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Anti-Gun Illinois State Senator Gets Caught with Pistol at O’Hare

State Sen. Donne Trotter (D-Chicago)

Democrat State Sen. Donne Trotter’s mugshot after being charged with felony attempt to board an airplane with a weapon.

An Illinois state senator representing the south side of Chicago who recently announced he would seek the Congressional seat vacated by former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was arrested at O’Hare airport Wednesday when TSA personnel found an unloaded .25-caliber pistol and a loaded magazine inside the garment bag he was taking through the security checkpoint.

Democrat State Sen. Donne Trotter was charged with felony attempt to board an airplane with a weapon. Trotter told authorities that he had worked a night shift for a security company the night before and had not realized the pistol and magazine were in his bag when he left home on his way to meetings in Washington, D.C. He was held in custody pending a bond hearing.

Now that we have dealt with the facts in Associated Press style fashion, let’s take a closer look at Sen. Trotter’s record. To say that what we have here is a case of exquisite hypocrisy would not be an overstatement.

In 1995, Trotter voted “no” on narrowly-defeated legislation to allow Illinois residents to carry concealed firearms. Illinois is the only state in the nation where citizens have no concealed carry rights. Two years later, he voted “present” on a measure that ultimately passed both the Senate and the House that would have reduced the penalty for getting caught with a concealed firearm. That bill died through amendatory veto by then Gov. Jim Edgar.

There’s more. While police sources said that Trotter did have a valid firearms owner’s identification card, (FOID), it listed his Springfield office as his address, in apparent violation of state law requiring the card carrier’s residence be provided. It will be interesting to see if that pistol was registered in Chicago, as required by city ordinance.

When Trotter’s arrest made the news in the Windy City, one wag posted that “Traditionally, Congressmen from the Second District are arrested AFTER the election.” Indeed. We also recall that President Obama during one of the presidential debates in response to a gun control question talked about “handguns” being a problem in his home city. Who knew that one was being carried by a State Senator and would be Congressman? You can’t make this stuff up.

We eagerly await more news from Chicago.

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32 Responses to “Anti-Gun Illinois State Senator Gets Caught with Pistol at O’Hare”


    That figures. Throw that beast in the slammer and take away his throne and sceptor.

  2. Scott Martin

    I wonder if he is allowed to carry a firearm in his “security job”? A 25 cal pistol is not a common weapon used by armed security…and UNarmed security officers are specifically NOT allowed to carry a weapon on them or accessible to them while on duty…even if you have a concealed carry permit. Sounds like he wants to have the rights, but doesn’t want anyone else to have them. Hopefully his charges will stick and he’ll not be allowed to hold office.

  3. Lou Riggio

    Looks like a possible “Isolated Act” or, perhaps, he might have intended to “divert” to Cuba.

  4. J.D.

    Politicians always believe they make laws for “someone else’s own good.” They almost never consider themselves subject to these laws. Here’s a prime example.

  5. Bob

    Funny the politicians think they are above the law. Hope he gets the book thrown at him.

  6. Bob Carty

    Security officers do not carry >25 caliber pistols. Any supervisor worth his salt would send anyone carrying one home and probably fire them! ,38, 9mm, 10mm ,357 magnum, yes. ,25? lmao

  7. Muttdog

    just another lying Ill. politician! he cant even have a carry permit why in hell was he carring? Bet the lousy a$$ gets off, then he will be elected! Ovomits boy in Chicago will let his dimowit a$$ out of jail no bail this sucks.

  8. Devin Walker

    State Senator and would be Congressman has a night job as a security guard
    bwahahahaha, BS!

  9. Bobby Bridgewater

    I wouldn’t vote to convict him either. Jury nullification. Maybe he will learn something if he gets acquitted because of jury nullification. We also need to tell the government that they do not have control over our God given right to keep and bear arms.

  10. Rick

    What an idiot…..

  11. Karen Mesenbrink Schneider

    how do you just forget you are a carrying a gun and ammunition through airport security? I wonder how he voted on legalizing marijuana, illegal for everyone but him?

  12. Paul Boore

    Dumb shit! They all talk like anti-gunners, but they want their own protection. That is how the socialists all are.

  13. Kelly Christopher

    Socialism is for the masses, not the Socialist.

  14. Gryff

    Since Chicago controls the White House, you can assume that the charges will be quietly dropped.

  15. Former Chicagoian.

    It’s Chicago what did you expect ?

  16. Michael Flynn

    Ok so… What security company choce of sidearm includes a .25 auto? This guy is full of lies… good fit for Dem- Sen.

  17. Bud

    Typical two-faced lefty moron. SIGN THIS PETITION – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/create-national-concealed-carry-law/DSbxlQ48

  18. Dave Stokes

    This lying A-hole knew that it was in the bag!!! How do oyu put a gun in a bag, take it to the airport and forget it’s there!!!!! He would be one of the first people DEMANDING that you be trown in prison for the maximum penalty!!! Not only is it illegal to carry concealed in IL, but to also carry in a airport, and try to go through security also!?!?!?!? I agree with all here though, he will be let off with LITTLE mor than a warning (unofficial) AT BEST!!!! Meaning NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM!!!!!

  19. Figaro

    What a hypocritical A$$hole!

  20. Vic Morrow

    Lyin’nig. Who in hell uses a itty-bitty .25 ACP as a duty weapon, even if you are a rent-a-cop?

  21. phil

    This is my thoughts.

    As for this nice honest State Senator, As you can see, He is a Democrat, And they want all citizens dis armed. BUT they want to carry a weapon. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Seems kind of odd. They need protection BUT we don’t ….

    I would like any person that qualifies have the right to carry concealed. More guns, Less CRIME.

    We need to stand up against these so called Congressmen / women and the Senators
    that tell us WE CAN’T Carry, But they can.

  22. Ryan

    I’d hope that the security company comes under scrutiny for this too. I’d be curious how many others are on their payroll specifically so that those people are eligible for the carry permit.

  23. Dale Boyles

    Trotter got what he deserves! Trotter, what goes around come around, sooner or later! You got what you deserved.You are one of those anti-gun liberals who say do as I say, not as I do! If you are convicted ( and I sincerely hope so) guess what? You will have to surrender all of your firearms. Poetic justice!!

  24. Berkley Bruce

    HA! I love when stuff like this happens. A .25 is NOT a service weapon, its not even a good BUG. That is a personal protection firearm, not the best choice, but the fact remains. A personal protection firearm, just like the ones clowns like this always vote against. Just another insult to the people.

    Translation..”My life, family and belongings are worth protecting, yours are not”.

  25. Taylor Welty

    NO ONE IN AMERICA….I mean NO ONE is UNAWARE that you CAN NOT carry a WEAPON on a Plane. If this guy is so ABSENT MINDED, he needs to be placed in jail without bail for an undetermined amount of time. Especially when you are ANTI GUN…how could you be SO ABSENT MINDED to have left a PISTOL in your CARRY ON. EVERY TIME I get ready to go to the AIRPORT, I go completely thru my carry on bag looking for Stupid stuff, that won’t make it thru security ! This guy is a TYPICAL WINDY CITY SPECIALISTS, I’m SPECIAL and you are NOT…

  26. Sammie Brown

    Hypocrisy at its finest!

  27. A responsiblegun Owner

    This is what is known as
    the JustUs system!

  28. mrsgunnut10

    I can only say, it couldn’t have happened to a better Ant-Gun person. Now, WHO would have thought that an Anti-Gun Politician would ever own one of those nasty, dangerous, and ILLEGAL guns around and especially try to board an airplane?? Shame, Shame, Shame. Now where is that Council Woman Preck that got that $ 25.00 Tax on Illinois Weapons Purchase’s???

  29. mcian

    Nothing will happen to him for three reasons:
    1. He is “royalty”. Remember the mentality of those in office is they are above the law and beyond reproach.

    2. He is black. That right there is a get out of pretty much anything now a days.

    3. He’s a friend of the “great one” so you know how that goes! He will get to go to the White House have a beer and talk about how we was racially profiled.

  30. Martin Mayberry

    They are not as anti gun as they would like you to think!They don’t want you to have a gun but it’s “ok” if they do.How Two faced!

  31. James

    You won’t get any more news, it will be covered up and buried like everything else, just as Fast and Furious has disappeared. They are immune to the law and he will get a public smack on the hand if that, if it was us we would already be rotting in jail for 25 years. This must stop and until lazy Americans quit thinking that the most important thing in the world is who’s on dancing with the stars, this will continue.

  32. Roy Murray

    Does everyone in the U.S. have a second job? Seriously, isn’t $67,836 annually plus $132 per diem enough for him?