NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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Bullet Points

Spirit of Shared Benefits Yields Greater Profits for Retailers, Vendors

Smart retailers/vendors start and cultivate relationships by treating reps with first-class respect and open, frequent dialog. You reap what you sow.

From the Counter — Nagel’s Gun Shop, San Antonio, Texas

“From the Counter” provides timely industry perspectives from firearm retailers across the country. This month features Nagel’s Gun Shop in San Antonio, Texas.

Defining ‘Long-Range’ and ‘Extended Long-Range’ Shooting

At what distance does long-range shooting begin?

Taking a Closer Look at Youth Firearms Injuries

This week, research will be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting examining firearm injuries among youth in 2012. Spoiler alert: the problem is not firearms.

Legal Panel Warns Against Gun Industry Complacency

The storm clouds are on the horizon. That’s the warning from a panel of four legal experts with years of experience representing the firearms industry and defending the Second Amendment.

Who Needs To Know Retailing? Everyone

People who sell merchandise directly to the public are called “retailers.” Their profitability and survival rests with their knowledge of retailing lore.

Oregon Bucks Trends and Grew 2016 Hunter Ranks

Oregon’s woods and wetlands saw a bit more hunter traffic in 2016. Much of the increase came from a welcome reclassification in the way the state sells youth licenses by combining hunting and fishing licenses.

Increase Margins with Firearms Handling Training Programs

A well-designed, comprehensive and strategically implemented firearms handling training program can provide higher margins to a shooting range than any other revenue source.

You May Be Surprised to Know… Hunters Saved Species with the Reintroduction & Management of Wildlife [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic can be used to educate the public about hunters' contributions to the restoration of many animal species.

High School Trap Team Gets its Yearbook Photo, After Fighting for It

You may have heard the recent story about the trapshooting team at Big Lake High School in Minnesota that was initially excluded from having a photo in the yearbook because their team photo included their equipment, shotguns.

Open Letter from Recreational Industry Executives on ‘Keeping the GREAT in the Great Outdoors’

More than 100 outdoor recreation industry leaders were signatories on an open letter published yesterday that applauded the government's emphasis on outdoor recreation opportunities on federal lands.

Consignment Purchases: Good Deal Or Worst Nightmare?

What can go wrong with consignment deals? Consignment inventory offers are loaded with risk and hidden costs. Let’s take a look at these pitfalls.

NSSF Confirms Streamlining of Minnesota Carry Permit Holder Firearms Purchases

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has verified with the ATF that Minnesota handgun carry permit holders will be able to use those permits in place of background checks to buy firearms.

What’s A Customer Worth?

The most valuable asset a business has is one that isn’t even listed on the balance sheet: their individual customer.

Chicago, We’ve Got a (Crime) Problem

Everyone talks tough when it comes to Chicago’s illegal use of guns in violent crime. Except, that is, for the courts. This city, with one of the worst crime problems involving guns and strictest gun laws, is again missing the mark.

‘New’ Report on Lead Exposure at Shooting Ranges Doesn’t Have New Data

A new report making some headlines over the last few days recommends banning lead ammunition in response to blood lead levels in those who shoot at indoor and outdoor ranges.

NSSF Spring 2017 Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp Gets Big Thumbs Up

NSSF’s second Shooting Sports Fantasy camp focused specifically on the trending action shooting sport of 3-Gun, with seven of today’s top professional shooters guiding 30 students through the ins and outs of the competition genre and honing fine-level firearms handling skills.

Lowest Price Versus Dated Terms — Which is the Better Choice?

Manufacturers and distributors in the shooting industry are notable for their use of extended payment terms. Are they a good deal for retailers?

AR-15 Used in Oklahoma Home Defense; Same Rifle 4th Circuit Court Says Americans Should Not Have

The 23-year-old, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, man was jarred awake by the sound of what turned out to be three masked men breaking through a glass door of the home owned by his father. The man armed himself with an AR-15. He confronted a criminal trio dressed in black, wearing masks and gloves. He fired in self-defense.

5 Things You May Be Surprised to Know about Hunting…

Recognizing that the connection between hunting and conservation can seem counterintuitive, NSSF has developed a series of infographics to help the public, particularly non-hunters, better understand hunting and hunters.