, as their logo prominently features a historic stagecoach with a guard protecting its precious cargo with a SHOTGUN. The discrimination is rampant. Banks seem to forget who keeps them in business and the tools with which their assets are so often defended by the public, the military, and the police.

  11. Michmont

    I am an FFL and regularly charge firearms purchases on my CITI CC.

    I have not had any issues with it.

  12. WmTipton

    It is peculiar.
    Im not cutting up my card based on heresay, for certain. Ive used my citibank a few times for gun related purchases and I’ll keep doing it and see if they deny something. The second they do over guns i’ll close the accounts. We have 10 credit cards between the wife and I and while I love the citibank card, I can live with only having 8.

  13. Detonics

    I am closing all my citibank accounts , there not the only bank out there.

  14. John Downing gun scribe

    With the Federal Govt now proposing a Billion dollar bailout of Citibank, surely that should be conditional on them not being disciminatory or anti- Second Amendment!

  15. WmTipton

    I’ll be using my Citibank for EVERY gun related purchase I make from now on.
    First time they deny it I’ll be closing both our Citibank accounts.

  16. WmTipton

    Really odd now that I think about it.
    I bought a shotgun choke a few years ago that was junk so I returned it. I purchased it with my Citibank card, no problem.
    The manufacturer gave me a run around about a refund so I filed a complaint with Citibank who tried to deal with the company and then basically took the money and refunded it since the guy basically kept giving us the runaround.

  17. Dakota Silencer

    I had the same issue with Wells Fargo denying a business credit request due to my FFL and firearms business.