NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Media Inaccuracies

MarketWatch Puts a Cliched Template on the Gun Industry … and Comes Up Short on Important Facts

When a pre-set story narrative meets formulaic writing, you get the worst of both worlds.  The latest example is evident in “10 things the gun industry won’t tell you,” recently served up by MarketWatch, formerly a property of CBS, but now part of News Corp through its acquisition of the Wall Street Journal, but absent the […]

FBI Preliminary 2013 Numbers Show Violent Crime Continues to Drop

Taking another look at what gets coverage, firearms sales and public opinion It has become almost an article of faith in the firearms industry that even reports from our federal government that show a continuing decline in crime will get little media attention.  And so it was again with the release this month of the […]

Correcting the Record on Criminals and Victims

A recent study made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite mainstream media suggesting alarming numbers of children accidentally injured by firearms, the study is actually a description of violence among young men. The vast majority of the incidents included in the study, 84 percent, involve individuals in the range of 15-19 years old. Nearly […]

ABC Report Only Questions, but Orange County Sheriff Acts to Keep Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

On Friday evening, ABC News 20/20 highlighted what can occur, thankfully in decreasing instances, when children obtain firearms that are left unsecured by their owners. This is being addressed through a very successful industry program aimed at reducing firearms accidents, which now amount to less than 1 percent of all fatal accidents in the home, […]

Bloomberg Misleads with Guns to Cars Comparison

Bloomberg News recently published an editorial called, “Why Guns Will Soon Top Cars on List of Killers.” Not surprisingly, the author, Francis Wilkinson, picks and chooses his data to argue that automobiles are getting safer while the firearms industry “has resisted even attempting similar gains.” It’s easy to get data to tell a pre-conceived, inaccurate […]

Attention America: The New York Times Knows What You Should Know and You Need Know No More

The New York Times’ recent 6,000-word major opus, “Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll,” is the latest installment in the paper’s self-described series on “the gun industry’s influence and the wide availability of firearms in America.” In this article, it took the authors 75 paragraphs before they acknowledged that federal statistics, in fact, show a dramatic […]

Medical Journal Article Debunks Major Anti-Gun Talking Point

In their never-ending effort to restrict law-abiding Americans’ access to firearms, the anti-gun establishment will do just about anything. In recent weeks they have shown a willingness to use a tragedy to score political points and misrepresent their true aims to gain supporters. One of the anti-gun lobby’s leading arguments is that fewer guns equals less violence. This seems […]

In the Debate over Gun Control, Go Armed with the Facts

Last week, in what was actually one of the calmer and more civil discussions that crusading CNN talk show host Piers Morgan has had in the past year on the gun control issue, he tossed out as fact a completely erroneous statement that the state of Virginia in 2009 had experienced the highest death rate […]

New York Times (Once Again) Decides Gun Industry is Irresponsible; After a Trip through 10-Year-Old Deposition Records

Given they have a little patience and no deadline, it is not generally difficult for journalists to go in search of and then to find selective statements that tend to support their (or their editors’) predispositions. And there may be no better exercise in this regard than to dig through old deposition transcripts and to […]

American Public Puts Gun Control Near Last in Priorities; Even As It Overestimates Violent Crime Rate

Gun control may be at the top of President Obama’s agenda, but it ranks next to last on the American public’s priority list for what he and Congress should be working on, according to a survey released Tuesday by the highly respected Gallup polling organization. Some 86 percent of Americans believe that job creation and encouraging […]